What Is Enhancement of Food Production – Enhancement in Food Production – Biology Class 12

What Is Enhancement of Food Production – Enhancement in Food Production – Biology Class 12

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Hello students today we will be studying chapter enhancement of food production and the topic we should be studying today is what is exactly enhancement of food production when I say enhancement of food production it means to increase the variety of food production all to increase the level of food production. why there was a need to increase food production in India now right from the independence of before independence right from the era of 1921 to 1951 the population increased and this increasing population had great demands for food and during those times we didn’t hide the modern technology that is available today whether it is in the terms of great varieties of seed fertilizers or the modern equipments which are available today so during that period the increasing food demand put pressures on the government and on the people to increase the food production or enhance the food production or find out various methods of food production this was the era that contributed to Green Revolution and white revolution when I say green revolution it means that era during which food production was increased by using better varieties of seed by using more agricultural land using more fertile land by putting a lot of fertilizers into the land by bringing modern technologies into field and contributing or paying the farmers better elimination so that everybody can take up agriculture providing or setting up an environment where agriculture became the prime factor this was the era during which India will be known as an agricultural country it set the record straight this was the era which brought population in to focus and it brought every famine in the country to focus on agriculture now when Green Revolution was going on while green revolution was going on there were certain parameters on which green revolution paid pioneer or paid focus on the three modes the three most important factors on which green revolution paid focus on was first plant breeding second was was FCP and the third one was tissue culture when I say plant breeding it means increasing or growing better varieties of crops or pills by different methods it could be notational it could be biofortification or genetic engineer the next one was a CP single cell 13 this paid focus on how microorganisms can be grown in laughs and this microorganisms can be consumed since they have better nutritional content and can be grown in ceilings example mushroom which is a fungus spirulina chlorella all this could be consumed and this was SCP or single-cell protein next was tissue culture the breakthrough into and breeding using the technique of tissue culture a single cell can be used and inside a lab using lab techniques and lab sterile conditions and media and instruments you can grow from a single cell small different plantlets when I say plants a single cell of carrot can be used to grow a whole carrot plant and imagine a room which is using tissue culture by using a single cell you can grow a carrot so we are using large number of cell how many carrots can be good tissue culture paved the way for growing larger crops or large great amounts of crops in less area and at a faster pace and this technique paved the way for growing crops which could not be grown or normal and this technique pave the way for growing cancerous medicines as well as which took hundred years to grow in crops tissue culture was a little difficult process but it helped plant hybridization or plant breeding in a better way so let us see what was the enhancement of food production enhancement of food production the increasing population during the period of 1921 to 1951 created increasing demand of food supply this was the period post and before independence where India was changed selling to find its space during this period the population increased and this increasing population need a lot of food which led to green revolution producing better varieties of crops using modern techniques and fertilizers green revolution forced the farmers and the government to take agriculture as a main source called main focus and produce crops which could fulfill the stomach of every Indian using better seeds better production quality better equipment or machinery ways to increase food production the three different ways well plant breeding SCP and tissue catch plant building increasing production of crops using mutation biofortification and hybridization when I see mutation it means changing the gene what I drink that you for adding a different chromosome or removal chromosome when I say biofortification it means increasing the nutritional content and hybridization is nothing but using better varieties of herbs the next method was SCP or single-cell protein it meant using microbes as source often an example of this could be mushroom or spirulina which can be used as a source of food the third and the most useful method was tissue culture it meant a single cell is used to obtain new plant light from a single cell under sterile condition and using plant media you can grow a new plant Lee for example using a single carrot cell you can grow the whole carrot plant under conditions just arrived in this part we all have studied what are the different methods and what is enhancement of food production and what was the need of food production I hope you all have understood clearly about this topic thank you


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