Virtual Production: A New Era of Filmmaking | Unreal Engine

Virtual Production: A New Era of Filmmaking | Unreal Engine

>>My take on virtual production is trying to essentially
recreate in CG what has been done
for the last hundred years in physical production.>>We like to try
and relate virtual production to traditional production. So virtual pre-production
is previs and some of the techvis
in running up to the shoot. Then there is virtual
production, which is simulcam, and potentially
some more techvis. Then there is virtual
post-production, which is post-vis;
so taking the previs and compositing it
onto the plates.>>There is no other way
to make the type of content that we are approaching. I cannot fly to Pandora
and shoot Avatar; there is no way to do that. You have to create
some mechanism whereby the directors
and the creators involved can get out there and actually produce their film
in a meaningful way.>>Game engines, which have
recently become a very big part
of virtual production, they have really upped
the quality of the render we are able to achieve. They have also allowed us
to more accurately simulate the real world
in terms of lighting. Just in the last year,
year and a half, the aesthetic of this stuff
has just been cranked up in how much more
we can do in real-time.>>Unreal is allowing us
to compress the different divisions of vis, so that it is not
so much a previs, and a during vis,
and a post-vis. It is kind of just, you can
do it all at the same time.>>Just simply the fact
that everything is live, and you can have a conversation
with the actors, and you can
make little changes — it just makes a better product.
It just makes a better movie.>>To make movies
using virtual production, and particularly with Unreal with all the real-time
capabilities, it is an opportunity to redesign
the whole process of filmmaking. Something that would take us
overnight or a week to do, suddenly you can do immediately. And you can get immediate
feedback on what you are doing, which opens up
a world of possibilities to do things differently.>>We know it will have
completely gotten there when we are starting
to do romcoms using virtual production. Then we will know
we have definitely made it.


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