What todo.vu can do for you

What todo.vu can do for you

If you are a Freelancer or in a small business
team you face unique challenges. One minute you are working on a client project,
the next minute you are handling a sales enquiry, then a tax return, an HR issue and you still
need to remember to replace the milk in the fridge. 🙂 You probably work with an ever changing group
of remote colleagues and contractors. And you likely have dozens of clients of varying
sizes and demands. A Gantt chart is a luxury you most often can’t
afford because much of your work is ad-hoc or in rapid agile development. There are many tools that help you with time
tracking and many others that provide project management, but what you need is something
that supports every aspect of your working day. A single place to store your customer information,
log everything you need to do, keep track of your time, and to communicate with clients. You may also need a way to prepare bills from
your time. If you are struggling to keep you or your
team on focus; If you need to keep up with a growing list of demands for many directions; If you need a better way to manage client requests, then you should check out todo.vu. todo.vu has been designed from the ground up as a fully featured solution for Freelancers and small consulting teams. Because todo.vu offers integrated CRM, task
management, project management, time tracking and billing all in one place, you can avoid
dealing with multiple costly services. You can avoid the headaches of trying to link
and sync systems together, or the pain of double data entry and human errors. With todo.vu you can capture everything you
and your team need to do in one place. todo.vu uses a unique filtered view of your
tasks to allow you to see everything in one place or filter down to specific contexts
such as a client or project or staff member with ease. Record time directly on tasks via a simple
start-stop timer or manual entry. And instantly prepare detailed billing reports
for your clients. todo.vu also includes an impressive range
of features such as advanced repeating tasks, email integration, access control, calendar
sync, out-of-office message, task reminders. Streamline your work, lift your team’s productivity,
improve your billing accuracy and speed and get back in control of your working life. Start now with our 14-day free trial and see
what you can achieve with todo.vu.


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  • Karen Kefauver says:

    Are the other videos on this channel, all of them published in 2017, still up to date on explanation of features?

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