Welcome to Glitch Productions!

Kevin: Here at Glitch Productions we make animation Wotfi 2019 is Coming! Meggy is Still Training for SplatFest. Also This is the last one. Tari you can do it. Meta Runner! What an Very hard worked Show. R.I.P Desti. Smg4: And memes never forget the memes. Mario: Haha Saiko: Hahahahahaha Pizza? ( Heavy’s voice ) Yes Mario: Mario’s gonna do something very illegal Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole! Haha Kevin: Dude where’s your suit? Smg4; This Is my suit. Mario: Mama mia! Chain Chomp Sounds. Mario: Hahahahaaa! ( Bang ) ( Boom ) ( Punch Punch Punch Punch ) ( Kick ) Kevin: Jesus Christ Oh Ho. Smg4: Oooo! He’s Pissing All over the edge. Kevin: hahahah. Kevin: Were a production company dedicated in making cool worlds, stories and characters for everyone to enjoy. Smg4: And Memes don’t forget the memes kevin. Kevin: Laughing. Smg4: You should never forget it. When did I tell you last time. Cc By Me Gd Juju.


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