Upload Better QUALITY Photos [Instagram growth!]πŸ“ΈπŸ“² (2018)

Upload Better QUALITY Photos [Instagram growth!]πŸ“ΈπŸ“² (2018)

Upload Better QUALITY Photos [Instagram Growth!](2018) what is up people Dunna here and today
I’m feeling particularly inspired the weather has been really nice here in
Edmonton we’re finally out of winter it’s finally nice weather season so I just
want to shoot photos now over the past little while I’ve been growing my
Instagram and a lot of people are asking questions about what my process is for
shooting photos and editing them and getting them up on Instagram but a lot
of people for Instagram don’t want to have to edit photos in their computer or
maybe they’re just going for stories and they just want to capture the moment but
they want that nice high quality basically what we’re going to talk about
today is the process that I go through to take photos on my nice cameras and
get the photos into my phone edit on my phone and post straight to Instagram
whether that be Instagram stories or on the timeline professional-quality same
as comes out of the camera but without ever having to like put it in your
computer do the edit on there export it again get it over to your phone that
little process we’re gonna skip straight from the camera to the phone get the
Edit done and up but step number one as is pretty obvious we need to go get some
photos so we’re gonna head across the street there’s a park and a skate park
over there we’re just about to hit sunset so I’m gonna see what I can get
was raining earlier than the Sun came out now it’s kind of it’s getting a
little cloudy again so we’ll see what we can get let’s do it Upload Better QUALITY Photos [Instagram Growth!](2018) now you might be thinking to yourself
Dunna why if you have the option to edit on a full computer in Lightroom or
Photoshop why would you ever choose to edit something up on your phone so that
you could post it and I’m sure to some of you this might seem obvious but maybe
the others it’s not but we live in the world of now what I mean by that is
everything needs to get posted now everyone wants to see what’s happening
now the whole thing with snapchat and Instagram stories is that everyone wants
to see what’s happening in your life right now this is probably very unsafe
to be vlogging while I’m crossing the street I’m gonna get hit by a car so
let’s say you’re at an event you’re at a concert and something’s happening and
you snap a great picture of it but they’re also like four hundred other
people they’re snapping the same picture of the same thing happening if you want
to stand out amongst the crowd you want to be the first one to get that up if
you want to get noticed on Instagram or Facebook or snapchat or wherever it happens
to be you want to make sure that you’re the first person to have that so that
when people go searching for it you’re the first person that they find now the
other side to this is not just the fact that you want to get up on Instagram or
snapchat or whatever it is first it’s also the fact the convenience of these
super computers that we carry in our pockets when I edit on Lightroom on my
macbook it’s a very similar process to when I edit on Lightroom mobile on my
phone I have 90% of the same controls usually I can get pretty much the same
product and with one little trick that I’m going to show you a little later I
can actually edit raw photos not just JPEGs on my phone so I have such amazing
control all with this little guy in my pocket Secret Cute Dog Subtitle that only people with subtitles get to see so sometimes even if I have the option
to edit on my laptop I’ll still choose to do it on my phone anyway because it’s
just so convenient and it’s just right there I could post it really easy you
can’t post an Instagram from a desktop right now I know there are some
workarounds to that but you can’t post the stories as far as I’m aware so it’s
just easier to have it right there on your phone sometimes I just pulled up to
the skate park the light is not amazing but we are getting a little bit of kind
of cool sunset stuff so I’m gonna try and get some photos I’m gonna ask some
guys to do some some tricks for me or pose a little bit and we’ll see what we
can get so the skatepark was a little quiet and
the sunset is trying to do something cool but it’s not quite getting there I
did manage to get a couple of guys to help me out found it kind of a cool
portrait pose so I got some cool shots I’m ready to edit them the original plan
was actually to do the edit out here to prove that you could do this anywhere
but my hands are starting to freeze a little bit it’s getting a little bit
chilly out here so let’s actually head back to my place
I’ll show you guys how I get the photos from the camera to the phone and make
those edits and post it let’s go I don’t know if you can see that in the
background but I like that the sunset is trying so hard to be a cool sunset but
the clouds are just kind of getting in the way of everything and sometimes the
clouds can kind of make it even cooler but just struggling with it tonight so like I mentioned earlier if you’re a
pixel peeper and you’re really concerned about keeping the raw files from your
camera and making sure that you get to edit with that there is a way to do it
with that being said there are two ways that I transfer files from my camera to
my phone the first way being that I shoot Sony and I know that a lot of
other camera manufacturers have this built in as well is using the software
that’s built into the camera that allows you to send pictures over Wi-Fi so in
this specific case with my Sony cameras it’s something called PlayMemories and
it’s fairly simple to set up your camera creates its own little Wi-Fi network you
send the password or you scan in the password onto your phone and then when
you’re scrolling through photos on your camera you can choose to send which
one you want over to your phone now one of the things to keep in mind when you
do it this way is that you’re only getting a JPEG image sent over to your
phone but to be completely honest I don’t really worry about it most of the
time if it’s going up to Instagram having the raw image unless it’s in
really specific circumstances isn’t super important okay quick question for
you guys can you tell which desk is mine and which one is Megan’s so hopefully
it’s fairly obvious that my desk is the clean one and not the one with
photography and tech stuff all over it so we’re gonna hang out over here and
I’m gonna show you guys how I get the photos from my camera to my phone so
first and foremost there is a bit of a setup process I’m not gonna go through
the whole process I’ll leave a link in the description that explains exactly
what that whole process is but it’s fairly easy I’m sure you guys can figure
it out on your own but once you do have it set up so that your camera is ready
to send to your phone what you’re going to need to do is go through the photos
on your camera decide which ones you want go to one of those photos
you’re gonna hit menu and you’re gonna find send to smartphone now this is a
little bit different depending on which camera you have even within the Sony
world like on my a6000 and my a6500 it’s in a different menu so you’re gonna
have to do a little bit of digging I noticef that by default if you’re
actually on a photo in playback mode and you hit the function button it’s
actually gonna take you directly to send a smartphone now at this point you can
choose this image all images on device or multiple images so in this case I
want to choose multiple images and then I’m going to scroll through and I’m
gonna pick which photos I want and just put a little check mark on them once
I’ve done that I hit the menu button and it’s gonna start to try and send now
it’s gonna bring up something that says that it’s trying to connect to a smart
phone this is the point where you got to bring out your phone you’re gonna
connect to the wireless network that you already set up between the two and then
you’re gonna open the PlayMemories app from Sony
now like I mentioned before Sony is not the only camera manufacturer doing
this so if you’re on Canon or Nikon or whatever you might just have to figure
out what the connection is between the two once I go into the PlayMemories app
it’ll say that it’s sending I’ll see that they’re sent over and now they’re
just in my camera roll so in my case I’m gonna bring up Lightroom Mobile which is
my editing app of choice but you can use whatever editing app you prefer on your
phone whether that the darkroom or Snapseed any of those kinds of things in
my case I’m using Lightroom Mobile because that’s what I’m used to so I’m
gonna make a couple of edits I’m gonna choose to export to my camera roll and
then I think at this point you pretty much know what to do
post it on Instagram and just watch those likes roll in now for the control
freaks who want just a little bit of extra room in the editing process I’m
gonna show you my secret on how you can actually get raw photos from your camera
into your phone and edit them in there now only some of the apps I know
Lightroom for example will allow you to do this you can actually edit raw photos
and not all apps are gonna allow you to do that
but if that is something you want to try and do you’re gonna need something like
this now what this is this specific one is called the eye dragon but it’s an SD
card reader with USB on one end a smaller USB I don’t remember if it’s
micro or mini and it’s got a lightning connector on the other end so I can
connect it to the good old iPhone it comes with a piece of software that
allows you to transfer files from an SD card to your iPhone this is gonna let
you put those RAW files into Lightroom mobile and then you can edit them from
there I’ll leave a link for this in the
description if it’s something that you’re interested in the other really
cool thing about this is that you can actually transfer video files from the
Sony cameras into your phone so you can edit video directly on your phone full
quality everything this is like a little secret weapon and it’s not that
expensive so I’ll leave a link for that in the description as well as links to
all my other gear so make sure to check that out I want to say a big thank you
to the guys at the skate park who helped me out make sure to follow me on
Instagram to see these photos when they go up. My handle is
@dunnadidit if you want to tell YouTube to share this video around make
sure to give it a big thumbs up it really does help subscribe to the
channel so you don’t miss anything by clicking on the little circle icon watch
this next video I feel like you’re really gonna love it and I’ll see you
guys next time Upload Better QUALITY Photos [Instagram Growth!](2018)


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