13 thoughts on “Woman opens fire on cell tower workers hundreds of feet in the air, sheriff says”

  • Cell towers are killing us all wake up folks!( Cell – ular level) cells in your body are being destroyed an your DNA is being altered through these frequencies, buzzing an ringing in the ears, migraines, fatigue ect, its all from the cell towers

  • 5G Death Towers. But all that matters is that the Zombies can download
    and watch 'The Walking Dead' or 'Lame of Thrones' on their device.

  • She is and I am attacked in the same way the technology is called V2K and Remote Neural Monitoring. I hear a bunch of black losers from the West Side of Dayton, Ohio a bunch of lazy pedophiles on welfare. Natasha Williams, she lives with Michael Warden, Edward Hamilton and Charles. She is given crack cocaine to harass me and torture me with her stupid black brain! SET HER FREE!

  • Artist of El Elyon says:

    This may have been the result of V2K tech. It is commonly used on targeted individuals and can make a person hear voices as clear as day.

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