Who counts as Asian?

Who counts as Asian?

Yeah, right there.
– What? Why are you in the back? [mumbling] You’re so much better than them. – Well, I appreciate that. – Hey, you ready to go? – Yeah, let me just show this routine to the guys real quick. – All right. – Yeah Take your time Hey! – Hey, there’s my star student. I was hoping you’d join in on a routine today Probably best not to do that anymore. Don’t want to set the bar too high. – Okay [laugh] Bye Ms. Oda! Se you next time! Hey, I told you to call me Kaleena! I’m not your history teacher. Your last name Oda? – Yeah, my dad’s Japanese… What, you couldn’t tell? Honestly, not really. – Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m not really into my Japanese side of the family. Okay, so that’s why you’re teaching a bunch of kids that are Asian to dance, get back to your roots! Right, actually hip hop does have its origins in feudal Japan. Really? – No. I’m just kidding I, I would believe you. – I know, but if you want my history lesson, see you next week? – Sounds good. – Okay Bye Ms. Oda! – Bye! Gosh! – Are you here to pick me up or flirt with my dance instructor? – Oh now you’re ready. Grab your stuff. Let’s go Hey Tess, you wanted to see me. – Oh, yes have a seat. So, as you know, next month is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It is…? Yes! Oh! Yeah, I thought you said- Right, of course! [nervous laughter] Great well, um, I just wanted, you to know, that I am really supportive of it And and actually, we want to do something really special here at Cylo. – That’s great! Thanks… – Also, I noticed that you have a lot of Chinese friends in the office So, I was thinking, if I gave you a budget could you put together some sort of like, special event or a party to celebrate? Uh, yeah, I guess so. Um, uh, what’s the budget? Um, $500. Wow… Cool. Yeah, I think you could round us up Thank you. – Oh, no no, thank you! For your heritage and everything that it brings to Cylo. You’re wel-come? Celebrate Asians, celebrate Asians. [intense thinking] Open bar, obviously. Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Soju… It’s our entire budget right there, dang. Hey Andre real quick. Um Tess just asked me to plan the Asian Heritage Month event Y’all have a month? Yeah, uh, duh? You didn’t, you didn’t know? It’s May, you know. Anyways, back in February Didn’t you help plan the event for Black History Month? – Yeah, man. It was awesome. [laugh] – Sick, was it lit? I was talking about the month… Right! No, of course, Black History Month is super awesome. I was… – Dude. I’m kidding. Ha, it was lit as f*ck! Um dude, so where’d you have it at? You didn’t go? Do not support our history. – No, no, no. No, I I probably just didn’t get the email. That’s probably what happened. – Dude, I’m kidding Yeah… – We had at Luther’s Steakhouse. Luther’s? That place is super fancy. Didn’t that eat up your entire budget? Nah, we had like five thousand dollars, which is actually cut down from previous years. I’m telling you man, whatever old white folks they got award last see we’re at the Beverly Hilton. This next year they’re gonna try to throw some faculty… Hey, Tess… Oh, Andrew! How can I help you? Just had a really quick question Um, I was running some of the numbers for the APA event and also asking some other groups here. Just wondering, is there a reason why we’re being allocated $500 when Black History Month got ten times that amount? Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought I was being more sensitive. Um, more sensitive to what? Oh, to to your different cultures. You see, um, David Kim actually came in here and he asked about the event, and he was like, wait a minute, you know, the Korean American engineers group, they need their own budget. And then actually, Puja from the South Asian coalition was like, hold on, what about us? We need our own budget. And then from there, I was just pretty much approached by everybody I mean AJ from the Filipino group, Kendy from Hong Kong Association. I mean gosh, [laugh] There are so many Asian groups here at Cylo! Isn’t it great how diverse we are? Yeah. So I had to divide the budget up, but I thought that you, specifically, could reach out to the Chinese Americans. [sigh] David, why are you taking part of the APA Heritage Month budget for the Koreans? – Dude, we have our own history in this country. Koreans always do this whenever there’s an Asian event. You guys always gotta make your own thing. – Korean pride, b*tch. You want me to give you part of my budget? – No not part… all… Well, Hong Kong has its own unique identity from mainland China. – But it doesn’t matter we’re still… Lets leave the politics out of this. Its Asian American History Month! – Asian Pacific. And I think it’s heritage not history. – Whatever, okay, this is getting so confusing. – Telling me. I feel like we’re having grouped into Asian American That’s why they need to add the, “Pacific.” – But it’s still Asian! Are we though? – Of course! No. We have to put a South in front of us for you to include us. – Let’s just combine budgets and everyone can be celebrated. I actually think we should have our own month. You do know that by population, we are almost the same as China. Wonder if anyone’s pushing for that in Congress Okay, so if Indian people are included, then why not Russians or the Middle East? I mean that’s all technically Asia, right? Oh my god, I do not know. I spent like an hour on Reddit and I couldn’t make it past all the racist comments. You should find out! Half of you should find out too. – I’m guessing it is more to do with ethnic heritage than what continent people live on? That makes sense. Whatever it is it should not be this confusing or this divisive. I wish Asian people could be as united as black people. Well, we have a very different history here Which half of you is talking right now? Both. You know my friend Tom said the same thing. He’s like Asian people are fragmented in the US because we have different histories Chinese people, Japanese, Vietnamese, whatever, like we all came to America for very different reasons and therefore had very different struggles. We lacked one common struggle unlike black people. Right cause we’re so lucky we had slavery. – I think it’s also because our homelands hate each other. Andrew why are you getting so worked up about this? Even you admitted you didn’t know about Asian Heritage Month until your white boss told you yesterday. See, I think that’s the thing. I’m upset at myself, for not knowing. I’m upset at other Asians who did know, for not spreading the word and more awareness, and I’m upset at my co-workers for all being little b*tches fighting over crumbs. Unless we band together, we’re never going to be taken seriously at my company. Well as much as I want to write the Asian-American Constitution with you, I gotta go. Oh, what’s up? – Class ended 20 minutes ago. Oh, shoot, you’re right! Yeah. – Sorry to keep you… – No, I wanted to stay. I’ll see you later! – Bye! – Bye. Are you done yet? [the face of being left out of the conversation] – Yeah. Let’s go! Alright thanks for meeting with me everyone. – They’d sea bass in the cafeteria today. – What? – Are you kidding me? Look listen. We have 30 days to plan a party for Asian Heritage Month okay, and right now all of us have what, five hundred dollars? What are you gonna do with that Kendy? Get a couple platters of dim sum and play some John Woo DVDs? Yes, that’s productive AJ! Five hundred dollars. What is that two karaoke machines for three hours? Well, just thinking of borrowing my parents. My point is is that we’re stronger together. I’m not saying that we’re not all from different backgrounds or that we don’t each deserve to be celebrated and recognized but we’re here in America together. And we’re already so marginalized! If we stick together, we can progress faster because we can share everyone’s wins! When Korea was in the World Cup, were we not all rooting for them? – Yeah. You’re welcome Hey, but didn’t you take pride in Jeremy Lin during linsanity? – And Yaoming! – And he wasn’t even from Hong Kong but we’re all building off each other right? Manny Pacquiao, didn’t we all want the Asian guy to win and Aziz getting an Emmy? All we just glad to see any Asian being recognized with the greatest? – Aziz! He’s ours. So let’s put our division and pride aside. Let’s look at one another in appreciation for what we all contribute to the fabric of America. Let’s come together as one for one greater purpose: To do the best d*mn API AHM event Cylo has ever seen! [AJ claps by himself] So who’s with me? – I love claiming Bruno Mars. I’m in Ellen Wong is my favorite comedian. Don’t tell Hasan Minhaj. I’m in Me too, I’m in. – Yes. – I’m in. – Great! Fine! But, it has to say co-presented by the Korean American engineers group. – Damn it. – What? Kaleena! Andrew! Hey! I got your text. Is everything oiay? – Oh, yeah. No, everything’s fine. I uh, just wanted to let you know that I’ve figured this whole party. – Oh great! You didn’t have to come all the way down here to tell me. Yes, it is correct! Um, yeah, I just felt like I couldn’t have really done it without you, and those talks that we had. So I wanted to ask in person if you wanted to go to the party with me. – Sure! – And you know, maybe we could grab a bite to eat before and… – Oh! You’re asking me out on a date. A da- wha- uh- Yeah. – No, it’s just that, I don’t remember the last time I was asked on a date in person. It’s a little weird, huh? It’s actually very refreshing When’s the party? Um, I think like in a few weeks so I can let you know.
– Oh, okay, um, are you doing anything right now? No. – Let’s hang out! – Cool, uh… What do you want to do? – Um, how about dim sum? Aahhhhh, yeah, I love dim sum!- It’s so good, I haven’t had it in forever. Yeah, it’s great. I don’t know if any place is open right now… What’s up everyone! Thanks for checking out Yappie. We hope you’re enjoying this series so far. Be sure to come back next week for a brand new, free episode, right here on our channel and share it with a friend! And if you can’t wait a week you can actually binge the rest of the show by purchasing it at the Vimeo links down below. Whether you’re supporting by directly buying the show, through a monthly membership on patreon, or just being subscribed and tuning in week to week, we really appreciate you watching. Check out the Wong Fu store to get your exclusive Yappie merch. It all goes back to supporting this channel, and we’ll see you next week. Bye!


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