US Workers Want To Go Bossfree In Clinical Trials

US Workers Want To Go Bossfree In Clinical Trials

hey guys ECR G here back with another video today’s videos about us workers want to go boss free hey guys ECR G here back with another video today we’re gonna be talking about US workers in America wanting to go boss Murray now this is something that came across my feed recently on linked in LinkedIn always has good articles and this was actually in the daily rundown and I’ve really been liking this so I don’t know if you guys get this so I would definitely recommend you guys get the daily rundown from LinkedIn I think they’ve been killing it with that and this was something in there it was talking about America is about to become freelance nation and what that means is the number of self-employed US workers could triple by 2020 and here it is 2018 that’s just two years away that’s not that far and they could triple to 42 million self-employed people and this is by choice this is not because you know they’re being forced to or whatever that is they’re saying a staggering 97 percent of those who freelance say they’re not interested in returning to traditional work up from 10 percent in 2016 43 percent think the switch will give them more control over their career and the survey results lend credence to what other studies have suggested for many climbing the corporate ladder isn’t as appealing as professional freedom so this is amazing guys this is a dramatic culture change in how the US thinks how people in the US think about their career how everybody thinks about everything and it’s amazing I think YouTube has had a huge part in this because you’ve got all the gurus on YouTube you got a grand car you’ve got garyvee you’ve got a Randell pitch from lifted you got the fitness guys Christian guzmán you’ve got all these people who have built brands off of the back of YouTube been able to build companies off that brand other people you know build consulting businesses whatever you got Roberto Blake Derral Eve’s all these people are on YouTube who have been able to leave the corporate world and start their own self-employed journey on the backs of YouTube and they encourage other people to do it we’ve had more encouragement it is now easier than ever before to be self-employed because all you need is you know a Facebook page a YouTube channel an Instagram account all that stuff is free to set up and then you’re on your way whether it’s you know you’re doing Fitness you’re like doing meal plans and stuff whether you’re you know even doing clinical research like this channel or we’re like the clinical trials guru or whatever it is there’s somebody for everybody out there there’s something for everybody out there to go out on their self-employed journey and it’s easier than ever before think about it this way for your parents to be able to do that they didn’t grow up with cell phones and the internet so in order for them to become self-employed they literally had to wait until after work after 5:00 p.m. before they could do anything you know think about all the stuff that is closed usually at that time you know banks closed that’s after normal business hours so most businesses are you know on the downswing of things or if not closed so it was very hard for people to become self-employed unless you had a lot of capital up front and were able to you know quit your job and then go ahead first into it now you can have things running you know while you’re at your job or you know the internet 24/7 you could be working when you’re not at your job on your self-employed career path so it’s absolutely amazing everything that has been happening in this space and I think it’s gonna even accelerate I think more and more people are going to want to be self-employed that’s awesome because when more and more people are self-employed people tend to work together in more creative ways and it creates more and more competition people are able to you know build their own businesses up and I just just a full believer in the small business economy I feel like America is at its best when small businesses are strong and able to grow and more and more people are able to get into the small business arena so this is an interesting finding that more and more people are wanting to become freelance and don’t even want to go in back into the corporate world I feel like people are finding that it’s more freeing you get more autonomy you know trading five days for two days is not a great trade you know five days at work and then you get two days on the weekend to do what you want your own thing was if you’re self-employed you’re doing what you want you can you know especially if you’re on contract you can take a few months off in between contracts and travel the world work on some hobbies you know whatever whatever but things are a lot more structured in the corporate world and I think people are finding that they prefer it in this freelance space and you know a lot of businesses are coming are opening up for people that freelance you got up work we’ve got Fiverr which I’ve used multiple times in opportunities like that so if you have a skill you can leverage it on those place those platforms too you know enter in the freelance world or just provide some extra income on the side so lots of opportunities here and something else was interesting too that they mentioned in this article was the basically there was another article written that was linked to this one that says anyone all anyone really wants is autonomy in the working world so they come they did a study and ask people hey there’s this one position where you’re gonna be over a lot of people you innovating them you’re gonna have a big team at your disposal but you know you’re not gonna be off in your own autonomous silo versus this other job where you were a completely autonomous you make up your own rules you have more a lot more control over everything that you do and people chose the more autonomous role overwhelmingly it wasn’t even close I think they said 74% of people chose the more autonomous role so we’re seeing a classic shift in how Americans are thinking and a shift in how people are viewing how they want to live their lives and work around the world and you know this article specifically about America but I think we’re gonna see changes in other countries as well in the Western developed world so this was interesting thought you guys would care to know and especially because one of the best positions I think that is that has a pretty good autonomy is CRA clinical research associate which is in clinical research I think that’s the prototypical autonomous position and that’s really good because you can be a freelance contractor or you can work in a company but and even the company role is not even you know it does not have less autonomy that that much I mean yeah you have dedicated PTO and all that stuff but there are definitely benefits to working in the company whereas you know you have backups case you need to take off or something or reschedule something there are people there that can help back you up and respond to sites and your absence if necessary so there are pros and cons to both but I think CRA is one of the great positions that demonstrates how people want more autonomy if you just look at the demand everyone wants to be a CRA I get emails all the time about hey I want to be a CRA I want to be a CRA and I think a lot of people want to go in that direction for the freedom and the autonomy that you do have in that role so I think we’re gonna see it and you know I’m gonna do a video here pretty soon on intrapreneurship which is basically you know having autonomy and having the the ability and the the wherewithal to kind of have your own project inside the company you manage your own budget you manage everything you’re basically like an entrepreneur inside of a company and I think we’re gonna see the rise and that as well definitely in clinical research there are examples of that so we’ll talk about that in the next video but as far as this video guys thanks for listening email us that elite clinical group at as always for any enquiries you may have and comment down below what you think about do you want to go boss free do you want more autonomy in your role of course it’s not for everybody but I’m curious what you guys think so come with that down below guys take care


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