Why GM UAW Workers are on Strike

Why GM UAW Workers are on Strike

Today we’re fighting a good fight and
it’s a reasonable fight. A fight for what’s fair. The rebirth of solidarity. Not only here in Flint but across America. They should pay for our health care. We do a lot, the repetition, it wears you down. The union wants the temporary workers hired. These people are hard workers and need to be treated fairly. Like to see them get
the full wage and benefits. They are making money and they just need to start sharing with the workers. We went without a raise for almost 11 years with the bankruptcy. Everybody does the same work and
everybody should be getting the same pay and there should be no, you know, inequality here. We have to fight for the next tier of
people out there. We are the last vanguard of anarchy
so that the companies would rule the roost like they did over a hundred years
ago. People had no say-so, and they could be summarily dismissed for any reason.


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  • wrongway feldman says:

    Keep striking, this is one reason why auto plants are locating in the south, no unions . lots of southerners would be happy to have jobs like these.

  • Universal _Wisdom says:

    Meanwhile I make 11.25 at your nearest Macy’s. You don’t see me going on strike, because I know that going on strike means I don’t get paid.

  • Ooooook thought this was a news report with some details, not this fluff. What are details like how much of a raise???????????? What's the problem with their health care coverage? How much is the average worker making per hour?

  • Liberals spread AIDS says:

    VCAP is a LIE.
    VCAP is money fraudulently absconded from workers, under the guise of "helping workers families", to give to the political party of their choice (DemoCucks) campaign finances.

  • Liberals spread AIDS says:

    Queen Shuhqueefuh (on the thumbnail) would have plenty of money. If she came to work on the days available to work.
    These clowns want more money, because they dont come to work but 3 or 4 days a week.

  • Translation: I need to throw a tempertantrum because I need more pay and benefits, but refuse to better myself or look elsewhere for better employment…so now others have to suffer because "muh wages aren't enough"

  • fox news will never stop lying to protect the insurance and drug companies billion dollars in profits to protect their donor money that helps them maintain their million dollar salaries,fox news just dont care how many people die because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles,if america had medicare for all,everyone would have better health care than they have now and it will include dental,hearing and eye care and have no co-pays,deductibles and premiums.all the people at gm lordstown plant and other plants that had jobs that moved to mexico and canada would still have health care.unions would love medicare for all,they would no longer would have to give up raises for health care and then could get more money in hourly raises.medicare for all would stop all people who loose their jobs from loosing their health care,it would stop the deaths from not being able to afford premiums and deductibles.to make this happen you must stop supporting the enemy of the middle class and the people fox news,they dont care if we live or die,they only care about getting more wealth and protecting their billion dollar donors and we must vote against every republican in 2020 and elect bernie sanders for president

  • My dad worked for 598 and I truly understand the benefits packages and striking workers the sad part of GM is workers had family who could've been hired by GM but they never hired them my dad had a family not one us got hired .I heard of this from other families who mom or dad worked there never got hired in ..The family would've worked hard for GM if plants are shutting down makes you wonder why????Look at Flint, Pontiac etc…Detroit.

  • Fire them all. I ll work for 55.00 an hour. You see all the workers are fat. They eat good all while producing junk products. Toyota, nissan, Hyundai plants don't have this problem. I wonder why?

  • What's with all these comments here kissing corporate ass? Do all you people leaving sycophantic comments stick your nose up your bosses ass and say to him (or her) '' Good morning! Your ass smells lovely today.''

  • oh don't worry fools,the police who created jobs and profit for both of you(gm&employees)are about to get it…they almost got it early this morning but just hold on….now watch you whites make the usual statements"what are you talking about!!!"…. you'll see,whidey!

  • Uh, because they’re greedy like most American workers, and want everything for nothing. Most countries have 12-14 hr work days, 0 benefits, and 0 job security.

  • Ross Martinez III says:

    Not one, single fit person in that picture. They don't even work hard. It's assembly, not fabrication– with massive robot assists. But hey: vote him in again. ?

  • If you are buying a new vehicle you are an idiot anyway?‍♂️ I really want to see these people get what they want, but in a world of instant digital, nobody listens to cassettes anymore…we just don't. People still wanting me to buy and listen to records when i can literally download the album into my head?

  • Fire all the union stooges and give the job to someone who who can dress themselves and show up sober…. I have too much pride to be a union stooge, I decided to get a career doing what I love. Pathetic losers!

  • Tohigh4this 1995 says:

    Dude you realize you being on strike affects not only your company but companies that associate with GM like for example flexing gate the company I work for because you b**** want to be on strike a lot of us got laid off so how about with that 18 you make an hour why don't you pay some of our bills

  • Sons of Atonement M.C says:

    1. If your union b!tches and threatens any employer to go on strike, your employer will more likely hire someone else(cheaper pay) REAL QUICK before you even have time to hold your picket signs b!tching in the streets lol lol lol.

    2. You pay lots of money every check thinking the union has got your back. When your union
    b!tches for higher wages, This will more likely cause your company to fail…then you're unemployed. Don't get greedy!!

    3. COUNTLESS jobs will be glad to offer health insurance, over time pay and other incentives without unions.

    4. Unions give $$$$$$$$$ to Democrats so they get elected. Once elected, they help unions…and around it goes again.

    5. Unions demand your co-workers are to be promoted 1st on the basis of seniority(NOT by qualifications/experience/skills). So….chances are..you will be bossed around by a Complete Dumbass. Thanks a lot union morons!

  • If Bernie gets elected you don’t have to worry about the healthcare bargaining chip he already said he would remove that option. But don’t worry about your strike democrats are bringing in illegals to replace you.


    Uneducated hillbillies wanting to make the same money as a professional for screwing in a few screws in a car. Lol. No wonder that shithole country keep loosing jobs to other countries. Greedy dumbasses. I hope they just closed the f**** plant

  • oh you mean Trump can't figure out how to bring jobs back to America and have those jobs pay an actual living wage lol. what's the point of a job if it's only making a few wealthy while the people doing the actual work are basic slaves – is Trump's Make American Great all about bringing slavery back to America?

  • "We went without a raise for 11 years."…. NO. You decided to stay at a job for 11 years and accept what they offered you. You don't have to stay at the same job for 11 years if you aren't happy. That is a choice.

  • Reading the post's here is maddening and sad, how can people be so foolish as to believe that unions are bad, the unions are democratic institutions the worker's are the union and the union is the worker's

  • These assholes getting paid 60 an hour with benefits just to put oil on some bolts. Let them keep striking I'll go replace them for half the wage. Ill be very happy earning 30 an hour not including overtime ?? thank you idiots!

  • UAW President is a crook! Unions good for what? You autoworkers have good jobs with good pay & retirement. Keep picketing your jobs to Mexico!

  • Best compensated Automotive work force on the planet…crying about not making enough money. Fire them all. Train new people to take their places. It's not the "employee's job" It's an open employment position offered by the company.

  • GM starts the strike. They already have made more cars than they can sell.
    My uncle was a union official at GM for years, they corporate guys come to him and pay him under the table so he will get a strike going. The reason GM can write off all the production they could have done during this time. They make millions, then give the workers some peanuts after a couple of months. Same thing every time.

  • $30 an hour not enough????? The Union has STOCK they can sell to pay full checks to strikers. Union officials get full pay checks, why not the rest of the membership???? UAW is CORRUPT TO THE BONE and the workers need to STFU and go back to work.

  • They're on strike because the Democrats but you can guarantee if a Democrat was in there baby they be cracking nuts just to stay alive

  • GM needs to fire these idiots and replace most of them with robotics. Have people reapply for the positions/roles needed and sign a non-union (AKA Mafia) contract. Any profit being made needs to go back to paying taxpayers for the bailout.

  • Top execs making 11k an hour is fine but people wanting a raise who haven't seen one in 10 years is greedy?? Can we please stop playing their hand and racing each other to the bottom. This country could very quickly turn into one giant ghetto if even more Americans become impoverished.

  • You know they shouldn't striking for having "bad pay" but for making shitty vehicles. Honda and Toyota are putting American vehicles to shame. Hell Japanese vehicles are made in the USA and they are affordable and reliable than GM and Ford. I would be embarrassed to work for GM or Ford.

  • They seem to be suffering a lot for nothing. I want to see them working in a country where their minimum wage is the equivalent of no more than 200 dollars per month………. they at least make good money already, if they need more for the type of job they are doing then they need to find something else to work for….maybe as waiters where they can earn 500 a day ????…. the company may make millions or billions of dollars but keep in mind that this money is mostly put aside for tougher times, not all the profit is for them to enjoy……….

  • These people have no accountability. If not for UAW's actions in the 80's, 90's, and early 00's GM probably wouldn't have gone bankrupt, and instead might even still be a serious global player. But by demanding no-fire contracts and paying people $80/hour with full benefits and pension for doing simplistic and repetitive work UAW forced GM into a workforce that was extremely expensive and not nearly as productive as it once was. That's why they failed to begin with, that's why things are tight at GM now. These people must think everyone's completely forgotten about what happened BEFORE the crash. I sure haven't. Suck it up or deal with automation sooner than you have to. I wish it weren't this way but what I wish doesn't matter.

  • Union Math . 60$ an HR total package. – 15 $ an HR. "Vacation fund". – 10 $ an hour. Field advancement fund. $5 a hour union fees. 2$ an hour taxes. Avg workers probably make under thirty bucks an hour there and then get f*** over if anything goes wrong / plant closures or they don't make a 40-hour work week . Equals twenty bucks an hour. Probably have actually no paid sick time vacation or bereavement or holidays off. It's all wrapped up in the vacation fund

  • Hawk Over Michigan says:

    Anyone else have the premonition that the (uaw) democrat party, is trying to sabotage the economy? I mean GM workers were just bailed out a few years ago and still make 60k a year – 90k a year with benefits. Somethings just not right here.

  • I like how they want this and that but haven’t stopped to think off all the people they are putting out of work. I literally work at a factory that makes party’s for ford and GM and they are having to lay-off the people that make the GM parts. That’s about 180ish people losing there jobs where I work. It’s sad.

  • LOL pay for your health care bitch needs to stop eating thatll help your fat ass. I remember why I DONT SELL CARS ANYMORE BECAUSE THE BITCHES WHO BUILD THEM

  • If you're against this, youre what's wrong with America today. your corporate overlords don't give a rats ass about you, so stop stooling for free ya wimps

  • Detroit Creole 28 Lightskinned says:

    This guy said it’s getting to a point of anarchy I disagree if you don’t like it start your own business and become a supplier to General Motors Ford and Chrysler

  • Oh boo fucking hoo. The way I see it is. Atleast be happy you have a job. Be happy to have even that. The way I see it is that they willingly walked off. Therefore the unions aren't that reliable. To them. (And I called it.) It's just a money game. Fuck em. They don't wanna work. Tell 'em to kick dust and hire people that are non union and that'll work to make the money.

  • Guess these strikers have never worked at McDonalds for minimum wage or zero benefits before. If these geniuses aren't careful, GM will ship the jobs to Mexico and pay less than half of what they are paying now….

  • I remember they were on strike in 1993 earning in some cases 60k to 70k a yr ( back then that was a lot of money). We thought the employees were plain flat greedy & stupid making such good wages. Now is the proof they are just ungrateful

  • $250 a week for strike wages? So they still make money when they're not working? $h!t, I think people who are on welfare should go on strike, this is bogus. GM is losing money in sales in general because they have people like this building the cars, and the quality has gone downhill overall.

  • Sorry folks, but the days of making a comfortable living with only a GED while sticking a go/no go gauge into valve guide holes on cylinder heads are gone. You want a top level salary, brand new truck in the driveway, cabin and property up north, maybe a boat too, you’re gonna have to actually get an education and work for it these days. The boomers sucked all the easy money out of the big 3 a long time ago.

  • So basically striking over benefits and pay because GM made a little money this year… the made a 25% increase over last year… which was a 291% loss from the year before which was a 304% loss from the year before that, a 141% loss the year before that and a 2.6% loss before that… so the question now becomes… did you mindless union zombies agree to reduce your income and benefits when the company was on hard times? No? Then shut up. Accept the deal. Consider yourselves lucky you even have a job with those kinds of losses. Then get back to work. Unless you want GM to open a plant in Mexico… which at this point I wouldn't blame them at all.

  • The main reason for the strike is to hire 3-5 year temporary workers. When you work 50-60 hours a week for 3-5 years you are not temporary. This fight is not for workers that already have benefits, its for those that do not. It is an admirable reason.

  • toyota looks better everyday and NON UNION MADE. fuck the uaw. you people are better off than most. get your dead ass back to work, STAT.

  • gm, your welcome here in mississippi with no union and people here will work for 15.00/hr . they will be glad to get it. so just mosey on down here. we'll treat you right.

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