Why Employers Love WPI Students

[Music] WPI is working to develop students to become
contributors to the world. They’re inquisitive. They are collaborative. There’s a talent pipeline, there’s research
collaboration. WPI is uniquely postured because they have
this capability to look at real-world problems and help us solve them. What I think is unique about the Pfizer/WPI
relationship is the opportunity for students to engage with our staff in our research facilities,
in our manufacturing facilities on projects that are very important. Greater than 10% of our scientific population
is coming from WPI. I think that’s a very, very strong testament
to the quality of the education. We have a long standing tradition of recruiting
WPI-trained scientists and engineers into Pfizer and it’s been very successful for us
for the work that we do. WPI students come in technically prepared. The project-based learning curriculum not
only helps them come in with some leadership skills but they are the most technically prepared of all the universities we deal with. I think the strength that we bring to WPI
as part of this is exposing them to real-world problems that soldiers are facing on the battlefield. So we have a couple of really sharp, young-end
chemical engineers that have hit the ground running; they’re being really impactful in
some of our early stage portfolio, and rare disease, and cancer. They are very quickly able to come up to speed
and advance through the organization. WPI students are very, very special. They’re certainly very bright. They understand the fundamental science that
is necessary to apply, but unlike many other academic institutions, they’re trained to
take that fundamental science and convert it into a more applied research project. Boston Scientific gets a lot out of these
relationships. The students get mentorship, they get awareness
of how industry works and what we do. The collaboration really is quite flexible
and organic in many ways. It gives our scientists and engineers a fresh
look at new ideas, gives them an opportunity to explore some of the questions and investigations
that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. We get a lot of good ideas from the students
who are co-ops from the MQPs that we sponsor, it just helps us be on the forefront of science
and develop very good next-generation devices. [Music]


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