Veterans’ Employer of The Year Large – Finalist – Raytheon

[Music plays] (Des McNicholas) Raytheon Australia is a major supplier to the Australian Defence Force and that’s our primary market. As part of that broader Defence environment we recognise we have an obligation to support those who have served their country. Secondly of course, veterans bring a tremendous range of technical skills and competence but they also bring the broader skills that we need in the business. They tend to be very effective leaders and are very effective problem solvers. And of course, they know our customer base tremendously well. A terrific example is Dave Creagh who joined our company having been a one star officer in Defence. (Dave Creagh) The nice thing about Raytheon Australia is that I can continue to contribute to something that I’m still passionate about, albeit in a slightly different manner. I think the company absolutely understands and appreciates the skills that those sorts of individuals can bring to an organisation. [Music plays]


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