Workers Reveal The One Thing You Should Never Order From Starbucks

Unless you want to drive your nearest Starbucks
barista up the nearest tree, there’s one thing you should never order, and that’s any item
off their so-called “Secret Menu.” Turns out Starbucks employees have very good
reason to hate the “Secret Menu.” Here’s why. It should go without saying, but Starbucks
employees prefer customers who don’t make their jobs miserable. They want customers like this guy: “You know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine
cup of coffee.” So it’s safe to say they don’t want customers
like this guy: “Venti is a large coffee.” “Really, says who? Fellini?” “How much is that? Here’s a ten.” “Do you accept lira, or is it all euros now?” “You know what, keep the change.” And you know what makes a Starbucks barista
really unhappy? When somebody orders off the so-called “secret
menu.” In fact, the whole idea of the Secret Menu
is one of baristas’ biggest pet peeves, judging by the number of Starbucks employees who have
taken to Reddit to vent. One barista wrote: “… there’s nothing more annoying than getting
requests for drinks from the ‘Secret Menu.” That’s because baristas are only trained to
prepare items that are part of the official menu. If you want an item that isn’t there, be clear
and specific. Don’t waltz up to the counter and bark out
a random drink order that someone on the Internet probably made up. “May I have a half caf decaf mint mocha latte
foam on the bottom served in a flower vase and if y’all got some green food coloring
back there, throw it in.” Baristas want to make one thing clear: There
is no secret menu. So don’t get mad if a Starbucks employee doesn’t
know how to make every random beverage that catches your fancy. True, some Starbucks locations have adopted
“secret menu” creations as unofficial drinks, posting handmade signs that encourage customers
to do some off-menu ordering. In fact, customer creations have occasionally
made it onto Starbucks’ official menu. To celebrate the Frappuccino’s 20th anniversary
in 2015, six customer-created beverages temporarily became bonafide Starbucks products. “I like to call this my Victories Are Sweeter
Together Caramel Frappuccino, with extra drizzle.” There’s occasionally crossover between discontinued
menu items and “secret menu” requests. But please note: Even if a drink was once
on the menu, that doesn’t mean your barista will know how to make it. Plus, discontinued drinks can only be made
if your Starbucks still has the ingredients. Thrillist talked to a few employees about
the “secret menu,” and it’s not all bad news. Some of them said they didn’t mind when a
customer orders something off-menu… as long as they know all the details on how to make
it. In other words, don’t barge in and order a
Butterbeer Frappuccino like some Big Bad Boss Person. “Put that coffee down.” Instead, order a creme frappuccino with three
pumps caramel, three pumps toffee nut, and a caramel drizzle. Yeah, be that person. Anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry
knows it can get monotonous, so getting a request to make something different isn’t
always a bad thing. But, again: Be clear when you order. There are limits, though. Baristas won’t blend any brownies, cookies,
or cakes into your drink, not even this guy. “I’m an artist, and coffee is my canvas. It can be as simple or as complex as you want
it to be.” There are a few practical reasons for the
“No Food” rule: For one, it can potentially muck up equipment. Clean-up is also a time-consuming mess. Then there’s the matter of allergies. After all, one customer’s dream frappuccino
can easily become another customer’s visit to the ER. Another reason Starbucks won’t mix food into
your beverage? Well, it’s unfair to the next person in line,
who would have to wait for baristas to clean up the aftermath. Even if your order is specific, making a special
drink takes longer to make than a menu item, so don’t get too crazy during rush times. You might not mind waiting 10 minutes for
your extra-special drink, but it will drive the person in line behind you totally nuts. “Keep on messing with me, see what happens,
I was trying to look out for, why you getting close, b—–, why, why you getting close” “Tanya!” “What?!” “Tanya! This is a cup of coffee!”


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