What’s New with Coda | Templates in Docs, Pricing News & More…

What’s New with Coda | Templates in Docs, Pricing News & More…

Hello everyone and welcome back to keep Productive to the YouTube channel today’s feature We’re diving into what’s new with coda now Coda for those who don’t know is very similar to notion It’s a document application primarily that works in a way for teams to create these long form documents with Interactive content in the sense is a project management application But in a sense it’s an interactive document that allows people to plan and organize content you can do anything from weekly tasks and managing it to managing a team’s goals and Organizing absolutely anything there’s a range of templates It’s been out for a little bit of time now in the public and maybe like three or four months at least publicly released and in today’s video we’re diving into what’s new with coda and talking a little bit about that in terms of features and What we expect in the future. So without further ado guys, let’s dive into today’s video So the first thing this what’s new is code to have a new Android application this actually reached on May 2nd so early May they would lease the Android application which now allows you to use it both on iOS and Android And they really put a lot of time and attention into this application it works really smoothly and actually I was quite impressed because They’ve actually added the ability to turn it almost into an app to some extend your own app I’ll show a few screenshots of how that’s done but it’s pretty impressive and it’s something that of course code will continue could get a Continue develop on especially as the use cases are becoming more wild so next up and probably one of the biggest updates in Since they’ve actually publicly released is templates inside of documents So this is really simple So obviously with coda you can use the template section To steal a template that you might not want to create like a habit tracker or even a weekly task for you and your team But this is a smart thing so for example let’s say you create a document and maybe you’re writing some content for you and your team or like a content marketing plan and then You go. Okay. I want a Content sort of You know timeline or calendar you can basically go and use the templates inside of the document so you can drag that in Without necessarily having to damage or restart document So that’s a really useful experience and I can see this being used in many different ways I actually think this would be really lovely inside of an application like notion But of course coda did it and that’s pretty impressive. So on that left hand side They have a brand new look So for those who sort of knew before it looked slightly sort of old-school But now they’ve clean that sidebar up and exceptions Section icons allowing you to add icons to this section side and also folders as well So you’re really neat sort of side angle. You can skip between different areas. It’s very similar I guess to the OneNote design in terms of going into different areas a little bit different to the likes of notion in terms of like organization because you know, You have a document and once you’re inside the document got these different levels But where is the notion you you’re sort of organizing it very visually sort of across the page So this actually is a good addition and I think it’s really nice look for them just to mention there as well even Evan Brooks actually did a good article and how they developed this So please do check this out in the description below. So sort of like some general information about coda. They are now a 50-person team and that’s changed a lot since last time I checked at least I believe they were like twenty last time I checked but They’ve grown pretty rapidly which is good It means that obviously development time and moss, you know This is going to be more spent on that sort of development side of stuff. So that’s really good news They also have an update on pricing. So whilst they haven’t released a new pricing model They have stated there will always be a free version of coda and that when they do release a pricing version They’ll give everyone plenty of notice around to either upgrade or downgrade Whatever their experience so they do plan on adding a pricing which is great news because I believe that’s great for sustainability So some of the things has also changed. Is that coda have added more templates available? and they’ve upgraded a template section to be a lot easier to view so you can do and Access templates that are useful for project management sales marketing HR and some of the examples are absolutely fantastic from actual use cases in every day I will see you mentioned the uber and Spotify ones but there are tons more and you can even use it in a personal manner Thor habit tracking task management and even Tracking your abs in terms of how the app workouts you’ve done. So obviously this applications got a new look It’s got more people in it. It’s been notified on pricing It’s improved the mobile experience and it’s added additions of templates inside of documents So coda is definitely on the rise and definitely one to keep an eye on now The one thing I say is coda saws far in advance of the lines of motion in automations so if you’re looking for a good way to automate your setup in terms be able to connect with existing applications or even connecting with zapier zapier, whatever people say Actually is a great application for that So if you and your team already want some automation set up Then this might be a little bit better for you than notion at the moment, but notion do plan to add automation So we do have to keep an eye on both applications So guys hopefully I’ll give you all you need to know about what’s new with coda If you’re brand new here, make sure to hit subscribe the subscription button and also comment below with your thoughts on coda Thank you very much, and I will talk to you guys in a future video. Thank you very much, everyone You should have a great week you productive. I’ll see you guys very very soon. It’s very hot Is surprising in the UK?


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    The Medium article by Evan Brooks to look at for the design nerd 😉

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    Hi Francesco. First, I just want to say that I'm a big fan and have watched a ton of your videos.

    I've watched many of your videos about Notion and I love the flexibility of Notion. However, I almost find it too flexible and I'm constantly spending time reorganizing things and not being productive. 🙂 What are you thoughts on Coda vs Notion? I have very little experience with Coda, but like what I see so far. What are the use cases where I should choose Coda over Notion? Thanks in advance!

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