100 thoughts on “Understanding J-pop: Why the J-pop idols will succeed on Produce 48”

  • Errors and mistakes in the video:

    Edit 1: On 3:38, there's a pic of K-pop group Elris instead of an AKB group. Got the K-pop and J-pop pics mixed up during post-editing, doh!

    Edit 2: Oops, accidentally misspelled Miyawaki Sakura's name at 12:26. I hate auto-spell :/

    What's your take on the J-pop idols on Produce 48? Do you have a favorite on the show and do you think they'll succeed? Let me know in the comments below!

  • I was going to say that I still think that an idol should be talented in something if they pretend to stand in front of an audience to perform a song, charisma is not enough, but I can understand the reason so many people like this girls after thinking what's the reason I like Super Junior so much, and is not really because of their talent but because they are hilarious, they know how to pull out great and fun performances and TV shows, even if they fuck up, they are very charismatic, as a fan we know a lot about them, their personalities, there is that connection with fans that make it personal, so I understand.

  • it makes me so sad that jurina left produce 48, even if im international fan, im rooting for her, but it’s for her own good so yeah i hope she will make fast recovery from all the stress she’s been through! jurinasan fighting

  • Hmhm i wonder if singing and dancing is really a high priority in kpop, most of them seems like "we can just train them so they be living in debt" sort.. but then again.. do you know the UNIT? It's almost have the same concept as produce 101 accept it's for like nugu idols,, there's this one contestant who cant sing nor dance, but she sang very cutely and got all the judges smily and giggly, she got the ultimate vote.
    Obviously the internet were pretty mad cause u know "she just cute so she dont deserve to be an idol" but i found it strange cause the judges has a long experience in kpop (Rain,Taemin etc) and they the one who suddenly be lile "Aha! A perfect idol!" And it's pretty funny how they miss the point of their own show lol

  • Ilham Dermawan says:

    end up to this video, and I realised the way you speak is so satisfying for me. i dont know, it because your voice or your english is damn good.

  • Gwendoline Boivin says:

    Lets say that AKB48G sent only two highly popular Sakura and Jurina. They are known by the public. Shiroma Miru and Yabuki Nako are also highly popular in the fandom. But no they didnt sent all the best/talented girls. Not to say the girls that passed Produce 48 are talented but Yamamoto Sayaka si pretty skilled and would have been great in the show. But yeah, skill is not always necessary to be jpop idols but like you said, they are si good when facing caméra they became si charming they smile etc. It would be nice to have both the personality and closeness to fans and the talent in one idol!

  • Question for Popsori: I heard awhile back that some Korean producter/company was thinking of applying the AKB48 formula in Korea. Have you heard anything about this?

  • just a black guy who likes jpop says:

    I would've agreed on most points, but when you say "jpop idols" you're putting in others mind's that jpop=Produce 48 members
    But that's not jpop bands are a range to Johnny's to LDH. If you mentioned or bothered to show clips from any LDH trainees and groups then people would realize that Japan doesn't play around with talent
    Even Keyakizaka46.
    I kinda feel this was biased towards K-pop when you say "K-pop has some of the best dances in the world"
    And "the talent level is very apart" but that's all I wanted to say.
    Here's a link to an upcoming
    Jpop LDH band

  • the strongest point of japanese contestants are …they area already debuted and there are way larger population in japan so whatever or however good talent korean contestants have, they can't beat japanese.

  • Ant_TonyLOL KID says:

    you know that kpop groups do meet and greets too right? Kpop groups travel around the country to do meet and greets. However, it is much more limited and less accessible cuz I most fan meets are raffle (a chance per album you buy in Korea) and it is limited to 80 – 200 people.
    Also, kpop is the same with the interaction with their fans. It only happens outside the music broadcast shows because thats pretty much a showcase. For small personal concerts and fan meets, they will have fun and try to interact with the fans. This is especially fitting with JYP groups, since I am more interested in the JYP groups and all of their groups (cept TWICE) has at least one fluent English speaker.

  • I agree with his points, but I feel like this is only true for AKB and sister groups. Take others groups like E-girls, they did have a difficult trainee period and they dubuted with amazing skills.

  • I think this will be changed… because lot of anti fan of akb 48 are appearing since ep 4… the atmosphere in here was transformed.

  • i think many of the japanese girls are really talented and they have shown amazing improvement now that they are being guided ( they said they dont get teach how to sing or dance in japan so of course they woul be behind the korean girls, at first, we will see if they korean trainees can get better or will be stuck where they started), those with a right attitude will thrive

  • mrdarkiller1/Off-Hype says:

    Exactly I feel like there’s a few kpop idols that have stage presence and can get the crowd going because most only follow the same formula and on concerts it’s boring examples of stage presence are: 2NE1, BTS, BigBang

  • OMG I've been saying it 'produce' as in fruits and veggies at the grocery store. But 'produce' as in the verb makes so much more sense.

  • Taehyung'sLeftFoot says:

    of course j pop artist are gonna win. They're popular, most of them have been celebrities for years already, and they go against trainees who have never been on camera before. Knowing that the producers usually vote for people who have charisma, who are the best at appealing to the public, korean trainees will obviously loose :/

  • I agree with everything you said! But I want to add something, not all the jpop groups are like 48 family! Some other companys have higher "quality" artist, like Avex!
    My favourite agency howerever is Hello!Project, they have the perfect balance of talent and entertainment!
    If you are interested in knowing more of jpop you should check Morning Musume, Tsubaki Factory, FAKY, Fairies and Angerme!

  • I'm not an AKB48 fan since the cutesy/girly style is just not my style and the only Kpop girl groups I personally like more are those with more badass concepts like 4Minute. But I started watching this out of curiosity since it has an interesting mix of Japanese and Korean idols and stuff. At the moment surprisingly I'm supporting more the Japanese idols, which I didn't expect since I don't follow AKB48 at all. They just have something about them idk they just caught my heart and I'm seriously considering checking out their stuff and possibly becoming a fan. So I'm rooting for all the Japanese idols here and I do think they can succeed cause their charm is just undeniable at least from my point of view.

  • Fitri Ayu Permata Astri says:

    You have a great voice, it's clear to the ears. I wouldn't mind seeing top 10 video with you as the narrator.

  • I actually watch pd48 bcos of akb48 members being there and i didnt watch the previous series bcos i wasnt interested. since I already stan a group in kpop and i wasnt into korean reality shows. im also a fan of jpop so mnet really did great capturing some of jpop fans to watch pd48,therefore i agree that the akb48 members are very interesting to watch as theyre lacking and i can see them growing up while the korean trainees are alr trained in their respective company and used to the system. though the korean trainees are more skilled but akb48 members are good with their genuine performance and always make me happy and cant help but smile while watching them..

  • I have to disagree that the girls that were chosen for the show are considered some of the more talented. Actually, they are simply some of the most popular. But outside of Takeuchi Miyu who is the #1 singer, it is readily recognized that there are more talented girls on the teams.
    HKT48 sent Matsuoka Natsumi, Tanaka Miku, Murakawa Bibian who are all charming and popular instead of say… Moriyasu Madoka, Murashige Anna, Hokazono Hazuki, Sakamoto Erena or Matsuoka Hana who have skills, but other than Madoka are well.. not so much. (And they have REALLY tried to make Hana popular, giving her the biggest advantages over the others ever.)
    In fact, even Miyawaki Sakura who was given top marks from the very first episode has never been particularly good at singing and only a little better at dancing– which makes it weird that she got nothing but endless praise instead of the harsh criticism the others who are just as talented as her got.
    They also inexplicably sent their least popular member, Imada Mina.

  • you're spot on so far!
    as of 1st public vote results (7/13), 5 of the top 12 are from j-pop.
    miyu takeuchi, moe goto, and hitomi honda are little known members that are in the top 12.
    there are others close to the top riding almost solely on personality and charm, like yamada noe.

  • btw, black eyed pilseung wrote the biggest twice hits (loa, cu, tt, likey), but they're now with cj e&m, the company that owns mnet and produce48.
    i wouldn't be surprised if the monster gg coming from produce48 blows up with a wicked bep song.
    so potentially twice 2.0, but with a massive day one fanbase both from the show and akb.
    (it'll also just cement the current trend of consolidation among smaller outfits and entry of conglomerates that is pushing aside independents like sme and jype.)

  • Jessie Michael Alzate says:

    AKB members whatever their status in Japan will truly catch the heart of the k netz as they see a lot of growth compared to k trainees who were alot more polished in performing. Thats how Sohye and others win their place plus camera exposure. 48 members is also very charismatic due to stage experience unlike k trainees who were still hidden from spotlight until debut.

  • even if they are less talented, their determination and charm definitely makes them compareable towards the korean trainees,i personaly myself have not find a bias from the japanese trainee but probably will find after the 2nd or 3rd elimination caus rn too much trainee XD


    I agree with a lot of your points tbh, but I also disagree with some too. You failed to mention that the trainees (korean trainees) in the show the majority have not debuted. They are taking the show VERY seriously. (im not saying the the Jpop girls arent taking the show seriously) but its a lot more easier to be more loose and have more fun on the show when you have nothing to loose (also a lot of the girls if not the majority are not famous or known; unlike the akb girls which already have a huge fallowing). Now I agree with you that jpop is about being entertainers and making the crowd happy but also understand that Korean groups NEED to have individuals that can at least, dance, sing, rap, or do all. Why? because its the music industry NOT a comedy act. Making music comes first the fun comes later. You also seem to skip over the fact that a lot of Kpop groups ALSO interact with their fans as well (NOT JUST BTS). Just because a group is preforming on stage and taking their job as a performer seriously does not make them any less of an entertainer than the jpop groups. The one other PART that I highly also disagree with you on is the comment you made on cute. DON'T GET ME WRONG I do not hate cute concept and I actually I have my few selection of cute groups or cute songs I like. BUT cute cannot be THE only factor of selling point specially with girl idols. I mainly support female groups and I am girl myself. And ill let you on a little secret, before I ever got into Kpop I was huge into jpop specially AKB (mainly with the original AKB girls) who the majority if not all are now gone. But also something you also didnt mention was that The Japanese market, when it comes to female groups specially AKB it is geared mainly for men and the majority of the fandom are male. SO acting "cute" having the "girl next door" feel and "cute sells" gets old real fast IF its something that is constantly used as a selling point outside of Japan. The kpop market on the other hand is the opposite is actually almost mainly female and YES while male presence is also huge female presence plays an important part of the fandom. And as a woman, I can tell you that I like girl groups that have verity with concepts. NOT only do cute. You also skipped the part where jpop is heavily HEAVILY oriented towards having a lot of fan service given to the males something that females are very turned off by. I am not saying that there arent female fans please dont misunderstand but the majority of that fan service is mainly directed towards males. Kpop (like mentioned before) has a much MUCH wider range with genders in terms of fans. Which is why I dont think its wise for you to say that Kpop should take on that, or learn from that. That would actually be a step back in my opinion. Also I no longer fallow jpop anymore because japan has some serious issues with pedophilia and exploiting young girls. And you may fight me on this if you want but its the truth.

  • I don't agree with everything you said (like korean idols being "robotic" and japanese idols not being so since i feel it's the opposite in many cases) but it was a well presented video.

    Well, nevertheless i hope a akb48 kind of group never become popular in Korea since it's not my cup of tea and would be annoying lmao (it would change the fandom landscape).

  • how tf you suck dick on accident says:

    i don't think its fair that a lot of the korean trainees will go back go being trainees for another year or whatever of they dont make it while the japanese idols go back to being…. idols. i like some of the japanese contestants mostly based on just visual and charisma (aka why im a big ass sakura stan) but the korean trainees are WAY more talented and taught. it would suck to see the final lineup be a bunch of jpop idols just because of their status.

  • I don't like how people keep saying "Jpop idols VS Kpop idols". It's not. It's AKB VS Kpop.

    While AKB is popular, every Jpop fan knows that their singing and dancing aren't great.

    There are tons of Jpop idols who are super talented and have trained for years.

  • Thomas Fuquay says:

    Its entertainment. It is basically who can keep my interest. Kpop sounds like musicals or movie theme songs while jpop is down to earth.

  • i ABOSLUTE despise! kpop. their fanbase and their whole dances and clothing are just disgusting to me as a girl, i love jpop way more because it feels more special to see them. kpop is overatted now and everyone doesnt shut the fuck up. im also really sleep deprived sorry but i just cant stand it

  • Most of the best in the AKB family have graduated.
    AKB was never just about looks, personality is very important and they are more natural.

    K-Pop Worked to death and plastic surgery.

  • Spot on! I’m a jpop fan because of the folksy charm, just think they are wonderful. I’m a fan of HKT Sakura and Natsumi, I’ve loved watching them since they debut about five years ago

  • the thing is, the korean audience is changing, they preference of idol has changed in recent years, with the popularity of vlive, people would love to see the personality of their idols than just their amazing sing and dance skill
    the main example are bts and twice, their recent popularity gain is because how they are having fun on stage and their personality beside their amazing songs

  • Adhitya dian pratama says:

    So, i think every nation need to share some innovation here. JPOP need to train their idol the basic before or just after debut. And KPOP need to introduce and promote their trainee to get some attention, the simplest and the cheapest way is just let them have some SNS or Channels and promote their video or film them on Youtube despite they are not popular nowadays.

    For example, I like Kim Hyun Ah from Collazoo, if she can't make a debut, could i see, look after, and support her day by day? I'm afraid i can't, maybe i just can see her from some post of small fans account. At least, i hope put her profile and official SNS on company's website so i could see her day by day. It's not expensive.

    And i think it's one of the key to win on every survival show, you need to be popular and big support from fans.
    The reality is true, So Mi who have ever being a trainee of SIXTEEN win the PD101, NU'EST who have ever debut could reach the Final and one of their member get to debut on season 2, now there are Kaeun, Chaeyeon, Gyuri, Sian, Eunbi who have the exact condition to win PD48.

  • Well made video. This is exactly what I've been saying; once the J-idols have a little more training under their belt, they'll be forces to be reckoned with.
    I personally think J-idols need a little more fundamental training before they debut, to teach them good vocal/dance habits. Even a few months would probably do. Likewise I think K-idols would benefit from debuting earlier; is 5+ years of training in a vacuum really necessary? Every time I watch one of these types of programs, the trainees/idols/etc. improve rapidly as soon as they start performing before an audience.

  • Great points. I feel like you hit the nail on the head. Also, noticed a pic of Kamen Joshi, it's my favorite Jpop group.

  • Why did you show a picture of Elris when saying that jpop idols are having fun and being themselves… Elris is a Kpop group and they're AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM BUT why u show that fam

  • ピップさん says:

    48 groups are more centered around cuteness though. There are so many japanese idols like e-girls, faky, fairies, cherrsee that can easily surpass those trainees

  • jIn’S PiNK KeYboArd says:

    Hi im coming from the future: 10/30 current contestants are japanese. Whoops guess the theory isnt 100% right

  • These are particular jpop idols, known as the 48group. Their main being AKB48 and they have sister groups. Honestly as an idol fan…AKB are less talented compared to others out there. I would have loved to have seen Hello!Project on the show but I guess the gimmick of 48 works better.

  • I've been watching a lot of japanese concert? they show how much people are dancing, it's an ocean of dancing and singing along fans. I also have watch kpop concerts too and yes the ocean of fans looks great because all i see are lights lol but both are great, over all

  • Sincerely Defiant says:

    I just found your channel, and I love it! Also, what's your thought on produce 48 after ep 8? Can you make a video essay after the show ends too. ?

  • Sincerely Defiant says:

    Yes!!!! K-pop can be so robotic !!! K-pop seems more like an assembly line than a music industry. It just makes it harder for diff K-pop groups to stick out and be successful

  • vincent matsuo says:

    In Japan, idols are more into giving happiness and having fun themselves, they don't need to be perfect to be liked by their fans. As long as they have fun with their fans, they're happy. Singing and dancing isn't really taught when they debut. Everything is self taught so when they got criticized for being idols that doesn't deserve the merits of being called an idol, I was saddened. Kpop idols are trained to be perfect in singing and dancing as they will represent Korean entertainment. There's a big difference between jpop and kpop. While kpop idols are relatively popular in Japan,so is the national idols like AKB48 and other 48G groups. And they are popular even outside Japan. And I love JPOP and KPOP ❤️

  • Aand in the end its 9 Koreans + 3 Japanese. Though the Japanese girls were very popular till they got Mnetted with the other trainees. So I guess they did succeed in a way.

  • i fear that izone will be a too korean centric group like everything else instead of a healthy balance… and the japanese girls will eventually start losing their charm to fit more korean asthetic… i dunno..

  • also i think people resonate with the jidols because they aren't perfect.. they see they are actually human and make mistakes.. vs korean trainee idols who don't dare make mistakes, wear the wrong clothes, etc.. image is everything.. but jidol are not afraid to be silly cute, clumsy.. like you said.. its very relatable.. like you're cheering a best friend.. or that girl in class that is trying hard and you know she can do it.. i don't feel the same way cheering for someone who is just perfection ( looks, talent).. there's no way up.. if you're already perfect.. there is no journey.

    i think arashi is such a good example of this.

  • In Japan, "idol" (アイドル, aidoru) doesn't mean the same thing as in Korea or other countries. You don't even have to be famous or professional to be an aidoru. In the end, idol music became a genre on its own, separated from the rest of the Jpop industry.

    Japanese Wikipedia says: "Idol" in the entertainment world of Japan refers to a person who shares their growth process with fans and whose charisma is their appeal. (…) In the cases where musical skills are the main vocational abilities rather than charisma, they're not classified as "idol" but as "artist" or "musician"." They don't sell their music, but their personalities, and the mainstream Japanese public actually doesn't take them seriously at all… If you compare AKB48 to a respected Jpop singer like Utada Hikaru, they'll flat out laugh in your face.

    To be honest, it's annoying how whenever a Kpop fan sees regular Japanese singers or girl/boy groups that are not aidoru (and actually trained in singing and dancing) the first thing they do is compare them to Korean groups. As if that never existed in Japan before the "influence of Kpop" when in reality it was the other way around.

  • The Japanese idols know how to work the audience. They have experience on stage and know how to interact with fans. They may be from big girl groups, but I think fans don’t expect them to be like Kpop.

  • I come from the hello project( jpop) i love the songs and there are them self , i miss that by kpop . still i'm new to kpop a bit

  • -Kiana Zoldyck-城間詩音 says:

    I prefer the Jpop since they don't have such strict rules on being an Idol,more like If you wanna be an Idol, then be an Idol!

    I like the way Jpop Idols get along with their fans, making live shows, entertaining audience and collaborating with other idols.

    -Advertising my favorite Jpop group MeseMoa ~ xD

    They also went on tours and share their adventures to their fans via YouTube. They really are much entertaining and you won't see any jpop idol fainting in a live show because they're so healthy UwU)

    MeseMoa MeseMoa !MeseMoa~

    And there are so many Jpop groups that are so underated T^T)

  • Takashi Juri in an interview with Lee Hongki said it the best:
    Jpop is about having fun in the stage and showing energy.
    Kpop is about delivering perfect performance on stage.

  • The keyword is "jpop idol" not only "jpop" because jpop on general is broad, and japan doesn't play around with talent as many would think. There is a lot of jpop artist with great skill if you bother to do a research.

  • To be honest adding more japanese idols/trainees will make kpop more entertaining! I sometimes think kpop gets boring quite often, there is nothing new and no risk taking… Plus many jpop idols have more charisma than kpop idols sometimes, but sadly the jpop idols tend to lack a bit in the talent aspect. But I still love them both! ( ̄∇ ̄) sorry for my English btw

  • BANDMAID, E-girls, Fairies. Are amazing Japanese musicals acts that CAN surpass Kpop at some point???❤️??????? but there will always Kpop & Jpop I so! Girls RULE!???❤️???????

  • Asakura Samuel says:

    This comment came very late but I want to clarify things when it comes to J-pop.
    I've heared so many times this comment that when it comes to Jpop, talent in singing and dancing are not important.
    It's like saying that japanese pop stars aren't talented.
    But what people don't know is Japan has a multitude genre of music.
    Jpop is not limited on "idols' group" but is way larger than Kpop.
    Kpop for example is only known for girl and boy groups who are consisted of idols but in the other hand in Japan, idols and artists despite being in the same cathegory as Jpop singers and entertainers, are completely different. Idols in Japan are trained to entertain only but are not experts when it comes to singing and dancing. That doesn't mean all of them are untalented but in Japan when you are an idol, the most important thing you should have is the talent to entertain your fans.
    In the other hand, Jpop artists are extremely talented and I'm not biased when I say they are more talented than Kpop idols and artists.
    If you want some examples just search on Google: Exile, the rampage, Faky, Flower, E-girls for Boy and Girl Groups for example. Those groups create their own dance choreo and lyrics and they are incredible dancers and singers too. For Jpop rock bands you have One ok rock, Band Maid, and many more that are extremely talented and you can't see a similar group from Korea 'cuz in Korea, only Kpop boy and girl group are famous but the rest are non existent.
    Traditional Japanese Musicians combined with Jpop and Rock elements like Wagakki Band are full of talent and they all master instruments perfectly.
    In Korea they only have Cnblue and FTisland who are good but not in the same level as Japanese musicians.
    I'm frustrated when I saw Bae Yoon Jung asking the Japanese idols if dancing and singing are not important in Japan 'cuz she knows nothing about Japanese music industry in fact.
    Another little example is Momo of Twice. Momo is considered the best female dancer in Kpop world. But what people don't know is that Momo was a member of a Dance Group in Japan before joining Twice and the thing you should know is that Japan has a lot of Momos. Their Dance Groups / Team are extremely talented and have their own scene.

  • Reggielacey 223 says:

    I sometimes confuse kpop groups like bts and exo among others, while i know recognize all my Favorite Favorite jpop and kpop bands.

  • FueledBySiomai Pro says:

    Kpop is pretty boring tbh. No offense! So serious and robotic and almost sound the same. Even their KRock sound Pop. No diversity thats why its boring……

    Most fans are just basing on kpop idols Appearance yet we all know almost all kpop idols done Plastic surgeries and make up. Meh

  • Ya.. that's the thing. Relatable, likable and memorable. But the difference is that these things has to be plused over the base of singing and dancing skills in Kpop world. If Relatable, likable and memorable is all they have I would not call them a pop singer.

  • We do not regard the hand of a child as intimacy. Look at the behaviors a few metamorphoses do to teenagers. We communicate instead with real-time video, chat, and social networking.

    And I think that all the artistic talents are accomplished on technical completion. To create new things, at least the most basic things should be able to close your eyes. It is true that Japanese idols have an attractive talent, but if they do not have technical understanding and perfection, they are nothing like ordinary people. It does not deserve to get paid, although it gets popular.

    They should have become TWICH STRIMERS, but they are not suitable for idols on stage. It is not that the Japanese are not talented. I think it is not enough for a professional to receive money. Money is what people who do professional work receive.

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