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What You Did Not Know About |Workers Behind The Scenes| ▶1

The preformed thermoplastic material PREFORM TCG is a durable product for road markings, having 3 mm thickness, intended for application in high traffic areas, on roads, on highways and inside cities. It is ideal for the realization of horizontal road traffic signs such as signalization of pedestrian crossings, speed limits, etc., as well as for arranging intersections, bicycle lanes, parking spaces and different areas that require special visual road signalization. Preformed thermoplastic PREFORM TCG can be used for horizontal road traffic signs applied in addition to classical road markings, offering extra information necessary for the guidance of traffic participants and helping reduce traffic accidents on roads. PREFORM TCG offers new solutions for efficient horizontal road markings and increased road safety for traffic participants, providing long term high visibility during the day and excellent nighttime retroreflection, due to the glass beads embedded on the thermoplastic material surface and also inside the material. The PREFORM TCG thermoplastic material available as lines, arrows, letters: numbers, colored traffic signs, warning signs, priority signs, mandatory signs, direction signs, prohibitory signs etc, but also as custom-made designs on your demand company logos, symbols, street decorations, playground markings for kids (hopscotch, math games, dragon games, caterpillar games, snake games, Wiister games, crocodile games, rocket games, spiral games, snail games, target games etc.). With the ongoing fight to ensure roads are safe and usable for all users, the need for innovative products is vital to achieving this. One of the major problems faced by authorities and road contractors was long periods of road closures and long periods of time wasted for curing of existing solutions. The external pressure to ensure potholes were being filled in an acceptable manner, that lasted and was certified was also a paramount need. We were able to provide several boroughs with viable solutions for both short-term and long-term repair and maintenance. Meon offers an easy-to-use material that remains workable all year round for easy laying. The decorative print process produces realistic cobblestone brick slate and other design effects on an asphalt base decorative print combines the flexibility and strength of asphalt with cutting edge coatings resulting in a cost-effective durable surface with low maintenance requirements. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive compared to other paving techniques and much more durable than brick pavers and stamped concrete. The decorative print process can be applied to existing asphalt in good in good condition as well as freshly laid asphalt. The decorative printing process starts with the preparation of the surface including measuring and marking for pattern placement. The surface of the asphalt is heated with a reciprocating propane heater to a precise temperature to soften it for imprinting. The template pattern is laid into place and carefully aligned. The template is made from a specially woven and welded wire cable. In this case, a brick pattern is used the woven steel. The template is pressed into the heated asphalt using a plate compactor to imprint the surface The template is removed to reveal the pattern imprint. The process is repeated over the entire area. An edging template is a line and the process is repeated. The imprint is inspected and the edges are touched up by hand. The imprinted area is then masked off to present overspray during the coating process. The coating is an environmentally friendly water-based mixture containing no harsh chemical solvents. The unique epoxy modified acrylic polymer is mixed with the pigment added for color. The coating is poured through a strainer into an airless spray applicator. The first coat is liberally sprayed over the asphalt and followed up with brushes to even out The polymer and spread it through the uneven surface. The second and third coat is applied. The edging is masked off and a second color is applied the decorative print. Epoxy coatings provide UV stability and minimal color fade. The coatings are designed to withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions. Producing a durable surface that retains its vibrant color. The asphalt base provides superior stability and durability. Compared to traditional surfaces such as brick pavers, decorative print is faster easier and more cost-effective to install the other decorative paving surfaces. Industrial floor tape that is extremely durable, long lasting, easy to apply and cost effective. MightyLine is fast becoming the preferred choice of the line in indoor marking applications as it offers any marker an effective result whilst being an easier process and cutting down on the use of machinery. Multiple uses such as Segregating pedestrian traffic from vehicles, keeping critical areas clear with safety signs, organizing floor markers for manufacturing improvements and more.


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