100 thoughts on “Workers recall what happened when New Orleans Hard Rock site collapsed”

  • The TAKE AWAY lesson learned is never EVER go into ANY Hard Rock property because they do not properly manage the contractors they hire to build there buildings. Ever.

  • Thanks for showing the rest of the country what happens when you hire illegal aliens to do Americans' jobs. 250 a week off the books gets you a 250 a week result. Lmao now before they can sue immigration will be called!

  • Collis Williams says:

    There's a no-gringo policy in effect on this job site. Both the City of New Orleans and Hard Rock Corporation publicly pride themselves on hiring women and minority-owned contractors, rather than hiring the most qualified.

  • I will just bet this is a case of substandard materials. BOOM BOOM sounds like breaking parts…like bolts on the girder's were weaker than specified or there were changes in construction not called for by the architect. That is done so often it's scary.

  • The construction companies all over the USA lack of good engineering and topography qualification skills. With one physic error it can cost lives.

  • Glad it collapsed during construction and not on opening during Madri Grai. The death toll would've been horrendous if it was packed with guest.

  • Maybe its not the time…but did anyone check for green cards? Cause i work construction and you KNOW those mfs are working there with fake ssns

  • Not professional iron workers
    stick to putting up sheetrock and landscaping. leave professional work to professional tradesmen. u have to be a fucking idiot to walk in that building and see what I saw bowing floors and etc. and keep. working in there. clueless laborers

  • When in a time means money business, people cut corners every year, month, and day. A lot of you out there know exactly what I mean.

  • I couldn't imagine the terror of thinking you're about to be crushed to death, not to mention the knowledge you'll never see your children or loved ones again. I'm glad these guys made a lucky break and pray for the three who lost their lives along with their families

  • High Ridge Handyman says:

    If theses guys saw problems why did they wait to speak up?!?! They would have saved the three lives. Now they want to sue for $. SPEAK UP NEXT TIME! If your afraid for your job then find another job. God bless the ones who passed🙏

  • The lowest bidder???? The “average bidder” could of afforded to fulfill the contract correctly! If Hard Rock, intervened and effected the construction schedule and safety standards, they bear the ultimate Responsibility.

  • There's nothing new Under the Sun this been happening for Generations when an important building or Tower goes up there has to be a human sacrifice if you don't know this you're living under a rock.!

  • What kind of quality do you expect from hiring the Indian contractors and the Hispanic workers?
    Go figure!
    It isn’t the quality of American Made we used to trust and love.

  • Someone along with the workers knew that work was supar and failed to report it to the proper authorities. Companies value profit more than actually doing proper work.

  • If they saw problems and never spoke up then they in turn are also part of the problem and now want paid because they failed to speak up. No in my opinion they should not get paid for being quiet. What if the building was completed and they went back to their respected state then the building collapsed would they be suing or be part of the issue?

  • These cheap ass greedy contractors & developers should go to prison for shoddy work & misclassifying workers as independent contractors & hiring undocumented workers & paying workers cash

  • We all got to remember this whole country was built by migrants at one time. We all weren't born here. Prayers to the families!

  • So are ANY of these construction workers normal speaking people? So far we have a drugged up, queer white boy with earrings and purple hair, in this interview we have a Mexican who thinks he's the ghetto black king, and then a Guatemalan who barely speaks English. Gee I wonder if there was ANY type of communication barrier during the construction? For measurements, white boy uses "feet", Guatemalan uses "metric", and the black wannabe uses "kilos".

  • downhilltwofour00 says:

    Contractor in a hurry removing supports before the concrete had time to set properly. We have a four story building going up in my town and they have still not removed the support jacks from any of the floors ( they have tons of jacks) and it's been about 6 months since they did the first floor! The other possibility, not getting the correct concrete ratio. That could be the fault of the engineers, the concrete supplier or the design people.

  • It's amazing how ignorant most of the people commenting here sound. Just because someone has a tan complexion and dark hair you ASSume they are illegal smh. You ARE what is wrong with this country. I personally know the family to a couple of the men that were in this accident. They are far from being illegal and their family are amazing people.

  • Cutting corners, hiring non-Union and questionable illegal migrants is why this happened. You get what you pay for. Cheap, or right is the choice.

  • Get it ready for Mardi Gras 2020? WTH Mardi Gars is in February that’s 4 months. They rushed this building project period. Greed and corruption.

  • I’m so glad you guys made it out alive. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. God bless and God, please, protect these men from the horror they witnessed. In Jesus’ mighty name, I ask that you deliver them and wash them clean.

  • Why is everyone blaming the laborers? I would think the architects or engineers had more to do with this effed up situation than some laborers who just do what they're told.

  • That guy is not an ironworker. Dont call them that. Not even close. Scab…..Unless you went through the apprenticeship and work union you're not a fucking ironworker you fake news..dont ever put us in with these scumbags.. They get what they desereve.. Shut up about your kids. Stop playing the victim for money. You didnt get hurt you have no law suit. This is the fifth guy to say They saw problems yet they all walked in there ever day. Personal accountability if you were union you could all walk out untill they address the problems. You can also call OSHA. But when you're job is 95% illegal you get crushed…Scabs.

  • How many of these workers were in this country legally? How did language and communication problems affect detailed assembly and construction?

  • The important thing is that everyone in the comments has tires with adequate tread and pressure right now. And of course, they don't talk on their cell phones when they drive. And they never drive over the speed limit, especially in residential areas. Because, hey, those things are much more likely to kill than a building collapse, and it's not like you're hypocrites.

  • CarlosBernardo10 says:

    Didn't a bridge collapse not so long ago in Florida somewhere for bad structural engineering /construction? What's going on in the south are you guys getting building to fast is hard to keep good quality overall?

  • To all you o we need to get ice over here racist ass people my nephew could have died in that bathroom my brother could have died on his birthday but they didnt God is a blessing but you guys have no respect for life. What if it happened with white people doing the job would u still talk crap about the people. There freaking lucky but nope its about race o and cheap labor. Well let me tell you something the day you face your creator when u die you have to answer to him because if u were in front of me id whoop your ass. My whole family would take ya down why because your ignorant and ignorant people never go anywhere in life your just sad ass people who have no lives but to bully people and to be sorry excuse of a person.

  • I truly hate what happened to the workers that passed and the ones injured, prayers going up for their families. I will not hate to see what happens to the contractor and the city inspectors are also to blame

  • No sympathy. All those workers knew how shady it was. They built it that way and had no problem. They thought they build, leave, play ignorant. Building open innocent customers die. They shrug their shoulders.

    Shows problem, no one cares how evil their actions are as long as they get that pretty money.

    Now, they get to play the victim, great.

  • Aside from the fact that all this boils down to greed and money( by the developer/owners and engineers),let us all take a moment and pray for the families of the murdered workers who will never be able to say “hi honey,how was your day at work”,and the victims not being able to hug their children( if they had children). To the deceased,may you find rest at the feet of Jesus Christ 🙏

  • See all the 9/11 conspiracy dumb asses that kept saying twin towers were brought down by explosives…this proves the sound of a collapsing building sounds like explosions.

  • donald coppersmith says:

    Watch the litigation take years,. Centuries to unfold when it's a simple story of cutting corners seen from the videos of support beans, concrete not ripen and perimeter not reinforced and safety violations to enable people to get out was ignored by engineers,. architects, contractors in which did not lose lives but workers always get the bad part of a job and sometimes the ones who get killed.

  • Everyone blaming the foreigners onsite here are idiots. There are videos of them complaining about the designs they were told to make being bad. If they make a suggestion and it is not taken, then they either do what they're told, walk off the job, or they will be fired. The engineers, architects, and contractors have to he held responsible. They are no doubt the ones who had the orders to cut corners in order to save a buck.

  • Business as usual in the totally corrupt shithole called New Orleans. By the way, I was born in that shithole so I'm qualified to pass judgement.

  • We hire people from third world countries for labor…this happens a lot in third world countries, poor quality work and attitudes…, Not just blaming them, the contractors are to blame too because they are cheap.

  • Construction workers my ass.. you mean illegal aliens.. Contractor is known to be corrupt and doesn't hire real union iron workers.

  • Sence Sei Marie says:

    Those architects and engineers don’t care cause they’re lives aren’t on the line when the building is being built. Maybe listen to the people that are actually building the building they are the most important part of the process. They see it first hand. It’s like a doctor not paying attention to concerns a nurse calls out about her patient whom she sees and works with everyday

  • There's a reason why these people are labors, for the reporter to infer that these people are qualified to render a opinion as to the buildings design is absurd. Building codes required a registered architect and structural engineer to provide building plans, details of structural connections and calulations of loads on these components. All of this reviewed and check pior to commensment of construction.

  • Go figure, the fire watch is in the sh!$ house, not taking away from the aweful events but, cheap labor isn't skilled and skilled labor isn't cheap, let this be a reminder to be your brothers keeper see something say something!

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