Video Production: What To Look For || Mobius Media Solutions

Video Production: What To Look For || Mobius Media Solutions

Hey guys I have a good amount of experience
in the video production field, and in this video I am going to be giving you some tips
on what to look for if you are a business thinking about video production for your company. Stick around! Whats up everyone my name is Matt Johnson from Mobius
Media Solutions. So we know that video is one of the best mediums
to promote, and accelerate your brand, as well as engage your audience, but the question
is, what do you look for in a production company. There are absolutely all kinds of production
companies to choose from. You could hire a freelancer, you could book
out an entire production company, you could go local, and look for a company that has
been around for 30 or 40 years, or go with the younger more hip agency that loves creativity,
and thinking outside the box. The best advice I have heard is this: think
of your end result, and work backwards. What is the purpose of the video you want
to create, and from there you can decide what kind of video you think you may want, and
further more which video production company would suite your needs best. For instance if you wanted to truly brand
your company, and design a campaign around giving your business a look and feel, then
you need to think about what that video looks like…… Well what is your product or service? Do you want to stand out, or do you want something
more direct and to the point? Standing out would mean you are looking for
a fairly creative agency that can inject a certain amount of “left of center” visuals
to help define you, and define your brand. If you simply want a video that talks about
the problem your product solves, then a company that does more traditional “Interview style”
videos, or a freelancer with a background in news gathering may be just fine. A lot will depend on your budget as well. The more involved in the decision making,
before the video is even made, the production company is…the more you need to be willing
to pay in most cases. So if some of the previously mentioned questions
seemed confusing you might want to look for a production company, or agency that can come
in and help you define all of that. One type of hire for video production I always
like to mention is the new freelancer. These kinds of video producers can be gold! Catching a budding film maker, or video producer that’s just getting started with a great eye could be an extremely affordable way to produce a high quality piece for your
company! You just need to make sure their work looks
good to you. That goes for any company really. Make sure to ask for what is known as a “Reel”
so you can see there work ahead of time. So how do we sum all this up? The biggest take away in what to look for
in a video production company is to look at yourself first. Identify what your end goal is for your company,
wether that is more sales, brand identity, or whatever your goals are, and work backwards
until you arrive at the type of video, and message you want to portray. From there you will be able to identify what
type of video production company to contract! Now Video Marketing isn’t always a service
provided from video production companies, however that is an integral part of why you
are going to make a video in the first place. For some information on what video marketing is
check our video on “what is video marketing” Hey I hope you guys enjoyed this, and have
some take aways, as always make sure to subscribe here on YouTube, and follows us through social
media. We really want to add value to business owners
small and large, and be a resource for you guys, so comment below, and interact with
us! We want to know how we can help! Take care!


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