When a migrant worker is treated differently, what will passers-by do?当大家目睹推销员辱骂农民工,有人怒斥:农民工就不是人吗?

Look at you! Do you deserve such a fancy drink? Do I deserve this drink? Hi, I’m TREEMAN’s friend, Joke. When a migrant worker is treated differently, what will passers-by do? What are you doing? Put it down! Is this for you to taste? You are a migrant worker, you come up to taste what ah! Isn’t that for the taste? Why can’t I taste it? Isn’t it free? Let me ask you, can you afford it? Can you afford it? Can you afford it? Even if he can’t afford it, you can’t have that attitude. If that’s your attitude, people won’t buy yours even if they’re rich. Look at him! Just leave! Don’t listen to her! Is this for you to drink? migrant workers are so dirty. How annoying! Free tasting… Let’s go! Free tasting is not for you! Can you afford it? You shouldn’t say that. He is an old man. Migrant workers are so dirty, but also to taste such high-end drinks. Well, if you don’t want it, don’t sell it here. Don’t you put it here for people to taste? You can’t insult people like that. Hou can you do this! Which company are you from? You did this, how does your company do business? Look at you! Do you deserve such a fancy drink? Do I deserve it? You are just a migrant worker… What happened to the migrant workers? They earn money by their own labor. Why look down upon others? If I drink it, do you mind? You take it as I drank it. A woman takes a cup of coffee for the migrant workers. Give you another. Thank you. This is the coffee I just bought. Take it! Thank you. Take it away! How can you do this? Who is your drink for? He’s dirty. Where to buy it? I’ll buy some for him. How much is it? I’ll buy one for him. I’ll buy. Even if he can’t afford it, can I buy him a drink? It’s so ridiculous! Is this drink affordable to the lower class? lower classes? What’s your class? You are high class? He is contributing to the construction. He earns his wages by his own labor. What happened to the migrant workers? Are migrant workers not human beings? Don’t do this. How can you said that? What’s your job? If you have that attitude, you’ll never sell. Don’t buy hers! Look down on people here. If there were no migrant workers, no people like us, You don’t have a building to live in. Sleep on the ground? I’m a migrant work, too. I’m just slightly better dressed. There is no class. He has his job, you too. Aren’t migrant workers human? Learn to respect others. This kind of behavior is wrong. This is discrimination against others. Aren’t the older generation all farmers? Didn’t we all come from the farmers? You look down on people. You look down upon others, and sometimes they look down upon you, too. Advertise your store here like this. Let’s go. Thank you. Do not know how to respect others, will not be respected by others. Excuse me, I’m sorry, We were shooting a video. We want to see how people will react if migrant workers are discriminated against. Why didn’t you say so! She’s so mad, she was going to punch you! She is a taekwondo athlete. You’re a very good girl. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You set a good example for us young people. Thank you.


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