What’s On My Phone with Asha Negi | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | Lifestyle

What’s On My Phone with Asha Negi | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | Lifestyle

Hi this is Asha Negi with Pinkvilla and today I’ll be showing you what’s in my phone It’s It’s beautiful flowers like a painting sort where it’s written Today I choose joy something positive I think could be one of my pictures from my Himachal holiday that i went to yeah I look so happy between the mountains so yeah I think Sudi Pan yeah last three tabs would be i think one is the the dial list second is my gallery and third of course has to be whatsapp or either instagram hottest photo that I have taken of mysel with my phone let me see okay i think it has to be one from london where like i was all sun kissed wearing this blazer and bralette so yeah Least used app would be the repost app because yaa could be repost app because I hardly repost stuff but otherwise swiggy zomato ll these amazon shein all these are frequently used i used to play this game matchinton alot a few days back it was similar to candy crush and when you make your own castle buy things but i think this there is this game called covet it’s it’s about fashion dressing up people i was playing this a couple of days by but I stopped it best selfie that I have ever taken i think this was during while I was shotting for barish and i was just sitting in my makeup room getting bored and this is like a black and white portrait you know having fun killing time with and it came out really nice eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy-nine yeah i was having this hot chocolate ah last night that’s what I clicked most of my friends are famous Ritvik Karan Wahi Ravi Dubey Oh I have to check my phone for that the last thing i wanted to know herb rosemerry what is it called in hindi that’s what i checked actually i have been listening to this is this guy called Sick Kick and he does on things like mashups and all and he is too good so couple of them like fifty cents and Sean Paul are so good i think people you guys should watch it on youtube Sick Kick is the guy the last time last night only because today i had to wake up little early because i also i had to come here and I also need a little time with my self before i get out my house and you know in the morning so guys that was all that was in my phone and if you like this video please like share and subscribe lots of love


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