Workers’ Compensation Settlements for a Back Injury

Workers’ Compensation Settlements for a Back Injury

Hi there. My name’s Jason Perkins. I’m an attorney that specializes in Georgia
Workers’ Compensation law. I’d like to welcome you to another episode
to my Georgia Workers’ Compensation video series. In this series, I’ll provide you with helpful
information about the rules of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation law, and the benefits available
to you under that law. Today, I want to talk to you about the settlement
of a workers’ compensation case, and specifically, we’re going to talk about the settlement of
a workers’ compensation back injury case. The first important thing to understand about
the settlement is that you never have to settle your case. The insurance company can’t force you to settle. The workers’ compensation judge can’t force
you to settle. What a settlement really is, it is about the
insurance company agreeing to buy your workers’ compensation case. They’re really buying the future workers’
compensation benefits that they may owe you, so they’re paying you a lump sum amount of
money for those benefits. Now that you know that you never have to settle
your case, you know when you’re looking at settlement of a back injury case that you
need to consider things like what sort of medical treatment you’re going to need in
the future, what sort of benefits that you might receive from workers’ compensation if
your case stayed open. There’s all sorts of back injuries in workers’
compensation law in Georgia. You might have a lumbar strain or a sprain,
or a cervical strain or sprain, which is really a strained back or a strained neck, or what
some people like to call a pulled muscle. Many people have herniated disc, or bulging
disc, as a result of injuries at work, so you might have one in your low back or in
your neck. You might need surgery as a result of that
herniated disc, or you might need other interventional treatment like pain management. It might be that you have to stay out of work
a long time as a result of a back injury. It may be very difficult for you to return
to the job that you did before you got hurt, even after good medical treatment. Now, these are all factors that come into
settlement of your workers’ compensation case. You can’t just say that because you have a
certain type of back injury that you may receive a certain type of settlement. Settlements are all negotiated, and so the
amount that you want to settle your case for is going to depend on how your injury’s going
to affect you in the future. That’s going to depend, probably, on what
type of work that you’ve done in the past, what sort of education that you have, whether
you’re going to be able to go back to work or not, and also, what sort of medical treatment
that you’re likely to need in the future. Those cases are very fact-specific, and what
you should settle your case for, and if you should settle your case, is really a pretty
complicated question. I always recommend that when someone is considering
settling their workers’ compensation case, that they reach out to a workers’ compensation
attorney, and have a discussion with them about that. Most attorneys, including me, will provide
free consultations in workers’ compensation cases, and so you can reach out and talk to
an attorney at no cost to you, and without any obligation to hire that attorney. Reaching out to an attorney and doing that
will generally provide you with information that’ll let you make a better decision about
whether you should settle your case or not. The second important thing that’s very important
to know about settlement is if you settle, that settlement is almost always final once
it’s been approved by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. You can’t come back and change your mind later,
so you really need to make sure that you make a good decision if you make a decision about
settlement. I hope you found this information about settlement
of back injury cases in Georgia helpful. If you have, please let me know by giving
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and I want to wish you the best of luck as you recover from your injury.


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  • Do I have to settle I went from working supporting my family myself now I'm being told my back is not curable and want to settle for not even a years work . Do I have to settle??

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