Why Irish Employers Need a Staff Handbook in the Workplace

okay in this video I want to take a look
at staff handbook and why you might want particularly if you’re an employer a
start handbook in your business there are a number of good reasons and in this
video I’m going to take a look at them okay the first reason really is that the
staff handbook allows you as an employer to provide clarity for your employees
and not just for your employee but for yourself as well basically the staff
handbook would set out how particular issues are to be dealt with for example
the most important policies or procedures in your workplace will
probably be those to do with grievances discipline dignity at work and health
unsafety all of these issues are important and all of them are worthy of
clarity and being absolutely crystal clear to both you and to employees as to
what would happen in any particular circumstance for example if an employee
is claiming that another employee or somebody else the manager or whoever is
bullying him or her or he is a victim of harassment or sexual harassment then the
dignity in work procedure policy in your staff handbook will deal with that and
will let all the parties know how it will be dealt with
likewise if an employee has a grievance or complaint or if there’s a
disciplinary issue if it’s definitely matter that you need is employer to deal
with then you will have a blueprint in your staff handbook in your discipline
procedure so that you know where the disciplinary procedure goes and the
possible sanctions and how it be carried out and also your employee will so the
whole question of clarity and being clear with all of your employees
as to what will happen in various circumstances is very very useful now
you might say well why not put those things into the contract of employment
but the contract of employment can become very long and very unwieldy if
you end up putting a lot of policies into us even one as important as this
criminal grievance if you do put your policies and procedures into your staff
handbook well then you can simply make reference in your contract of employment
to the staff handbook and let the employee you know where exactly the
policies and procedures will be found very important reason to why you should
have policies and procedures in your workplace whether it are in the staff
handbook or other ways is that in the event of workplace relations commission
disputes or indeed any sort of a legal dispute or claim it’s going to be easier
for you as an employer to defend yourself and to defend your company to
defend yourself as an employer if you have policies and procedures in
operation in the workplace and you apply them if you don’t have any of these
policies or procedures then you might be on the back force from the word go in
terms of defending anything because it will be difficult enough for workplace
relations commission adjudicator or indeed anybody else to view you as a
reasonable employer if you simply do not have any policies or procedures in the
workplace because a lot of these policies and procedures like with
grievances and dignities work and discipline they are set down in codes of
practice that have been issued by I think is the labor court so you know
just to ignore them completely and carry on as if they never existed it’s not
going to put you on a really sound footing in terms of defending and claim
a question you have to address though is whether the staff handbook is going to
be contractual or not so at the beginning of your contract you may well
say that the staff handbook would be given to you separately and the folder
terms that can do terms of your employment are set out in
this employment contract and for the avoidance of those the staff handbook is
not contractual that is what I would recommend but you may have a different
situation in your place you may have a situation or the staff handbook is
actually incorporated into the contract of employment if that’s the case well
then it may create a little bit of a problem for you down the road
if you ever decide a to change existing policies or procedures or be introduced
new ones because if you carry the incorporation of the staff handbook into
the contract to its logical conclusion then added changes and alterations or
variations will need to be consented to by the employees that can create
difficulties for you the most important policies or procedures as I said our
grievance discipline health and safety and dignity of work dignity at work
deals with discrimination harassment sexual harassment bullying and those
types of things again the procedure should be set out in the staff handbook
ask what would happen how the thing will be dealt with if the region issue in
addition to those important policies or procedures that I’ve just referred to
all the policies are procedures for your particular deployment and may be
usefully important to your staff handbook for example you may be giving
company vans or vehicles to employees then you may want to insist on certain
procedures certain policies in relation to the use of those files
likewise you may have a policy or procedure in relation to the reporting
of illness in relation to taking annual leaves depending on your business you
may not want staff taking and holidays at a particular time of the year all of
these things are policies or procedures that you could put into the start
handbook to suit your particular business you may also be concerned with
the legs of over time you may want to spell out whether overtime is cable or
not you may have a question go in policy you should have month you should have a
policy in relation to the use of the internet and email all these things can
be incorporated or should be in the staff handbook so these are just
some of the reasons why you should consider having a staff handbook in your
employment particularly ever say if you’re an employer the biggest reason is
two reasons really a to provide clarity for your employees and indeed yourself
and management as to how various issues will be dealt with and B to assist you
in defending yourself if such a claim by employee against you as employer I hope
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