Using The Zeigarnik Effect For Productivity And Personal Growth

Using The Zeigarnik Effect For Productivity And Personal Growth

hi hello every one welcome back to n p t e
l moocs course on developing soft skills and personality we are on the third week and then
we are on the last two lectures of this weeks modules and this week particularly i have
been focusing on habits and in the last lecture i introduce a new term and then will continue
with this this zeigarnik effect but then let us try to look at this effect and see how
we can use this for productivity in personal growth this is module five and totally this
is going to be the seventeenth lecture you been watching i hope you are enjoying watching
this lectures and as usual i would like to begin with the quick highlight of what i did
in the last lecture in case you have forgotten you can just take a quick recapture of what
we did in the previous one the most important question that i asked in
the last lecture is why is that some are able to change their habits in a lightening second
and others are not able to do in ages why even if you want to take lot of efforts you
are not able to change some of the habits and then somebody else is changing its so
quickly and i said that the answer lies actually in the way dopamine is functioning and the
way we are utilizing it to make or more ourselves using good or bad habits now apart from that
some people are able to change quickly its because that they have increase the level
of self awareness we started the introductive lecture with aspects of self awareness and
then if you have gone through that you are already on the way of heightening yourself
awareness then we also talked about perceptions so about correct perceptions perceptions of
reality also makes you access what is the good habit and what is the bad habit and last
but not the least you should be able to use dopamine in a very constructive manner because
dopamine plays a very crucial role in forming addictive habits now bad habits are usually formed in those
circumstances where it is easy to seek pleasure by which you are also able to avoid painful
or disagreeable experiences at least for the time being this means on the one hand you
are able to seek very nice activities that gives you instantaneous pleasure and the same
time you are able to avoid something you think is disagreeable take for example just not
seeing somebody or not trying to do an activity the other thing you do ok you just go and
then join a party enjoy your party for sometimes its a birthday party and then you just free
out and your mind is completely out of the tension that is involved in complain ting
that disagreeable activity which you don’t want to do at that time and then i talked
about this zeigarnik effect which actually highlights a compulsive need to complete its
in fact is called as the motivation molecule that’s responsible for our brain to actually
secret this which is responsible for giving a as his pleasure either in terms of rewarding
or not giving us in terms of punishing us ok now the thing about this dopamine is it actually
doesn’t know whether you are using a good habit or bad habit to induce it now i then
said that we can use this psychological understanding to look at why we are not able to come out
of emotional break ups because any emotional relationship that you have involved in it
actually associates you with lot of activities which are planned and lot of activities which
have started but when there is a break up suddenly so at least one with lot of incomplete
task hence the disharmony or the dissonance the person feels now how you can counter it
again going by the dopamine way i suggested that you form new goals particularly like
a if you develop obesity during the time try to keep fit or try something its completely
like creative writing this will release a new set of dopamine every time a goal is achieved
and then you will feel that you are gaining more and more pleasure and slowly you will
come out of the negative thinking that you associated with emotional break ups and thanks
to this zeigarnik effect thoughts where coming and including in your brain even if you wanted
to focus on other things because you left it in complete now the other thing i said is any remnants
i said that you just completely burn it or burry it or you keep away from that places
that you hang out together you just don’t go to the place completely come out of it
immerse yourself in new activities get new dopamine benefits and then after time you
will realize that you have actually come through the other interesting thing that i set just
as a passing but i dint spend more time in the previous lecture is said reminding of
the bad things the other person did for you ok now usually when emotional break up is
happened initially there is some kind of detunes some kind of grief but after sometime what
happens the brain will always go back and remember the most pleasurable activities that
happen during the time it always wants to go back to that idyllic or euphoric moments
the very glorious past in which both of you were involved but the other thing that it
does is it goes the and then leaves you with the sense of incompleteness and gives you
withdraw a symptoms makes you alienate from the immediately surrounding society and gives
you lot of other chromatic feelings like depression and even it can take you to suicidal tendencies to counter it it is suggested that don’t only
focus only on the good things the other person did because dopamine is again and again making
your brain tubes seek that kind of pleasure and then you will you have associated that
pleasure only with that particular person so you get it only when you are able to link
with other person and person is no more or the person is not there in your vicinity or
you cannot contact the person again for obvious reasons so that is again going to give you
negative thinking and develop bad habits now to counter it it is suggested that think of
the bad things ok sometimes the person acted very crunchy jerky got into your nerves you
even when the relationship was going on you wondered whether you should hang out this
person forever there are so many breaking points so many times you thought that rather
you have made wrong decision ok and then the other person literally got into your nerves
now think of those times the times when you thought that may be this is not the right
person now that is going to help you to minimize the dopamine craving that goes and then seeks
that idyllic moment the euphoric moment so this thinking of the bad things that happened
which generally memory tries to avoid again because of the dopamine factor but that if
you can think of that that will also help you to use dopamine but in a different manner
and then it will make you strengthen yourself and it will make you come out of it gradually
and in sooner or later completely and then start a fresh chapter in your life now lets look at the same ziegarnik effect
that i talk to you that includes your thoughts whenever you come to think of some activity
that you left incomplete now how we can use that effect for productivity and personal
growth now since unfinished activities gives anxiety according to the effect it is important
to focus on an activity and stick to it till it is completed think about this again if
you lead something unfinished so that time it looks like ok that’s fine it can be completed
later and then you go and start something else but then your mind is already heavy with
that task that is not yet completed and then its not letting you focus on another activity
and your mind goes back and reminds you oh what about that you left that un complete
and then you are spending most of your time on this i will not let you focus on this until
you go back and complete that so how you can make yourself a very highly protective person
and use this effect for personal growth so one guiding principal that you can have in
terms of that is think that if you start a work finish it so if you start it finish it
any small thing reading a book even it can be let say you wanted to listen to your song
for ten minutes don’t leave it incomplete finish it particularly with regard to any
kind of job that is assign to you either personal level professional level don’t leave it in
between if you start it finish it this is an important growth habit you need to inculcate
in your personality keep telling you again and again if i start
it i finish it come (( )) me whatever obstacles whatever will come and stand in between i
will surmount all the difficulties but i will finish it i will perceive here i will be there
till the end i will stick to it that it is completed because finishing it gives you a
sense of completion and that sense of completion gives you utmost satisfaction and blissfulness
and peace of mind one thing that i try to impinge on your mind throughout this courses
that its utmost important that you have your peace of mind which is much more important
than any kind of pleasure seeking any kind of happiness but that you will get when you
try to have self actualization that you will get when you are able to get it to your need
achievement when you operate at a high level of self awareness but that will also get when
you are able to complete a task and that will give you the blissful peace of mind which
is very much needed live a life without regret but leave also your life that gives you complete
peace now when you move from one finished task to
another your confidence level will increase and you will be divide of any anxiety so initially
if you leave something unfinished incomplete so the thoughts will keep haunting you and
then it will not let you develop your confidence and it will keep on enhancing you low selfisting
it will undermine you and it takes only ah keep you more and more at anxious state but
then understanding his part that when you leave from one finished task to another so
that is going to build up your personality that is going to make to feel that i stop
something i will finished it you will exude lot of confidence and people will run after
you because they think that oh this is the person whom i should approach because if i
give this task it will be completed now this knowledge in you also helps in beating procrastination
procrastination is one of the worst bad habits one can develop and this thinking alone and
this realization and internalization can help you in beating procrastination how you realize
that it is just the starting trouble ok any work that you keep postponing that you keep
avoiding doing it understand its just the starting trouble you just start it some over
other and then because you want the euphoric thing that dopamine will give you once you
complete it and because you know that this ziegarnik effect is not going to let you free
unless you complete it you will finish it any how so you start it somehow and then you
will finish it any how and that thinking that its all it needs to big procrastination is
starting somehow don’t want to for walking its just getting up your bed and taking the
first step so the rest will happen you don’t like to start writing the assignment don’t
want to submit it its just writing the first few lines in fact even you can say i will
just work only for ten minutes you set your along and then just work only for ten minutes
on that activity and then after ten minutes you will feel that you are already charged
already warmed up because now the ziegarnik effect is going to be active and then with
the combination with dopamine you know that now you cannot live it incomplete you need
to continue with that so start and then you finish it and keep that is a kind of golden
key line just to remember in terms of developing a good habit especially if you want to develop
your productivity and personal growth now there are certain other aspects which
you need to keep in your mind with regard to brain and that will also help you to increase
your level of productivity now brain mix to complete the cycle of an activity that we
have started so if you want to free the brain from addictive habits you need not pattern
any uncompleted or incomplete task in it what does it mean now brain has to get a feeling
that one activity cycle the loop is completed or fulfilled once we started so if you want
to actually free the brain from addictive habits so you should not pattern that with
any activities that remain incomplete this again means unfinished task huge large amount
of mental resources by occupying and blocking the premium space but refusing to go away
until you finish it so the the unfinished activities so they are just like cancer spreading
and occupying the premium space in your brain and then unless you just try to shut them
out ok unless you try to remove them from your mind so they are not going to let you
occupy that importance space for using other creative and interesting and challenging activities
for this reason alone you should stop watching any tele serials if you want to free your
mind from a chain of incomplete activities why why should not you watch tele serials
because the brain forms addicting behaviour such as compulsive tv serial watching till
it receives the information that the who done it whats happening next ok who is the murderer
why did it happen will the person get back the memory or not is the person going to die
or not now all these things so will be shown in the next day next week so the brain needs
to receive the information that it is known it is complete that the serial will not be
continued anymore in the next week or the week after till it needs to know that it will
keep on watching it even if it shown for years ages and till it wants to know that it is
completed the brain is getting addictive to watching it so if you want to free up lot
of space in your brain for more activities that will help you to develop high level of
productivity and personal growth stop watching any serials the same thing happens while playing
this video games now the video games take you to a near level of closure it you get
a feeling that you reach the level and you are going to complete it but they will never
let you reach the final level then they will never let you to open the last gate and then
go and then get the treasure so its always just near in but not complete enough now that is the way the games will ensure
it will make sure that you stick to it and get addicted to it perennially a permanent
addiction permanent enslaving is caused because of this zeigarnik effect that can be use positively
or negatively and in video games it is used to make you glue to the games so that the
mind always seeks that i need to complete i need to complete and then it will never
let you complete and then can we use zeigarnik effect in a very constructive positive manner
yes now if we can use it constructively the zeigarnik effect can give you the motivation
to make you leave from sick bed and complete the task at hand so even great artist have
always done so when when a product remains unfinished in completed so it is this thinking
in the mind that even if i am sick i would have to complete it have to finish it ok so
that pushes them the makes them even overcome any kind of physical pain and then act and
then perform experience the peak performances just because of this activity that is weird
into the brain that unless you complete it you are not going to get your peace of mind
you will not get that creative assonants it will be dissonants now the simple example is ear worms so ear
worms or like figuratively refer to forms see you might have experienced like suddenly
when i get when you get and then once on keeps coming in your mind you don’t know how it
came may be you just saw some where or heard somewhere on radio or somebody mentioned a
word of that song and then it trigger in your mind and then it keeps triggering your mind
the entire day and then its like you keep hearing so that’s why its like ear worm its
just inside your ear and then you are not able to do anything out of it unless you give
complete time you listen to it fully and then you just attend your mind patently that ok
i am listening and completing it fully just go away its not giving to leave you so sometimes
the entire day it keeps laying in your ear again and again somebodies started somebody
whistled it on the way but you got it in your ear now this is again a simple example of
this zeigarnik effect where incomplete things makes continue to haunt you the brain is also
immersed in something that does not let you focus on any task at hand because of this
effect but then internalisation of the zeigarnik effect can give you the much needed intrinsic
motivation to achieve or excel in any activity what do i mean by this if you can internalised
ok think the and then identify and understand that if only i will start on activity and
if i finish it i will not let this zeigarnik effect act on me it will not keep on making
me go back to task which i dint complete it before so i will always have time to do new
activities and spend more time on creative tasks than to get bought down in something
which i dint want to do so whether you like it or not first you finish
it and then come out of it you escape now that is the way i want you to internalise
that i start it i finish it i not leave anything incomplete otherwise this zeigarnik effect
so its going to let my memory go back and then its going to include in the most unpleasant
time ok and or the significant time that i being giving to you new activity it comes
and haunts me what you should do you can rewire your brain to seek completions as it takes
you to resolution of tension and adds to the feel good factor so you just completely try
to make your brain understand that if i finish it i will be able to resolve any tension and
it also gives you this feel good factor ok i completed i feel good about myself and this
is what i want not completing so its going to haunt me again and its not going to allow
me to do another task in a better manner so let me finish it so keep this in mind and
this one single quality that since this zeigarnik effect is there i just want to avoid letting
that happened in it my mind so in order to counter i will always start a task and finish
it i will never leave anything incomplete now even one small thing that i tell you ok
the email inbox let say that as around five thousand mails in your inbox if we can delete
all mails which are not needed and create folders input which you need it later and
create zero in your inbox and if you can see that so its actually making you become more
productive and you realise that you are able to check this zeigarnik effect otherwise every
time you go to email its also causing you lot of heaviness it always leads your feeling
that there is something that you left something may be important is there buried and you forgot
to look at it but there is no time to check that but then if you can do this mind is completely
free and then brain can focus on a new task completely with full figure now i just want to conclude this lecture with
one interesting thought from william shakespeare that comes in is most famous play hamlert
and this is a actually advise given by a father to a son polonius to a son lay or test but
why i am using this for the conclusion in the past two lectures at least i am trying
to tell you avoid bad habits form good habits now you may ask me what are those good habits
what are those bad habits and i have listed some i have said that these are good habits
these are bad habits now i or anybody else is not going to oversee you whether you are
going to found them whether you are going to use them in your daily life whether you
are going to really a change from the above average to excellence using this because you
should not think that oh somebody is there then i will try to form a good habit but somebody
is not there no body is watching i will try to do something wrong and then (( )) a bad
habit so this is what shakespeare says he says this above all to thine ownself be true
so many suggestions have been given lots of pieces of advice have been given but above
all what are as been said to you to thine ownself be true be true to yourself you don’t
have to true to somebody else you don’t have to be true to your father you don’t have to
be true to your parents don’t have to be true to your boss don’t have to be true to your
spouses don’t have to be true to your children don’t have to be true to your neighbour but
just be true to yourself and it must follow as the night a day though (( )) not then be
false to any man if you follow it up each day every day regularly
that you insist promise to yourself that you will be true to yourself he says that then
you will never be false to any man which implies that you will never form any bad habits if
you are true to yourself keep this thought in mind at this point of concluding this lecture
theirs just one more lecture to complete this week and thank you for watching this video
and i wish you that you have a very good day [noise]


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