Why I’m in Business

Why I’m in Business

I had no idea what
business school was. As a first generation
college student, I only knew about law school,
I knew about med school. Someone said, hey, you should
look into business school. You’re going to Wall Street. It’s something that people do. [MUSIC PLAYING] I visited the school at
the suggestion of an alum that I met in Atlanta. I went to three different
African American student union conferences, and I just became
enthralled with everything that this school did. It changed my life. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was raised just by my mother. Growing up in the South, my mom
was definitely a hero of mine. She’d leave maybe 5:30 in
the morning, 5:30, 6 right before I got up for school. During the time when she
was working two jobs, she would work over the weekend
at another manufacturing job. She went through globalization
in a much more intimate way than what we read here,
and it affected our family in many different ways. It’s one of the reasons
that I’m in business now. Originally, I
thought I was going to go into nonprofit or
maybe even public service. But I had a mentor tell me
that you can make a difference by going to the private sector. It’s very easy to
become a little bit insecure about who you
are and the type of impact you want to make in the world. And I think being
here, taking classes like authentic leadership
development and being in section and actually
meeting and getting a chance to know many people
on a deeper level, I’ve come just to be
more confident with who I am, the background
that I come from, and really be confident
in the type of impact I want to make going forward. I want to be able to
have a seat at the table, to be able to speak for
folks like my mother, who worked very hard, have
been able to build a life for their families. Business is a great
way to do that.


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