Vertical Business Cards = The BEST Business Cards?? *Explained*

Vertical Business Cards = The BEST Business Cards?? *Explained*

today we’re going to explore why
portrait business cards are used opposed to a landscape design and I’m also going
to show you some really useful and some handy tips when designing a portrait
business card in Adobe Illustrator so the question of the day is why go
portrait instead of landscape well firstly a portrait business card is more
contemporary and more unique on a standard landscape design this gives the
final outcome a sense of being superior and it’s just more interesting in
general and it can also be seen as modern now landscape design solution is
not going to be relevant and useful for every single client that wants a
business card so do make sure to have a discussion with your clients on using
either a landscape or portrait design I’d personally would suggest that you
take into account the background of the client and their company as well as the
brown message in general now if this does fit with a contemporary a modern or
superior kind of image then a poet or a business card might be exactly what the
doctor ordered so if you do choose to go along the portrait design methods what
kind of measurements should you be using a standard measurement that I personally
use that fits neatly into most of wallets is 55 millimeters in width by 85
millimeters in height this is a very Universal under standard size for
business cards and I would actually leave some links and down below that go
into more detail on various different sizes of business cards around the world now let’s go ahead and set up a document
in Adobe Illustrator perfect for a print ready portrait business card so come up
to file then new and I personally use millimeters as the measurement values
and as we’ve just mentioned 55 is the width and 85 is going to be the height
and we want to use two different artboards so we have a back and a front
for the business card design below this is where we can change the size of the
bleeds and a bleed is essential for print designs more about that later but
I’m going to use five millimeters with a bleed and you can always just click the
link icon to spread the bleed measurement around the entire design so
finally you must use CMYK as the color mode for a business card and also a 300
PPI for the resolution making sure your design is going to print out crisp and
clean so here is our document and the white area is the artboard and this is
where your design is going to be seen the gap between the white board and the
red line is the bleed area and you need to make sure your design covers this
area too but only the backgrounds are not text or
essential contents this bleed area is going to be cut away and trashed later
by the printer you can also use margins and document set up but just make sure
to keep content in and away from the edge of the artboard so for a minimum
portrait and business card design I suggest creating a simple a3 color
group scheme and I’ve gone for the three colors shown in the left now press M for
the rectangle tool and cover your artboard and the bleed area with one
shape you can impress I for the eyedropper tool and sample your color
examples at the top then press a V for a selection tool and
hold down alt or the option key and then click and drag to duplicate the
background over the entire I avoid for a portrait business card it’s a good
technique to contrast the back to the front in terms of color and to prevent
your backgrounds moving around through the entire process select both of them
and then press command or control 2 on your keyboard which is going to lock
them down now I personally really like having the logo or the main focus of the
design on the front displayed in the middle by itself a good tip to make sure
it’s centered properly is to press command or control Y to enter into
outline mode and then you should see a dots that depicts the center of your
outboards you can then move the design into the center looking to align both
the center dot of the artboard and the center dot of your design elements to
exit out of the outline mode just press command or control Y again I’ve skipped
ahead a bit to save you from the tedious aspects of that in text but to give you
the quick rundown make sure you keep all of your text around five millimeters in
from the edge which is the same size as your bleeds also you don’t want text
right up to the edge of your printed business card I also have created some
color repetition in using the background color for the front side on the logo
again on the other side in the top left corner using hierarchy on your
typography content is always going to be a smart move when it comes to your
business card design and so as you can see my name is larger and more bold than
the other text content on the back of the card
I went ahead and used a guide to align everything to the left and that’s
another crucial aspect for your business card looking decent analyst a
professional so we’re now ready to export our design for prints and to do
that just come up to file and save as and then use the Adobe PDF or print file
formats you want to use the most recent version of Acrobat here and also just
make sure to check the view PDF after saving option now by default the compression should be
okay but here are my settings if you want to see them the marks and the bleed
settings are important and you for sure want to use the crop and trim mark
settings and the others are basically up to you if you want to use them
the remaining settings are probably fine and if you do have any warnings or
issues illustrators gonna flag them in the summary section and as you can see I
don’t have any and because we used a view after saving option acrobat has
automatically opened the file and to properly view your business card come up
to view and then to facing the lines in the corner of your design are where the
printer is going to cut and crop the business card
removing the bleed area now in the second mock-up I have changed the
positioning of the smaller logo on the back of the card and also the dimensions
of this mock-up or more narrow and thin but like I said earlier in the tutorial
there are links down below for you to explore and to learn some more on this
topic and if you do want to keep learning key and essential aspects of
graphic design be sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly a graphic design
content like and share my videos on social media to spread the word of
Satori graphics everything we do here on this channel I hope you have a great day
and of course until next time design your future today peace


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