Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Hooters

Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Hooters

Hooters is super polarizing. For every person who loves it and swears they
only go there for the wings, there’s another that says it’s demeaning to women and super
uncomfortable. “imagine that, you might actually come here
for the food.” “Wait, what?” “That can’t be right.” “That’s just crazy talk!” But what do the women who actually work there
have to say about it? Find out, as workers reveal what it’s really
like to work at Hooters. Long time Hooters employee Courtney Dietz
revealed to Cosmopolitan that the company has a strict dress code. Hooters requires their waitress to wear “a
full face of makeup,” and to have their hair styled and down. Only nude or French nails are allowed, and
there’s no jewelry allowed save a ring on the ring finger. They also closely regulate the length and
tightness of their signature orange shorts, as well as the revealing, and impossibly small,
Hooters t-shirts. “When I first started, whenever they handed
me my uniform, I was like ‘oh, that’s a joke. You want me to fit in… no. that’s a joke.'” “Yeah” And before any waitress is allowed to go out
on the floor, they are subjected to a thorough inspection by management. One former employee shared on Reddit that
she considered it the worst part of the job. “Having to stand up with legs spread and arms
straight out so our managers could inspect every detail of us (armpits for hair, hair
for bobbypins, face for makeup application, tights for runs/holes, shorts for stains/tears,
shoes for whiteness, tank tops for stains and to make sure bra straps weren’t peeking
through) was always torture.” “The first thing we’re going to do is uniform
lineup, alright. Bam. We’re going to line these girls up, and we’re
going to have to inspect them.” “we’re not going to put out an inferior product,
and it all starts with the girls with Hooters.” One Redditor alleged that her Hooters manager
took things way too far, though. “We had one creepy manager who made us stand
up on a chair and twirl… He also quite regularly smacked my ass.” According to Cosmopolitan, many of the single
Hooters waitresses resort to buying fake engagement rings to show off if a customer starts to
get interested in more than what’s on the menu. One Hooters employee told the Arkansas Times
in 2013, “They come in because they want attention
and they know that’s what we’re going to give them, because they’re paying for that, which,
you know, kinda sounds like prostitution!” “do you think that those comments would change
your opinion about working at Hooters?” “not at all.” “Uh uh” “At the end of the day, their husbands are
still going to come in” She also added that while she hadn’t had anyone
grope her, she had known colleagues that were grabbed. In theory, she says they are supposed to tell
their managers but some don’t. “I’ve known girls who were too embarrassed.” A 2015 study backs these claims, with Hooters
employees telling psychologists from the University of Tennessee that they were regularly exposed
to lewd comments, sexual harassment, groping, having pictures taken of them, and some had
even been stalked. The study additionally found that the constant
monitoring of appearance and body increased levels of shame, depression, and dissatisfaction
with their jobs and with themselves. One Redditor who worked at Hooters for six
years said the job took a huge mental toll, which she only began recovering from once
she quit “It’s been a while since I worked there but
it really did a number on my self esteem. I am finally starting to regain confidence
in my appearance again.” Go into Hooters, and you’ll notice all the
employees are happy, super-cheerful, and clearly having the best day of their life. If you suspect that’s just an act you’re absolutely
right, and according to what one waitress told the Arkansas Times, it’s not always easy. “Being a Hooters Girl is constant acting. […] You have to put on a facade. The week after my ex-boyfriend and I broke
up, it was so hard for me to put on that uniform and that facade. […] I just put myself in a different mental
state. I took reality out of it and went into Hooters
Girl mode.” “Why do I like Hooters? Well, I will give you two reasons: the boobs
and the hotwings!” While you might expect management is there
to protect the waitresses against feeling uncomfortable or being harrassed, a number
of Hooters waitresses spoke out on Reddit about inappropriate behavior from those in
positions of power within the company. One straightforward commenter said simply, “Management were sleazebags,” … while another Hooters waitress commented
that they were between managers at the time because their last one had gotten fired for
taking advantage of one of the employees. A third posted that her location had gone
through a whopping six managers in a single year, with three of them being fired for inappropriate
behavior. Yikes! Customers might suspect that Hooters’ waitresses
are held to almost impossibly high standards when it comes to their appearance, but according
to one Redditor’s “I’m a Hooters Girl Ask Me Anything” chat, corporate goes even farther
than you expect. “They take a picture of us when we get hired
and we’re told that if we vary too far from the picture (weight, hair color/length) they
reserve the right to fire us.” She also added that though there’s no specific
weight requirement, “Hooters only carries uniforms in sizes xxs,
xs, and s.” “putting on the uniform for the first time,
it was tight! It was very tight! I mean, there’s girls that quit right away
because of the uniform.” In order to help them maintain their figure,
they’re given things like a free gym membership but sometimes, Hooters employees have run
afoul of management for their weight. In 2010, waitress Cassandra Smith sued the
company after being told she had 60 days to lose weight or she would be fired, even though
she had high marks in every other area, and at 5-foot-8 and 132 pounds, was already wearing
a size extra-small shirt. Smith later settled the lawsuit out of court. Hooters isn’t just concerned with how their
employees look, they’re also concerned about what they eat and what their personal habits
are. According to the Orange County Register, Hooters’
waitresses are trained by fitness experts who school them on everything from exercise
to proper nutrition. And Hooters makes it very, very clear what
choices they want their wait staff to make by how they set up their free meals and discounts. Free meals is one of the perks of working
in a restaurant, but according to E!, there’s one major caveat: the waitresses are only
allowed to get free food off a special “healthy” menu, otherwise they have to pay for part
or all of the meal themselves, depending on how unhealthy Hooters deems their choices. Those super tight outfits worn by Hooters
waitresses may look uncomfortable, but one anonymous Hooters employee told Cosmopolitan
that they are actually surprisingly functional. One sartorial option that stands out from
the rest, though, are the super-short crop tops, which according to E! are only given
out to select employees who can pass a special inspection to make sure their stomach is perfectly
flat. Waitresses are, however, allowed to trade
shirts with each other, that’s why many locations will have waitresses wearing shirts from all
different locations. That means someone was visiting somewhere
and they swapped uniform tops. Some jobs you can leave behind when you quit
for the day, or forever, but a number of Hooters waitresses past and present have spoken about
how the stigma has followed them. One Redditor says not only were her friends
and family not happy with her choice to work there, but that she had a ton of random people
who “…felt it was appropriate to start telling
me how stupid Hooters Girls were.” “do you know why our beer is so cold here
at Hooters? Because we keep it in the refrigerator!” When Cosmopolitan asked a former employee
what she wished she had known before she started working there, she said that while she found
her coworkers to be “super-empowered,” her relationship ended in part because her then-boyfriend
was embarrassed by what she did. She was also a beauty pageant contestant while
she waitressed, and found she needed to keep her Hooters gig a secret. “If you worked there once, you will always
be judged for the simple fact that you were a Hooters Girl at one point. … once I hit 26, I realized I had to keep
that information hidden forever because otherwise I’d feel judged and objectified by anyone
I told.”


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  • PokemonAssociate says:

    What do you expect when you have a restaraunt with hot girls and only girls for the servers, bruh why do they make a restaurant like that anyway and not expect to be like…

  • злодейский Ломбардо says:

    well fuck off & go get a cleaning job then if you have a problem with what the employer wants

  • I'm retired so I meet some buddies in a local Hooters not far from where I live. I'm not going to say what town it's in but I will say most of the girls in this particular Hooters are looking for a Sugar Daddy. It's a college town so I can understand school cost but 6 of these girls I've seen on the website Seeking Arrangement. I pick and flirt with all the girls and they pick and joke back but every once in a while you will find a new hire that comes with an attitude. It's not long before she blends in with the rest and she can dish it out and take it with the best of them. Hooters is not for every girl but I will say she needs to have tough skin if she's going to work there.

  • What a crock.
    Any girl who works at Hooters is VOLUNTEERING.

    I got there a few times a month and I ask the girls, "Are the bosses treating you right?"
    If I sense any friction I tell them outright to contact the area manager and get it fixed. I make sure they are comfortable telling men, "Sorry mister that is not allowed here. I'm a waitress not a stripper".
    If their boss won't eject a pervert I will contact the area manager.
    Hooters is supposed to be a fun place.
    Hell you can go to almost any city swimming pool and see women with skimpier outfits showing a lot more skin than the hooters girls. Give it a break.

  • A lot of these scenes are taken from Undercover boss, including the manager at 1:23, the guy he is talking to is the CEO of Hooters Coby Brooks (undercover). The manager treated the girls so badly Coby broke cover and fired the guy on the spot.

  • StlBluesFan1231 says:

    Hooters girls have easy jobs and make lots of money. I’m more interested in how hard the cooks job is. They’re the ones nobody gives a fuck about and have to deal with the constant crowds.

  • Alexander Federowicz says:

    There is absolutely No Legally Defined Prostitution. Secondly These Girls Choose to Work there knowing they will Get Extremely well tipped, and it's a good bet many pay their mortgage and College tuition with these Jobs…. Only 3'rd and 4'th wave Feminist's who are career Misandrists seek to attack this place. Sure they go to Male Dancer Bars and all the Female locker room activities, and then expect to have a Job at Hooters when they are 400 pounds with skull tattoos and green scruffy hair. Women have a right to be attractive to whom they so choose, and had better face that men have the same damn rights… These Ladies depend on that Income and know they are only performing waitress duties in Costume for extremely good pay !!! Guys work similar Jobs and have to deal with way more vulgar behavior from the Ladies when they have one too many… we just write it off, and do our job…. I was personally a Nude Art Model, so I have been there and was exposed far more than these girls, who get better pay by far due to tips… Feminists are simply trying to Create a Butch Narrative here, because they Hate Heterosexual Women and men…

  • Stupid women need to stop working in these demeaning places! Respect yourself! And people need to stop going there!

  • OUTLAW Radcon Tu says:

    'i, am England… and when one visited Florida in the 2009 ro 2010, i was taken to hooters by a girl one was involved in back then, Emily Pasco Morris… whom told me a story about her Ex. and how he was behaving in Hooters… so as one is from England didn't have a clue, and was brought up proper in a private family setting, where showing any body parts was a big NO NO … lol… so when one was there is the America,in Fl,

    and seen this Hooter one day as she was driving the car, and notice this Hooter on the side, so ask is that the Hooters you was on about… the next thing 'i, knew was we was going there… my heart started to race as one didn't have a lue to what one was walking into… dam there was so many pretty and beautiful stunning girls there. and the one that came over to serve me, had bend down even more to show me her Boobs… now, one was already RED as a Beetroot and this was like icing on the cake…

    i didn't know where to look as she asked for my order as her friend also walking over with big boobies, so was looking up at the ceiling tying to be a gentlemen and not go ga ga…. over her …. with her frds also came over as they could see me going red and both was so beautiful … anyways… i totally feel for these girls… and would for sure take them all out, and how them how free they can be… with all hard evidence of trust funds and where all private assted they each hold onto themselves… and yes dam would have all them as my girls… and can even come live for free for ever…. shame how people treat other people like meat.. shame… as they girls also have some awesome heart and soul… x

  • I love watching the fantastic sweet succulent phenomenally phenomenal hot ass walk around. Alot of great assets jiggling around too!

  • Thestoneofdoom says:

    Isn’t there a male version of hooters now? If not they should try to be fair and throw some dudes in there for those wives of said husbands sitting in there gawking. ???

  • ronald bouvette says:

    another feminist talking shit.its called Hooters for a reason. I did see an extremely skinny girl working there and I wanted to tell her to sit and eat! anyway,you have some women that say,got it- flaunt it,others have that attitude where they are being degraded by wearing that uniform.the food was great and I tipped even better,so take the job or don't,idc.

  • I worked in the kitchen part time at Hooters for 3 years… in 4 locations… and 99% of the waitresses were whores. They were almost all EX-strippers that craved attention and tip money.
    They slept with customers and kitchen staff on a regular basis. Most of them were alcoholics and drug users too.

  • lmao….been to hooters three times with my wife because she likes the food. to me, the food sucks and the hooters women have small asses. my wife has a phat ass that i love!!!!! she eats and does not worry about me drooling over da azz. i'm a straight up bootyman!!!!!!!

  • spinicker shadows says:

    I been to Hooters once and the girls weren't friendly at all, never been back, it felt as if I was at a strip bar and you never eat at a strip bars.

  • Blackpeoplesmile says:

    These comments are a SHAME not everyone's experience is the same and honestly? Everyone no matter what job title you hold should be treated with respect. You're literally a waitress. My God. Heaven forbid any of you go to Hooters I pray you don't treat those women like shit. Especially when you don't even know the back story

  • Shannon Hasbrouck says:

    I would like to go there to try the wings, but I'm not planning to work as a waitress there after watching this video.

  • I can guarantee you the tips are better at Hooters than at Dennys! Supply and demand! Women would rather work at Hooters than Dennys and put up with guys being crude to you in order to get better tips. If the tips were the same, no one would work at Hooters.

  • says:

    I dont like hooters, its not a good place. Its the house of sin…beer, lowlives, emphasis of pretty women. Its not right at all.

  • its disgusting. those girls are human beings not sex objects. id like to give those sleaze bags a piece of my mind!!!

  • Jay jay dynomite says:

    Last few times I was abducted to eat there, due to previous bad experiences, they were rude and… well, honestly no hooters were there… so really, you go for food and to me that’s a greasy mess… so then the beer, NOPE it’s overpriced… so it’s beyond me why people go there. I have to say Tilted Kilt was amazing! Best food and fun yet in this style restaurant.

  • This is just stupid, how can you possibly feel sorry for the girls that work at Hooters? It’s so ridiculous! I mean think about it, they’re not forced to work there they chose to work there they want to work there they know what the whole system at the restaurant has like before they ever get hired. It’s one step below being a stripper and they know it and then they want to complain like there’s some kind of stupid victim. And hoping to meet a rich guy they are all golddiggers

  • I was not aware these girls were forced to work there. They probably get tipped pretty well for being a waitress. And at the pool, they show more skin.

  • So degrading.. Yea ok..Now u whores go on Instagram and sex cams.. "females" of 2019.. ain't we're so lucky guys .. i wish i grew up in a time when girls weren't oversexulized pieces of shi$

  • Sellout Basher says:

    The waitresses of Hooters should abandon the sneakers and the white socks and start wearing white open toe strapless high heels ?

  • Lol hooters was my first job, my boyfriend told me to apply when I first turned 18. At the time I’ve never stepped into a hooters before so I had no idea what to expect. I walked in, asked for a application and was hired on spot. It was a okay job except when they made us bar stool. (Take a barstool, flip it upside down, spread your legs, sit on the barstool and spin around in circles.) i quit after I learned I had to do this. However it was a extreme confidence boost, keeps you looking you’re A game and I would come home with 400-800$ a night.. hooters closed where I live but if they reopened I would reapply for that easy money ?

  • This story & the 'ex' waitresses complaining about their tenure @ 'Hooters' — iz TOTALLY a bunch of: boo-hoo, 'victim-mentality', BULL-SHITE!! Their whining & crying iz comparable to a hooker crying rape, AFTER the deed (JOB) iz dun…, yet, she still got paid!!!

  • Ladies, if you are going to work wearing this skimpy clothes and be subjected to this type of treatment you would be better off working at a reputable safe strip club. you would make HUGE bank and you would NOT be subjected to the corporate Bullshit and inspections. Most patrons know the strip club rules and you have bouncer and security if needed. no pics of you in the club either. Honestly i believe you would get more respect at a reputable strip club and definitely more $$$ and you wouldn't. Strip Club No Touch means No Touch. Hooters even the management touches you…

  • Management smacking your ass ??? you have a cell phone and know how to record video ? you would Own that restaurant.

  • I have never and could not go into Hooters because of the waitresses. How could any good honest guy go in there and be ok with this ? I feel Like… I am Not worthy of this kind of service and they are much more worthy of better treatment and things in life. i could probably see and feel the pain in their eyes. we should be serving them.

  • Anonymous Mothman says:

    I've never went to hooters, but always got a bad vibe about it.
    My grandma told stories about when she was going around and applying for jobs, she applied at hooters. When they were talking with her, one manager would not stop talking about her breasts.
    Needless to say, she didn't want to work there anymore.

  • Anonymous User says:

    There is honestly nothing wrong with the dress code and people should stop complaining about it and if you don't like the uniform don't work there

  • I was fired for dumping a pitcher on my attacker, who left bruises. I was there only two weeks.
    My hips were measured, white lines on Seat a C size bust was minimum.
    Nothing above 135lbs cannot believe…

  • if you dress and present yourself like a slut then expect to be treated like one ,no matter where you are or what job you have.ladies that wear lowcut tops with push up bras, basically advertising , shouldnt bitch and moan when someone gets interested in what theyre advertising. COVER IT UP! Dress CLASSY NOT TRASHY!

  • Is that all they offered? I had the impression they were all topless.Glad i never wasted a cent there."At the end of the day all our husbands show up (the REAL PAYERS).Yeah,all a facade.Dont buy it

  • The things you have to put up with working at hooters seems no worse than what you have to put up with at a normal office job. In fact, the only thing that could be considered worse is that people look at your body all the time, but then again some girls like that attention too. I bet they get great tips also which you dont get at the office.

  • Maybe not work at Hooters then… btw, If you voluntarily work at a place actually called hooters, a place where the uniform is a tight t-shirt and hotpants. Don't complain when you need to give attention to your customers (which naturally will be a lot of lonely men). Forget that, just never complain about needing to give attention to the recipients of your labor. Also, I get spit on, cussed at, groped and generally work insane hours ('im a nurse), so please, cry me a fuckin river.

  • Demeaning to women yet all the women are dressed in these outfits showing off their butts and boobs to the customers for tips? If there’s girls willing to work here what’s the problem? It’s not the customers fault.

  • Poor little babes…a bunch a brainless punks that make their living off of playing middle age guys out of their money….manipulating con artists….no sympathy!!!!!!!!!

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