Welcome to Bart Johnson Productions, Your Filmmaking Resource!

– Hey guys, I’m Bart
Johnson, a cinematographer, and welcome to my channel. On this channel you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and
information about filmmaking, all plucked from my years of experience as both a budding and now
professional filmmaker. I want to share my knowledge, experience, thoughts and opinions with all of you, and this channel is where
you’re gonna find it. I cover advanced topics from shooting with drones and gimbals, all the way to covering basic filmmaking and
cinematography principles. Everyone starts out with a
different knowledge base, so there’s something here for everyone. I share tips and tricks, review the latest filmmaking equipment, conduct exclusive interviews, and sometimes just have
a little bit of fun. I also love interacting with my audience, so make sure to tune in
every week for my live show, where I will go over new topics each week and we can chat and share
with each other in real time. I invite you to check
out all the great content already on my channel. Please go ahead and subscribe and click that notification bell and be alerted every time
I upload new content. I appreciate you guys stopping by. I hope you enjoy the channel.


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