VIPKid Teacher | NOT for me

VIPKid Teacher | NOT for me

hi everybody. It’s me, Carli and today I’m
making a video about why I do not work for the VIPKID. okay! So in case you’ve
never seen any of my videos before my name is Carli and I worked for 51Talk it’s one of the biggest highest paying online ESL teaching companies
I’ve been working for them for a bit over a year now and it’s great. I love it
51Talk has its problems too okay. I’ve made a video already about why I
don’t think you should work for 51Talk in case you want to check it out but
today I’m making a video about VIPKid and I’m making this video because I get
asked a lot why I don’t work for a VIP kid and I think it’s really funny
because there are so many online ESL teaching companies and I’ve made videos
about like what I think are the top companies and I do include VIPkid on
that list but VIPkid is not the company for me. So I’m going to elaborate a
little further about why I do not work for VIP kid today please just hear me
out hear me out before you come for me. okay I know VIP kid has a really loyal
following of teachers and I’m sure you love your job okay but just hear me out
for a why VIPkid is not for me. okay alright so let’s think about new stuff
alright so I don’t want to work for VIPkid because first of all they have a
really intense hiring process. They make you do different mock lessons. It’s very
intense from everything I’ve read about. It’s
just too much for me. Alright another reason I do not wanna
work for VIPkid is that they have a serious problem with actually getting
bookings for their new teachers. I’ve read about teachers waiting two three
months before even getting their first class and to be honest with you 51Talk has had a similar problem but they had a huge hiring freeze and didn’t hurt
any more teachers for a long time but I see VIP kid is steadily recruiting
teachers so even though they have issues getting all
of their current teachers bookings they don’t have any problems with hiring more
teachers. So I don’t really like that and I know that you’re working as a
freelance teacher but I feel like it’s a responsibility of the company to be
responsible with how many teachers they hire so if you have way more teachers
than students of course not all teachers are going to be able to even get booked
so for me that’s a huge reason. I think it just takes too long to actually get
started with VIPkid. It’s all about your luck if you’re lucky and you’ve got that
first student that books you then that’s all it takes but if you’re not lucky, you
could be waiting a long time to get any bookings. Okay I also really don’t like
how VIPkid makes you have a classroom you have to have like a background with
all sorts of stuff on it for entertaining kids and I travel so like
this is my my room in my house where I teach from and I used a white background
with 51Talk they want you to have a clear background they don’t want you to
have a whole bunch of things for the kids they want their lesson to be about
the material and about you like you were supposed to be animated and you are
supposed to use props to get the kids engaged in they don’t really want you
have a background so that’s perfect for me because when I’m traveling I cannot
be putting up stuff on walls and worried about the backgrounds that I have
another reason I don’t want to work for VIPkid is because they have a lot of
young kids a lot of young kids and I like that we’ll 51Talk sometimes
I even have adults teenagers older kids I think I would go crazy having the be
like teaching three-year-old a four year old five year olds all day so I I just
liked that with 51Talk I have a a wide
range of different ages so it works out better for me. okay another reason I
don’t want to work for VIPkid is that they’re very Pro parent so if anything
happens with technology or the student performing properly more or less it
seems like they put the blame on the on the teachers so I don’t like that. With 51Talk
they’re, I can tell them about a problem and they they don’t
really blame me. They say okay. They hear me out. I’ve got screenshots to prove.
Today for example this little boy was reading a book throughout the entire
lesson with me I wrote him multiple times and said and used the translator
and said please stop reading a book if I’m talking’s not going to blame me for
that I mean I was I was in there but okay another reason I don’t want to work
for VIPkid is okay the top pay that they advertise is actually very difficult to
get it’s not easy to get all the incentives that they advertise you have
to be like pretty much perfect to get that so that’s not really the pay on the
surface level looks great but when you actually talk to people who work for the
company you will come to realize that it’s not really easy to get that high
pay that they have advertised okay this is the biggest reason for why I don’t
want for VIP kid I don’t think they’re very understanding at all about
emergencies things happening in people’s lives reasons for why you cannot teach
okay things happen you’re only allowed to have six absences per contract period
and that’s six months and sometimes really serious things happen where you
need to miss class more than six times okay the biggest and saddest issue that
I’ve seen has been a teacher having her child pass away
and she informed VIP kid about what was going on and they ended up firing her so
eventually a lot of people were complaining and they rehired her but
come on come on I mean things happen and even not serious as someone passing away
and I think a company should be understanding. Have substitutes, have a
system in place for emergency type situations. I mean I’m gonna I’m
going to miss class if my dog passes away or
I mean whatever and I want my company to be understanding about that so I think
51Talk is really great about being understanding about emergencies and I’ve
never had any issues with them as far as getting absences approved and penalties
reversed they’re very understanding in that regard they understand that I’m a
person and life happens and you can’t control everything so um those are the
biggest reasons for why I don’t want for VIPkid. Me, personally. I’m not saying VIPkid is a bad company at all I’m just saying that I prefer 51Talk
and there are so many companies out there I want people to realize that VIPkid is probably the most famous. They’re on Forbes list. They have over 40,000
teachers but there are other companies. They are just as good as VIPkid and
everyone should pick an online ESL company based on what their
personal needs are. So if you need any help finding a company, make sure you
check out my other videos where I talk about what I think are the top
companies to work for and feel free to leave any questions in the comment
section below for me. Please like this video if you like this video. Thank you
guys so much for watching. Bye!


74 thoughts on “VIPKid Teacher | NOT for me”

  • I don't think you can work for any other company when you are working for 51Talk. 😂 But we'll keep it a secret.
    This is a great video. I was thinking of working here before 51. Good thing I chose 51 first.

  • gnocchi pesto says:

    Great video:) I work for one that is low pay, but very flexible. I'm going to wait awhile before I bother with the higher paying companies for many of the reasons you mentioned. They have a lot of policies to change regarding how they treat their teachers.

  • Great video! I just got notice about being placed in Madrid, Spain with the Spanish Ministry. How difficult is it to find housing in Madrid in the late Summer (possibly September is when I will leave California to go)? Thank you in advance!

  • Hi, Carli. Thank you for making these videos on 51 talk plus the other companies. I am a non-traditional medical student who is the mom of 4 kids. I need to still earn some income even while in medical school to make ends meet so I've interviewed with VIPKids. It is a lengthy process and one interviewer was nice and one wasn't nice. I've taught ESL kids for 15+ years and want to go into pediatrics so I really enjoy working with kids. However, teaching an adult acting like a kids is still very different than the real thing. I did not make the cut during the last mock class so I'm looking for other options. I know my med school schedule about 1 week in advance and am more available on weekends for a few hours each day. I am wondering if 51 Talk would be a better fit for scheduling. How far in advance can you make your availability known? If it is a good fit, may I use your referral code?

  • Haley Gallimore says:

    What she is saying is very true about the cancellation policy. I had to be in the hospital for 11 days and ending up having a c-section. They gave me such a hard time about getting my cancellations approved. They really are pro-parent. Teachers also spend a lot of money on props and decorations. it is a lot

  • Yes! The hiring process for VIP Kid is insane. I had to jump through so many hoops, and I had to spend about $100 to get all the crap they require (headphones, Ethernet cable, computer mouse)….. Had the interview, had the mock class, took the test, passed all that…. Had ZERO BOOKINGS for three months straight. And maybe part of my incredulity is due to my pride, because I am ESL certified, and taught abroad in three countries. So it was inconceivable to me that I would NOT have students!? In what circumstance do you walk into a situation as a teacher…. but there is no one to teach!? No one mentioned that in any of the videos I watched when I was deciding whether to apply for VIP Kid. Anyway after three months I closed my schedule and gave up. I was pretty pissed that I'd spent all that time and money with zero results. Add to it, once I got in, I was expected to jump through MORE hoops and learn all their training courses. It was just waaay too complicated for fruitless results.

  • Hi. I am reading comments about possible racial bias on the part of Chinese parents. Actually, that makes sense to me. But my situation is different. I am an old white guy wanting to supplement his retirement income.
    I graduated college cum laude with a degree in science, not teaching. I have lots of experience teaching in military and business situations, but not formal classroom teaching.
    All of the videos I see are of perky young women, and sometimes men, but I have never seen anyone beyond about 40.
    Do they exist? Is there room in this business for geezers? LOL.

  • I'm on my 3rd contract with VIPKID and my schedule fills up for about 2 weeks everytime I sign a new contract. After that, I get about 4 – 6 bookings a week. I'm really getting tired of this. I think it's time for a change.

  • Teacher Iyanna says:

    I love your videos! Thanks for your honesty. I see so many teachers raving about VIPKID but I have really struggled with bookings for months with them. I've done much better with GoGoKid surprisingly, but I know of many teachers who haven't been able to say the same. There is definitely no one-size fits all. That's why it's great that we have a community where we can share our experiences and figure out what works for us. Thanks Carli!!

  • I'm a new VIPKid teacher, they were really nice for the interviews and helped me. I got bookings right away and I already have regular students and today was my 30 day mark. I'd say if you don't get bookings—hit up the Hutong. I think one of the cons for VIPKid is that they throw things at you, that you don't know about. You can go into the support groups to find out about it, but the surprises aren't fun. I make 18 bucks an hour and I am not licensed. It's a side hustle for me…so far, so good. I think it would be harder if you are broke and want something full time. You don't even have to be this overly excited teacher like in the videos–I just smile a lot and reward them.

  • I appreciate your video. I've been working for VIPKID for about 2 years and their web design, curriculum design and their user interface is horrible! They constantly doc your pay for their tech issues and although their agents are nice, nobody actually has any power to do anything to help you. They just keep putting you through the system. Does anyone else have these problems? You cannot find any complaints online about them.

  • Regina Ross Thomas says:

    I have not one booking with VIPKID and it's been 5 months. I work for two other companies and got booked within 1 or 2 weeks.

  • I'm with VIPKID and I was lucky to get some bookings when I first started almost a year ago and I make at least a minimum of $500/mo. With that said, I don't promote VIPKID due to the fact that many teachers that are hired struggle to get bookings. When I first decided to sign up, I watched a lot of video's and I do not remember anyone talking about the possibility of not getting any classes for awhile. They made it seem like you'd get bookings right off the bat. I feel for those that are waiting. And I believe that those that are trying to make money off of hiring newbies be more transparent.

  • Some of what you say is true. A lot of what you are saying is unfounded. You do not have to teach the little kids. I teach mostly older students. The incentives are easy to achieve. The top pay is given to those teachers who have proven that they are worth the top pay. They have relented their hard line on missing classes. We are the ones providing the service that parents are paying for and as a contractor we are expected to be there. They have instituted a soft cancellation policy. It is somewhat dishonest to critique things that you personally do not have actual experience with.

  • I work all my VIPKID classes as short-notice (booked within 24 hours) which gives me an extra $2 per class making my current hourly rate $25/hour.
    Can you make that much at 51Talk without having to schedule your classes in advance?

    I'm still happy with VIPKID (and have been lucky to be a teacher that has booked completely since day one) but I like to keep on the up and up with what's out there!

  • I just got hired on for VipKid..I haven't set up my schedule yet so I'm hoping to get bookings! 🙂 I liked that the hiring process was really involved, made me feel as if they don't just hire anyone. I will say I did the whole hiring process for 51Talk last year and after the 4 hour training I followed all the instructions to further the process so I can start work and it was like they ghosted me! Their system was very confusing to navigate and I even emailed them numerous time to follow up on my process and got nothing back. I genuinely thought I was scammed, especially because I gave them all my info! I let it go eventually which led me to apply for VIP Kid…Its good to know 51Talk is not a scam though and that you enjoy it!

  • What's going on is that VIPKid has too many teachers and not enough students, they have overextended themselves. The number of students they have has been pretty much flat at ~250k for over a year, they have cornered their own market and they have a lot of concurrence from other companies doing the same thing in China now. However, they went from 25k teachers to 60k in over a year, it's just insane, there is no way everyone can have full booking. I think they honestly thought they would keep getting more students but it didn't happen and now a many of their teachers don't have any class and are angry.

  • Charli Katherine says:

    The mentors make it extremely hard for you to get in. They provide conflicting advice. I've wasted so much time with that company.

  • Hi Carli, you really make some great points so I thank you for your video (it is probably quite helpful for a lot of us that are perhaps thinking of getting started in this line of work but aren't really sure what we're getting into with any of the companies). That said, I kind of want to broach the subject of bookings as I've noticed this subject seems to almost dominate the comments below–or at least the handful that I have read. Now, this might be a sensitive subject, so no I'm not really sure how to bust out with it, but I still want to nonetheless, because it is something that does exist out there. I will just go ahead and jump in I guess. Basically, I recently stumbled upon a forum (in hindsight, I really wish I'd bookmarked it) where there was a thread in which several VIPKid parents–i.e., the parents of the Chinese students using VIPKid–were discussing their reasons for shelling out all the money they do in order to have their child taught by VIPKid as opposed to some of the other companies, like 51Talk. (And do note that 51Talk was the one that they brought up the most often as being sort of like a much less expensive version of VIPKid, in essence.) The concensus among the parents seemed to be that the reason many Chinese parents (who are able to afford the high cost of VIPKid), are transitioning to VIPKid from places like 51Talk (and others–don't get me wrong) for pretty much one and one reason only:

    There was emphasis on 51Talk being a good company. The only problem everyone seemed to have with it is that they hire people from other countries, and these people lack the "North American" accent. And apparently, this is what they are after, and what they are willing to pay an additional and sometimes exorbitant amount of money for. Yes, it appears as if quite a few families in China are willing to pay pretty much just for the accent. It is the thought of their child being able to speak with what they consider to be the "correct" accent that is worth quite a bit of money to them. (I personally find this funny considering how unnaturally the VIPKid method ends up teaching kids to speak but ah well.)

    You probably know where this is going now. I am not sure if legally, VIPKid can state that they won't hire anyone from Arkansas, MUCH less that they won't hire anyone of color, but luckily (for them) they don't have to. They WILL hire you (collectively, not you as an individual), but then your account will apparently sit there due to lack of bookings, as so many people below me have noticed.

    The problem is that once hired, a lot of the parents won't book the kids to be taught by those individuals they either perceive or even maybe anticipate should have less than "perfect" accents that they covet so badly because, like I've said, what they're paying for is in LARGE part, just the accent. And I really feel uncomfortable even pointing this out, but has anybody else noticed that in the comments section of this video, it is mostly the African Americans that are complaining of it being difficult to obtain bookings whereas the Caucasians are shrugging their shoulders at this and saying that they have never had a problem getting booked? I really hate to say it, but I genuinely think the booking problem is a race (or "accent") thing.
    I could go on more about this–because yes, I am aware that some black people sound "whiter" than others–but this is already much longer than I'd anticipated, and I can't by any means even begin to cover every nook and cranny that this subject entails as it is actually a much more complex topic than initially would seem, and also, I don't think, the purpose of this YouTuber's video at all. So again, just pointing out a theory I believe is very plausible, and that could explain why the lack of bookings mainly for some individuals. I am otherwise glad that you (and others, it appears) have found a company that works for you/them. To be honest with everyone, I'm white (sort of) and I don't think I would do VIPKid either. When I saw the demo, I immediately realized it probably was not for me just given that I like to blink every once in a while (and I tried using that peppy, perky voice for one day and it killed my voice for a whole week-and-a-half). So no, not for me. Not for a lot of us apparently… GL to all.

  • Coach Hayes' Corner says:

    I got hired last week, hiring process took me about a week. I didn’t sign the contract and they called me to let me know my contract is in my queue. I posted a video and got 12 bookings! Taught my first class this morning and had a great time.

  • I work for 51talk and been here two years. They just fired a woman who had a miscarriage. I just recently got a MPR for no reason. I appreciate your videos!

  • My first mock class, the facilitator was SO disrespectful that I told them I didn't want to work for them. She was just so disrespectful (playing the student) that it turned me off and I KNOW the real students are probably no where near that bad. smh

  • Don’t forget the planning props and rewards. The parents complain if you use a flash card instead of a stuffed animal or if the kid doesn’t like the reward. I am with VIPKID but never open slots for them.

  • I work for VIPKid and while I agree with some of what you say, my experience was different with some things. The hiring process seems like a lot, but to me it was super easy. I passed the mock classes the first time I tried so it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it was, although it did cause me to worry about if I would pass or not. My first week, my schedule was also booked solid. I was hoping to ease into it and literally every single spot I opened up saying that I could work was filled. I just started Jan 1st. I did have one time I lost pay due to teacher IT issues however, I have never had problems with any other students so I knew it was on the student's end. Besides that one time, I'm liking VIPKid so far although I am glad there are other companies in case I need to switch things up if things change.

  • Want to work for VIPKID? Apply!

  • Catherine Mitchner says:

    Thanks for the great video. When I started VIPKiD I was looking for a small side job that I wouldn’t be upset if I was too busy with. I applied and got hired. During my mock and my interview I did on an empty container box and I bought a map of the USA for the background. I eventually found an old bookcase I worked off of. I worked for VIPKID for 33 days before I had my first trail. After a few more weeks I was getting some consistent bookings. I love the company and the incentives. I know it can be discouraging at first, but one day it will take off. I love my students. & I would not say I had to invest a lot of money up front. All my props are from the dollar store or thrift stores and I use google slides for a lot of it which helps with my feedback and the minimal lesson planning I do. Everyone needs to find a company that works for them.

  • Thank you for this. I have my VIPKID interview tomorrow. I still plan to go through with it and give VIPKID my best shot, but now I feel more informed, prepared, and confident that surprises won't pop up. I'm also thrilled to know that I have options if it doesn't work for me.

  • Carli , thank you for your honesty. I agree with you the on-boarding process is relentless especially for the salary. The hiring process is relentless. I am at the interview stage and starting to wonder if it is worth investing anymore time. I would love any suggestions you have in terms of other agencies that offer opportunities for teaching online. I really like the option of working with a wide range of ages. Thanks again

  • I'm on my VIPkid day number 7. I had my first MC class after the 4th day and that students parents booked me again for March 3 but I've got nothing else. It doesn't seem very promising and I'm exploring other online ESL platforms.

    As I was typing this I got booked for a 3rd class. But still, not feeling very promising.

  • Thanks for sharing, but first hand experience would make you more credible, but I did enjoy watching and I totally understand how VIPKID can deter some potential teachers. The hiring process is very difficult. I used to work for 51 Talk and honestly, I got so many headaches dealing with their support team. Granted, I worked for them about two years ago and I'm sure they have changed. I got so much money docked from 51 Talk and support would always give me the run-around and they were never understanding. I had to take screenshots all the time and BEG. However, I did enjoy the students much more. It's an older crowd, I would work with adults and great teenagers. I was able to work much later than I can at VIPKID because I was able to teach adults. I get tired sometimes of teaching so many kids. I prefer the plain background at 51 Talk and sometimes at VIP I feel like we are more like entertainers than teachers. That being said, the support team at VIPKID is very understanding and much more professional. As long as you have doctor notes or proof of an emergency, they are normally very understanding and will excuse you from work for several days without penalty. I've heard of teachers being excused for over 20 classes and for several days with full bookings. These don't count against you. The ones that count against you is when you have no excuse, which happens when you're sleepy, LOL. This one time, I couldn't even get one class forgiven at 51 Talk and I WAS IN the classroom. I enjoy the platform at VIPKID better than 51 talk, as I had to manage QQ and Skype and maybe one other platform with 51… has this changed? VIPKID seems a bit more professional and modern in my opinion, but they have a reward system that I dread. I also think getting a raise at 51 Talk is easier. Both companies have pros and cons. It was easy for me to get hired at 51 Talk and it took me a while to get hired at VIP. However, I got bookings my first week and I have a lot of students. The same occurred with 51 Talk, but I was literally dealing with support EVERY DAY. I mean EVERY DAY. The support team at 51 Talk was the reason I left. Both companies have good qualities and also annoying glitches. I'd love to teach adults again. Again, thanks for sharing and happy teaching.

  • I agree with this.  I was hired by VIP kid after SUCH a long hiring process.  I had to do 2 separate interviews, and a mock class.  And then they decided I had to do 3 more mock classes.  And finally I was hired.  And then I hardly got any bookings.  I gave it up pretty quickly.  Their technology requirements are also ridiculous.  I had one interviewer tell me my internet speed was not high enough when we could both hear each other and see each other just fine. There was no lag and no other issues.  The number itself just wasn't high enough.  I spent hours preparing for my mock lessons.  It just wasn't worth it.

  • Hello, I have been working with VPK for 1 year now and started receiving bookings immediately (hiring process about 1 week for me and relatively hassle-free), however, I agree with most of this video…and not only that, but once you get invested with VPK, you realize just how little concern they have for your concerns (they leave you with the impression that you are quickly replaceable). I think there may be much better online teaching opportunities and companies out there (and just better ways to spend my time and passion), so I am on the search now ..thank you for sharing. Good luck everyone!

  • VIPKID Teacher Kristin says:

    I am sorry to hear so many people have had a bad experience with VIPKid! I have been working for just over a week and, while I am not booked as I want to be, I have had already taught 21 classes including 2 repeat students. From what I have read on other platforms it sounds like a lot of it is a matter of timing. Chinese new year takes place in late January or February and it sounds like people who have built up a regular clientele still have a shortage of bookings. This can be a BIG problem if you begin working in January/February. VIPKid will bump you to the top of the booking lists only for the first 2 weeks after you are hired. From my understanding, summer seems like a great time to apply because students are on vacation and have more time to book with VIPKid.

  • Nick Pelletier says:

    I was going through the process now, and starting to have second thoughts, then came across your video. I feel like every stage I have to jump through another hoop and the pay doesn't seem all that. I've taught at university level and have a CELTA but feel like i'm being treated like i just picked up my GED.

  • NaturallyEssence says:

    They also minus $10 from your pay for a no show! I got 1 class a few days after being hired, the same child wanted to book me for short notice, my alarm didn't go off and so I missed it. But that one missed class will cost me more than what I even made in 1 class! So that means the next time I teach I will make $6 for 2 classes…I'll give it another few weeks and see how this goes

  • Authentic Journeys Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. says:

    Are there online ESL companies for teaching students over 18? Or Adult Learners?

  • Jennifer Best Perez says:

    I have been trying to do some extensive research on which ESL company I would like to work for. I have investigated VIP Kids and GogoKids. I still have not made a decision as to which one I would want to work for. I do not understand all of this recruiting that they do. It seems to be they are just shooting themselves in the foot. If you are wanting to teach online why would you want to create more competition. The more teachers there are then the less chance you have of filling classes. So I am still on the search for a company.

  • I was in the process of applying to VIP Kids but abandoned it after seeing your video and reading many of the comments. Whew…! All things considered though, everyone seems to agree that VIP Kids is a legitimate and reputable company, which in itself is a big plus for a company…!

  • I love working for qkids BUT it's my plan to live in Asia for a year and you can't teach from Asia with Qkids. It sounds like with VIPkid you can travel anywhere but I am sooo intimidated and disheartened by how ridiculous their hiring process is! Ps. love your videos, can't wait to binge watch ones I've been missing haha.

  • vipkids have a crop of litter of ESL teachers to choose from. Anyone who applies becomes their resource. If those rich picky parents want to change teachers so they can try out other teachers until one is suitable for their kids, they will do that. You are just fodder to THEM (vipkids). That is why you see them place ads everywhere for teachers. I have taught ESL in Asia for over 23 years. Every school has their business model. This is vipkids business model because they want to deliver the cream of the cream ESL teachers to their clients (since this is one on one classes and the parents are shelving out big money) and what better way that to have as many choices as possible to meet the parents' needs for their kid.

  • Thanks for these videos, Carli. They're awesome. Really helped me in finding my own style. You inspired me to make this! <3

  • Mother Milán says:

    AGREED! VIPKID taught me a valuable lesson! TIME is too precious to wait around waiting for clients! The GREAT don't WAIT! Thank you for sharing!

  • Been with VIPkid for just over 80 days and I've had 13 classes. I've been with Qkids for officially 1 week and have 22! Plus, I love the platform! Always have a great time! Just my 2 cents. Kind of care a less if I get booked for another VIPkid class.

  • So, I’m having trouble with registering with 51 talk. They won’t accept my mobile number. I can teach from where I am in the US right?

  • I have worked for iTutorGroup for a couple of years. I have been promoted a few times and can give you an honest insight for a video if you ever do one on them 🙂

  • I know I'm late to the party, but I sooo enjoyed your video while doing my research into this company. I like how refreshing your outlook is, most of the videos and opinions I've been seeing from current teachers who all seem to be very much pro VIPKID and are advertising it as the best job ever, while their glassdoor, indeed pages are filled with negative reviews most of which claim there are tons of issues with this company mainly communication issues and I feel like it's just glossed over by their current teachers here on YT. So THANK YOU!

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