What is Microsoft Planner?

What is Microsoft Planner?

Coming up, today were going to take a
deeper look at Microsoft Planner a new experience in Office 365 to organize work, manage and assign
tasks and collaborate within your teams. We’re going to go hands-on
and show you how to use Planner including integrated experiences across Office 365. And we’ll take a look at what’s
in store in the coming months. Microsoft Mechanics I’m joined today by Sajan
from the Office 365 team, welcome. Sajan, Planner is the newest addition to Office 365 but what can people expect from this experience? Thank You, Jeremy. Planner offers you a simple
and visual way to organize teamwork. There are different ways
we all get work done. And they’re like, until recently we have solutions on the two apposing ends of the spectrum. On one hand we have individual work. And we have tools like Wunderlist
that you can use to manage your task list. And, on the other hand we have project and portfolio management solution like a product is called project online that you can use to manage
projects that require scheduling, priortization, resource management, timesheet, and even integration with line of business system. Ok. And now Planner is something that we
always felt there was a gap in the middle. And that’s where Planner fits in. So you can use it to work with your ad hoc team. Or let’s say you work in IT. You can use it to manage events, user training I like that folks in different parts of the company can use it for a variety of projects. Right, so this is really how work gets done, but can you give us a look and show so that looks like? Sure, so first of all once you come to Office 365 you can go to the app launcher. And you can see the Planner icon here. You click on that. And we’ll launch right into the
planner experience. What I’m going to do generally right now first let me start and show you
how you can create a new plan. So I’m going to click on New Plan. And let’s say you we work in IT. And we are in the process
of rolling out Office 365 to one of the branch offices. so i’m going to create a plan called Office 365 rollout. In this case, I want to make sure
that only folks in my team can see this. Ok. You can add a description and then
you can click on create plan. So now my plan is created and first of all you can see that we are in
this what we call as a Board view. And here you can start by creating different buckets. And the buckets are the groupings of tasks, right? Yes exactly. So let’s say in this case we want to have a set of task which are related to communications. So we can create that. Second, you can think if
we have to find some champions. Are early adopters? Exactly. So which can help you to drive success. Third, it will also have a set of tasks
related to governance of the rollout. Right so we can report against how we’re doing. Exactly. Ok I can also go ahead and create some To do’s. Like in this case, actually I’ll just first
create a task called Assign Licenses. And I can add the task. You can click on that and
you can go into more details for the task. Ok. To start, you can have a start date and due date. Let’s say we want this thing
to be done by June 24th. Okay. I can assign this task to somebody. In this case, I’m going to pick you Jeremy. Let me look for you. And here you are. So now I picked you as a person who will work on this. You can enter a description. So I’ll say assign licenses to all users. Okay. If you have a document, you can attach that. You can also put a link. What I really like here is that not only can you create a task. You can also create a checklist. We say give this task to you
and you take on some sub tasks that should be part of this. You can capture those here in the checklist. You can say that Validate user as a permanent employee. I’m just making up a list. Or you can go on and you can create more. We can also enter a comment. This is a very social experience. And with that you can assign a task
and you can get started. Ok so if we switch over to my pc
then I should have this task and I can see that my tasks have gone
from 11 previously to 12. So if I look at mine I can see that my assign licenses, there we are at the bottom. We have all the information that
you just added in there Sajan, yep. I’m going to add some more
items because I know I need to download the PowerShell module because I’m going to script
all of my license assignments. And we’ll also figure out which
users we want to actually assign. So, select users we’ll say. And then after that I can say well I’ve validated
who’s a permanent employee for example and i’ve already downloaded my PowerShell module. So I’ve already gotten started. The nice thing is once I’ve made
those two different changes to my checklist I can actually move that into In
Progress just by a simple drag-and-drop. And if I scroll back up to the top of the page now it’s in my in-progress tasks
that I’ve got here in my all task list This is really across all of my plans that I’m working on. Exactly. So what else can we do now? Once you’ve got a simple project created let’s move on to a larger project that already
has been populated and is kind of midstream. to share really the the power
that we can do with Planner. Sure, for that Jeremy I’m going
to take you to the Planner Hub. So once you come to Planner Hub you can see all the plans that you’re part of. Now, let’s say here were going to talk about
and dive deep into Tech Summit. I’ll click here first where I marked some as a favorite. So next time when I come here
I can see all my favorite plans. Ok. Now here you can see color wise, like yellow
means these tasks have not be started. Red is late. Blue is in progress and
green is completed. So let’s click on this and we can dive in
and see what’s going on with this plan. So once you come in you’ll
always start with the Board view. And first thing is that if I scroll to the right you can see that there are three different ways
that you can organize all the tasks that you have. The bucket is one view that we have that you already talked about. Now, next we can go and click on Assign to. And very quickly you can say that
the whole experience got rearranged in terms of the different folks that are on the team. You can easily go and see who’s working on what. What tasks they are on and what type of documents they’re working on, you can see that. The third thing you have it here is
you can go ahead and click on Progress. Now you essentially get to see your task as not started, in progress, and completed. Now Jeremy, last week I had a chance
to speak with our friend Garth and he’s on vacation now. And I know that he’s already done with this task So I can go ahead here and mark that as completed. That’s how as a team we can all stay up to date and we know what’s going on. So it’s not statically assigned to just
the person the task was assigned to? That way we can very fluidly
be able to do things like this. Exactly. Everything is very transparent
and the whole team can collaborate on that. Now let’s say in this case I want to see what is the status of everything in a report. You click on charts. You will see an experience and
you will see all the tasks that are there. And right in the middle you can see that all the tasks that are either a work in progress
or they are not completed yet. I see here, Ann has a red mark here because this task is running late. I can click on this and you’ll notice that on the right side the whole list got filtered. So I’m looking at Ann’s ask now
and I know this task is running late. So that’s how we can go and track them. Now the other thing is that Planner is
built on top of Office 365 groups. It integrates out of the box with other
capabilities we have with 365. You can see here we have a Notebook. We have other features such as conversations, calendar, and a whole lot of other features. That’s how you get the best of the whole
365 that comes with Planner. And now if I were to click on conversations you’ll come and you’ll see
your conversations experience. Like here, I’m seeing my plan Tech Summit. You can go ahead and you can respond. You can like something like this comment I wrote I can like and those are the type of
experience we can have. If I click here, you can see
we have a good dialogue going on. I asked you to send me template and I still didn’t get a template. I’m going to tell you that, ok please send it soon so that I can get our work done. And that’s how we can sort of collaborate on this. Right, so if we moved back to my machine
then we’ll be able to see the comment stream that we have on that particular task. I’m just going to go back into my Planner Hub. I’ll be able to see all the things
I’ve pinned to the top as favorites and there we see the Tech Summit. And if i go into that task that you have in this case it was the building the reports for the for the governance side of that specific event. And then scroll down, we’ll be able to see the Please send it soon task that you just sent to me. So very tight grade integration
across Office 365 groups. If you want more information on groups,
of course we covered that on an earlier show with
Christophe a few weeks back. Now beyond all of this stuff, it’s really
great to see this from a planning and a team workforce management perspective. But, what’s coming to planner in the upcoming months? There’s a lot going on our end. So I’ll talk about the key things that we’re working on. First, we’re working on external users access so that you can collaborate the task with folks who don’t work for your company, that’s one. Second thing is that, one of the request
we have from many users is that The ability to assign a task to
multiple users, that’s second. And third, we are working on a Windows universal app as well as native apps for iOS and Android. So those are some of the top things
that we’re working. Really great and really looking forward
to seeing those changes. So if I’m new to Planner, where do I get started? I think it’s very simple because,
we’re in the process of rolling it out I would say go and login to Office 365 and go to the app launcher. If it has been provisioned you should be
able to see Planner right there. And then you can give it a try and let us know
if you have any feedback on that. Be sure to keep giving us your feedback
because we’ve set up a user voice specifically for that as we’re just rolling out planner now and don’t forget to keep checking back to Microsoft Mechanics for the latest tech updates. That’s all the time we have for today’s show. Thanks for watching and goodbye for now. Microsoft Mechanics www.microsoft.com/mechanics


25 thoughts on “What is Microsoft Planner?”

  • I've used Trello as an invaluable tool for large personal 'projects'/tasks – will we see Planner added to the o365 Personal/Home package, as I would love to be able to keep my mini-projects within o365?

  • I'd also love to see this on my Home 365 plan, not least as a demo to try and demo this in the office as it looks like it does a lot of things we need. Also attracted by the fact I'd have an app for my Lumia 650

  • Judith Adegbenro says:

    Great idea and well explained I will definitely be trailing it within our team. Can the planner be used as a resource sheet?

  • it is really amazing.I am having office 365 subscription for mac. How to download microsoft planner please suggest because it is not showing while online login.

  • Amanda Clayton says:

    So excited to start using this! Question- is there a way to copy and past to-do "tasks" into planner? I have pre-existing checklists and to-do lists created in Excel that i'd like to copy and paste into Planner. Also, can you save templates for projects you do again and again? I hope so. But if not, these two featured should be implemented ASAP.

  • We're just getting started and finding it the most useful tool so far. Looking forward to the multi-resource assignment feature but even more – we need search capabilities. The "Search" feature has a lot of votes on planner.uservoice.com but scattered among several differently worded requests. Please add that next. Thanks for this great tool!

  • I love it! Can't for the External User Access really big deal for us.. Do you have any indication of when this will be going live?

  • Microsoft Mechanics says:

    Have a question about Planner? Ask the experts on the Microsoft Tech Community:

    The Planner Team wants your feedback and thoughts on future interations. Go to this link and let them know:

  • Does this REQUIRE your exchange environment to be Exchange 365?  If our  exchange environment is not currently in the cloud, can we still utilize MS Planner?

  • Love using planner i have jobs on there and use it to track progress it would be great if i could drag and drop the task or copy and paste the task to another plan. A share to users without office 365 would be brilliant. We use microsoft access for our database but most info now goes into planner it would be better if i could move completed taskes into a completed plan for archiving after

  • Alice Cardoso Ramalho Ortigao says:

    Is it possible to show the tasks made in planner directly in outlook? If I assign something to Person A does person A see it automatically see it in her calendar?

  • Great idea! would be nice if due times, task repeat options and calendar integration (not the planner hub calendar but the outlook calendar with time slots in week view) was also an option

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