U.S. Navy Social Worker – Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha Penney

U.S. Navy Social Worker – Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha Penney

Currently I work at Walter Reed Bethesda and I’m a social work intern getting my two-year clinical supervision. We do five-month rotations in different clinics. And currently I’m working in psychiatric consultation liaison services which really means that we’re working with inpatient wounded warriors and their families, and it’s very exciting and fulfilling work. Before me, the way the Navy developed social workers is they’d take them from the civilian world, commission them, and then they’d be a Navy social worker. My story was a little bit different. I went to my re-designation officer and asked if there was anything I could do for the Navy in the mental health field. And he found out that the Navy was interested in creating social workers. They trained me while I was in the Navy to be a social worker. So I’m the first one they’ve ever done that with and everybody’s following in my footsteps. There are so many benefits that come from being in the Navy. There’s financial benefits, healthcare benefits, education benefits. Part of being a social worker is you’re required to have continuing education units. And in the Navy they are offered practically nonstop and most of them free of charge. So you really can’t beat all those benefits and the availability that the Navy provides to you for your education and your continuing education. I wanted to be in the Navy since I was 13 years old. My family is very patriotic, very supportive of this country. When I told them that I wanted to be in the Navy, they couldn’t have been more proud. To know that I’m giving back to those who serve or who have served before me is very important. I’m Lieutenant JG Samantha Penny. I’m a social worker in the United States Navy. For more information, go to navy.com or find us on Facebook.


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  • If you are already enlisted in the navy, what are the requirements for becoming a social worker and what steps would need to be taken. My husband is about to finish his BS in Psychology and is wanting to get his masters in social work. Is there a program where he could enter into a program and have the master program paid thru the navy or would he need to obtain his masters first before he could even get into the social work program?

  • Nicole Collins says:

    Hello, I know this video is three years old, but I was hoping you could provide some information for me. I have my bachelors in social work and graduated in December 2016 with my masters in social work. I have been doing my research in both the Army and Navy Social Work and I am very interested in becoming a Navy Social Worker. I do not have my LMSW yet but I am planning on taking that exam sometime this year whenever I do get approved. Can I still apply to be a Navy Social Worker even though I do not have my LMSW yet, or do I have to wait to get my LMSW before I can apply to be a Navy Social Worker? Thank you in advanced.

  • Did she already have an LCSW when she started as a navy intern? I am about to start a MSW program and would like to become a Navy Social Worker as soon as possible.

  • I am getting my degree in social work i am working on 2 years . i want to finnish school and join will there be a job available for me

  • I'm currently halfway through my masters degree in social work. I'm also working as an intern. I've been talking to the Navy officer recruiter about joining after I graduate.

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