US should move all American production out of China: Gingrich


75 thoughts on “US should move all American production out of China: Gingrich”

  • That's Huewaii talking through him saying they owe me. Project Tie All. What he told the american people Pompeo is chipped too soo

  • Is he stupid? American companies make hundreds of billions from China. They aren't leaving anytime soon unless you go full communist.

  • Ruredd2votered Redvoter says:

    I'm all for creating more jobs in America but I don't think anyone will work all the working Americans are already working

  • "…as I understood the reason for investigating Burisma was to cast Vice President Biden in a bad light." -Bill Taylor, acting US ambassador to Ukraine

  • "US should move all American production out of China: Gingrich"
    They can stay there. They took our jobs over there and bank off shore.
    What WE need to do is build our own telecommunication as it is a matter of National Security.
    I said Daddy Bush made a major mistake by sending GE Fighter jets to Japan for the electronics.
    It is up to the individual American to determine what products that we buy. We should realize that we are putting our people out of work.
    95 million and counting.
    95,481,000 for October.

  • The Chinees Government are theaves. I worked for a company that dealt with China and China literally stole $2, Million Dollars worth of products from that company. I say get the hell out of Chian.

  • As a EU I agree with this and I believe European countries should follow the US in disengaging from China.
    Bring the jobs back home.

  • China, it seems, wants to claim rule over nations for their own use. America can partner with nations and build new markets and economies with nations just to trade better.

  • Bunch of racist talking. There are so many places to raise pork in this world. America is only one place. The Chinese just need to get used to frozen pork. Americans don't steal? Lol

  • The US still has national strength to wage trade warfare with the Communist China at the moment , But after ten years the US may probably just has only one choice : Raising the white flag .

    If the US do nothing but just let time passing away .

    Fortunately , GREAT TRUMP had already done something………

  • TPP would've made the USA manufacturing base compete against.55 Cents an hour workers! Would have destroyed whatever China didnt take already.


  • Vietnam is an arm of China, when the US placed tariffs on imported galvanized wire from China; China simply sent the products to Vietnam where it was relabeled made in Vietnam which had no tariff! What America should do is place a 100% tariff on all goods imported from China. We do not need China but they sure as hell need our market. Without America China's economy would collapse in 6 months.

  • If you do a TPP approach, China will move it's production to those countries and subvert the effort. It's shup up or put up regarding China. They want world domination and nothing less will do.

  • INDEED…I must agree with Newt and I never do that and I agree with THE OTHER commentators…. but……folks…..China, Communist China, also called the ' Middle Kingdom, China has earned my MIDDLE FINGER!!!
    确实…我必须同意Newt,但我绝不这样做,也同意其他评论员。 但是-伙计们。中国,共产主义中国,也被称为“中东王国,中国赢得了我的中指!!!”

  • Plus it shows how ignorant to the facts you klanklown dumpster Trump base is, Trump himself and his kids have business in China,read a piece of clothing from his daughter,made in China, idiots

  • I feel like…if Apple wants to use Chinese labor then by all means, that ALLOWS China to STEAL their intellectual property. Too fuckin’ bad. Goes for any other company that profits from cheap overseas labor! Even mom and pop businesses. Boycott Chinese made products and watch the problem vanish.

  • Micron Technology needs to decide what country it resides…. They are closing IM flash in Lehi to cannibalize the work force in Manassas so they don't have to pay higher wages… They have both legs out the door, their head is just stuck here because they want to be close to D.C. to keep stealing American innovation to send it over seas. Micron was an American born company that is being hijacked by other countries…


    china HAS A REPLACEMENT to every other company of yours and can do without you. They will trade with EUROPE, AFRICA, AND ASIAN countries. STOP TALKING AND MOVE. CHINA is already planning life without you. IT has been in the making for decades.

  • He is absolutely correct that the Chinese Commie will never change because they don’t want to give up the one party rule. Decoupling with the Communist China is the only solution. The United States should not continue to infuse blood into China and harm ourselves, especially financially.

  • Yes we should as soon as possible !
    The Chinese government are liars , cheaters , back stabbers and could never be trusted again!

  • The ONLY guarantee you will get when China is involved, is a guarantee that they will cheat before the ink is dry on the agreement.
    Get ALL American companies out of China.

  • Mr Gingrich is a smart man and couldn't agree more with his assessment. President Trump should just cut chinese trade and bring it back home. Keep in mind the past presidents were the worst negotiators in American history

  • Timothy Roberts says:

    President Nixon was anti communist. That is how he made his mark in political America. Then , he got all friendly with China. Said it was good , for us to open relations. Start trading. Look at where we are at now. What was Nixon thinking ?

  • Battle is Real Put God's Amore on says:

    wake up and smell the coffee! you can't change a leopard's spots they are who they are and this country can no longer tolerate corrupt players!

  • Battle is Real Put God's Amore on says:

    China pays their people money to steal intellectual property. what we need to do is begin to audit all the Chinese companies that we have here in the United States and watch as soon as you start to do that they will all go back to China

  • I agree, we should move all US manufacturing out of China and back to the USA. Companies like American Express should have to move back to the USA from India. All these jobs should be for Americans.

    The Whistleblower is "Eric Ciaramella" a 33 Year old CIA Officer. He is a registered Democrat who worked for Obama & Biden when in Office. He is a critic of President Trump. CIARAMELLA helped initiate the Russian "Collusion" Hoax. In 2017 he was fired from the National Security Council for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

    Robert Hunter Biden goes from being dismissed from the US Navy to making millions of dollars while and after his father was vice-president.
    In May 2013 Robert Hunter Biden was selected as a direct commission officer in the US Navy reserve, receiving an age-related waiver and a second waiver due to past drug-related incidents. The following month, Robert Biden tested positive for cocaine during a urinalysis test and was discharged from the US Navy. Between 2013 to 2019 Biden took in millions of dollars from foreign countries while his father Joe Biden was vice-president. Robert Hunter Biden goes from being dismissed from the US Navy to making millions of dollars while and after his father was vice-president. Major corruption there!

  • Idalberto Mendez says:

    WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is following through with plans to allow American companies to continue doing business with Huawei, the Chinese telecom equipment giant, just weeks after placing the company on a Commerce Department blacklist. On Tuesday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the administration will issue licenses for American companies that want to do business with Huawei ….
    House National Economic Council, said at a CNBC event on Tuesday that the United States has “opened the door — relaxed a bit, the licensing requirements from the Commerce Department” for companies that sell to Huawei.

  • Trump has the right idea. Lower the costs of manufacturing in the U.S., and manufacturers will expand here. Meanwhile, stand up to China dumping, stealing, and trade cheating. It's a brilliantly effective policy. Too bad the Democrats are spending all their time trying to impeach him instead of working with him. Imagine what we could accomplished, were we a united front!

  • I agree. And have been saying that for 10 years, only way to keep Americans proserious. We have the knowledge and inventions, China has none, oh, gun powder. American companies are losing money in the long run,

  • Battle is Real Put God's Amore on says:

    the United States of America will never be a Socialist Communist country! China is a superpower also known as a copycat because they want to be the number one superpower of the world. that means we can in the United States at all cost. people need to start weaning themselves off of the dependence of anything made in China and that goes for any companies

  • Sure there are no shortage of non communist countries that would love to have new industries. We used to be great friends with the Philippines. There is a land that would no doubt jump at the opportunity. Taiwan is also ready to be more engaged. Imagine the fury of the Chinese if they lost jobs to this island nation that they have never given up claims for? They would be furious. And Japan? And how about we court the Russians too. In the Vladisvostok region there are literally millions who would benefit. Lastly how about North Korea? If we were clever, and Trump is very much so, we could use the promise of economic growth to this untapped source of labor in return for opening up that land in a true way. Whatever we do we should limit our association with China to areas of industry that do not offer the opportunities for theft. By the way this is nothing new with China stealing stuff. I was first in China in 1961. Back then there were shops filled with pirated books for sale. I saw these personally. Theft is and always has been a way of life for Chinese. I do not trust that they can ever change so them must be managed. This is where we must direct our energies.

  • Trump is failing with China.
    And unless you make it somehow illegal to conduct business in China, you can't stop American companies from manufacturing in China !

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