Video Productivity Hacks Featuring Amy Landino

– Ugh, video takes forever. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are tons of ways
to hack your productivity and cut down on all the things when it comes to creating video. Since I am away on
maternity leave right now I wanted to bring on one of
my favorite video biz buddies the Vlog Boss herself, Amy Landino. She’s a genius when it comes to all things vlogging and
video, among other things. She has made well over 500 videos and has over 125,000 YouTube subscribers, so she’s kind of a big deal,
and she knows her schiz. We are luck to have her here
today sharing her expertise, so let’s go take a listen, and make sure to stay tuned
all the way to the end because we have a special
surprise to share with you. – Thank you so much, Holly, I appreciate you allowing me to be here to grace my face with your community. It’s so, so, nice, I appreciate it. If you don’t know who I
am, my name is Amy Landino, I’m at,
I hope you check it out. Today I want to share something that I know quite a bit about, and I know me and Holly have
had conversations around this. Me and her, we’re always trying
to hack getting videos done, and how you can do that. So today I wanna talk
about my three biggest tips for being a productive video creator, and staying consistent with your content. My first tip is to keep
that idea bank full, or at least with a few
things written down. Holly does such a great job
talking about the importance of a plan, a purpose, a
system, and a strategy. And a part of that plan
includes making sure that you actually have ideas
to talk about in your videos. It’s so easy to fall into the rut od I don’t know what to talk about. But you have to actually
make the time to brainstorm. Get to know what people want from you. Talk those frequently asked questions and turn them into fresh ideas. And if you don’t have
that list to refer to every time you make the
time to make a video, you’re really gonna end
up creating something that doesn’t actually
matter that much to people, because you didn’t put the
proper research into place or play around with the
wordsmithing of that title to make sure it’s something
people actually want to see, therefore click on and watch your content. If you’re so new that you
literally have no idea what to talk about, then
you probably haven’t done the legwork that you really
should have at this point to understand who it is
that you’re trying to help. But if you do know who those people are, and you understand the value
that you have to present them, then go and find out what
they’re asking other people. Maybe you’re not their
expert yet, but you could be. That’s what the internet is so nice for. You can go look at anyone’s comments, you can look at search activity,
you can look at trends, and you can really get an idea of where people’s heads are at so that you can have som great ideas that may align with that
and get you on their radar. My second tip is for you to
use that calendar like a boss. If there’s anything that has
completely changed my life, it is making sure that I know
exactly what I have to do all the time, and actually
scheduling the time to do it. I don’t just schedule coffee
appointments and phone calls. I schedule video-making time. I schedule brainstorming time. I block that out. We talk so much about that on
my channel, we have a lot of productivity and
time-saving tips over there, but this really is the heart of it. If you don’t realize that
every single task on your list needs to have time associated with it, otherwise it’s really
just not gonna get done, you won’t get anything done. And so really understanding that and making sure that you use the calendar the way that will help you
get into a productive state that is mind-blowing because most people just cannot seem to fathom it, that is really what it takes to be a consistent video creator. It’s not a matter of
if the video gets done, it’s a matter of showing
up for the appointment that is big enough to be on your calendar, and therefore something
you will make the time for. And my third tip for being a productive and consistent creator is know why you’re doing this and measure the thing that is
going to help you understand if you’re getting there. ROI can take a lot of
shapes for a lot of people. Maybe the important thing to you right now is YouTube subscribers, okay cool. Are you asking for them? Are you making that such a
shining moment in your videos that people know that’s the
thing that you want them to do? Or are you just letting them guess? Is your ROI in the form
of email subscribers? Great, are you actually doing something to drive that activity from your viewers? No matter what it is that’s
gonna help you measure whether you’re getting
closer to your goal or not, if you don’t measure it, you can never find out
if you’re getting closer. And if you never have that validation that you got a little bit
closer but not as much, you did really well one month, and then not as good the next month, if you can’t look at those
metrics, you’re never gonna know you’re really on the right track or not. And you need to know
when both are happening, so you can lean in to the really, really great
things that happen, and get away from the things
that are clearly not working. Simply throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks and
never actually checking to see how many of them stuck is a great way to get burn-out
and not keep up with this. Thanks for spending time with me today, and I hope that was helpful
for you as a video creator. – Those were amazing tips! I hope you were taking notes, if not, you need to go back
and take another listen, because this is pure gold. Amy has generously offered to give away a copy of her book, Vlog Like a Boss. This is good. You’re gonna want a copy. Packed full of goodness. All you need to do is let
us know in the comments what was your biggest
take-away or ah-ha moment from this video, and then make sure you subscribe to this
channel and to Amy’s channel and we will be announcing
a winner on Friday. So come back and check that out. And remember, you are
someone’s reason to smile. So don’t give up!


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