Which federal small business programs really make you money!!!! How to qualify and apply!


11 thoughts on “Which federal small business programs really make you money!!!! How to qualify and apply!”

  • Nelson Cordero says:

    Hi, I've seen a few of your videos and I was looking for a mentor to government contracting. I have the necessary components to begin contracting, but I'm looking for someone to guide me through the process. If you are interested in helping, you can reach me at [email protected] Thanks

  • Hey, thanks for the content. You're channel is full of great info so i'll be subbing and watching your vids avidly. Quick question, for the 8(a) program, one must have at least 2 years experience before they can qualify for that program right? Could I use a shell company in order to get around that headache?

  • Alamo Xtreme AC & Heating says:

    You videos are great and very inspiring!!! I tried to sign up for your class on how to win a contract!!! You seem like you are really trying to help companies get there foot in the door. How can we get additional help from you?

  • So since men who feel like women is now acceptable, I take it that these women only Federal programs are now available to transgender men as well?

  • Hi, I have a non profit business yet Im trying to do business with the government and register as a WOSB yet I don't qualify based on the "non-profit" status. Im new at this, any suggestions. Would I have to start my entire process over my registering the business as a for profit, name registration, and etc…please help

  • Charles Cannon says:

    Hey, Eric
    Chicago based startup business, in search of financial funds or sponsorship (Restoration and design concept service based company, assisting clients with upgrading their(residential space)or sell their (commercial property), all information is would be extremely appreciated

  • Hey Eric,
    Thanks for posting, great content.
    You mention in the HUBZone requirements section, about 2:18 in the video, CDC. What is CDC? Thanks in advance.

  • Montina aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    This is a great overview at the U.S. small business programs. My company is MBE certified and we used to be WBENC certified as well. I’m going to pursue the 8A certification next year and I appreciate you sharing the success you had with the program! Thank you for this video.

  • Hi Eric, If you have been doing 8a programs that are $15M -$17M, how is it that you still meet the personal net worth of $250k or less? Thanks!

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