What is Co-Production?

What is Co-Production?

Co-production in its simplest form
simply means everybody coming together pooling their
resources, pooling their abilities building on each other’s potential both
to identify problems and then to solve them. And the problems could be in health
problems they could be environment they could be to do with housing it could be to do with well being … doesn’t matter what it is but it’s all of us working together … and the key feature of co-production is that we work together
in equal and reciprocal relationships so it’s not the
professionals coming in as experts and talking to citizens and maybe consulting them about what’s the best way of going forward it’s about citizens and professionals
absolutely working together understanding that both share power and both share responsibility. So when co-production is in place at the heart of our public services in Wales … the difference it will make to everybody is that we will have utterly joined up thinking and
understanding that we are all involved in health and social services in
the environment, in our communities with each other … so you’ll go into a community it will be vibrant it will be resilient, there’ll be networks, there’ll be support, there’ll be friends there’ll be family it will be a really inclusive neighbourhood and that neighbourhood will help to keep
people safe will help to keep them strong and prevent us moving onto crisis point or onto acute care needs much more. So we will save some money but that really isn’t the point the point is we will actually start realizing our own potential and there are individual stories of this happening already right across the country, which are really moving.


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