Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Starbucks

Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Starbucks

Working at Starbucks has its fair share or
ups and downs. Just ask the actual employees, who are never
shy about sharing their experiences on the Internet. Take a look at what it’s really like to work
at Starbucks, according to the people who know best. Rude customers are reportedly a serious occupational
hazard when you’re gainfully employed at Starbucks. “Venti is a large coffee.” “Really, says who? Fellini?” “How much is that? Here’s a ten.” “Do you accept lira, or is it all euros now?” “Keep the change.” Belen Jimenez is one Starbucks partner who
claims she regularly has to deal with customers who don’t know the first thing about coffee
— but who nevertheless have a whole lot of attitude. “May I please have a double-shot, half-almond
milk latte, with two half-pumps of caramel, and a light dusting of cinnamon…” In a blog post Jimenez wrote for The Barista
Life, she depicted a rather unpleasant scene at the coffee chain: “Customers come in day after day… asking
for things that make absolutely no sense.” “I don’t know, an Irish Cream sounds good,
huh? What’s that?” “Uh, it’s cream and it’s Irish.” “Hurry up and order!!” “Excuse me.” Another Starbucks barista took to Reddit to
complain about: “…situations where someone might literally
be screaming in your face because you forgot a single pump of their skinny vanilla syrup….” Yet another barista on Reddit offered this
ominous warning: “Don’t work at Starbucks unless you are prepared
to deal with… the dumbest, rudest, most entitled customers you will ever meet.” “Look, I’m a frequent coffee drinker. I’m part of the club; I have a card?” So it sounds like one of the toughest parts
of the job is dealing with rude, caffeine-deprived customers. But here’s one important rule of thumb that
customers should keep in mind: if you feel well within your rights to disrespect the
person who’s making your coffee, you should probably expect them to retaliate. With a vengeance. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, one Starbucks barista
admitted to giving rude customers regular espresso shots after they specifically asked
for decaf. That same employee took delight in serving
regular milk to difficult customers who ordered skim. However, the barista only resorted to these
desperate measures when the customer was being, quote, “pushy or rude.” Employees also claim they retaliate by making
drinks with decaf coffee instead of regular, thus depriving their already agitated customers
of their much-needed caffeine buzz. In a Reddit thread, one Starbucks partner
said: “When you think you’re entitled to anything
and complain about a non issue, you’re getting decaf and I’m not apologizing….” Thankfully, it sounds like these revenge schemes
don’t ever get that hardcore. When Cosmopolitan asked its blabbermouth barista
about spitting in a customer’s drink, the response was: “Oh no, I would never do that. Besides, we have cameras on us all the time.” Well…thank goodness for those cameras, right? If you’ve ever stepped into Starbucks during
a busy time of day, you’ve seen just how chaotic it gets in there. According to several employees, working at
Starbucks can be incredibly stressful. Speaking to Business Insider, one employee
claimed that the coffee chain is often understaffed, which forces employees to spread themselves
too thin: “Starbucks demands that we do several tasks
at once, so how can I be expected to ‘connect with customers?'” Another employee told the website: “It’s exhausting being the only one on the
floor and having to do register and hot bar and customer support.” And yet another barista took to Reddit to
say they’d never recommend their job to anyone who suffered from anxiety or depression issues: “The stress, even under a good manager, sucks. Under a bad manager, it will literally eat
you up and spit you out.” Another barista evidently agreed with that
assessment: “Some days suck, I’ll admit that. Your body will hurt, you will be frazzled,
and it will almost always be stressful.” Clearly these baristas aren’t made of the
same stuff as this guy: “This place really inspired coffee passion
in me. It made me see: Wow, coffee can be so much
more than ‘Here’s your latte.'” Ask any barista about their least favorite
drink on the menu, and you’ll probably hear the same thing over and over again: “My ‘Sunning in the Afternoon’ soy strawberries
and creme frappuccino.” Frappuccinos are definitely a Starbucks staple,
but whipping up these treats is allegedly quite the exasperating enterprise for employees. As one barista told New York magazine: “I used to love Frappuccinos. But now I hate them. There’s a lot of barista-hate against the
Frappuccino.” That’s because Frappuccinos are reportedly
quite time-consuming to make, and that can throw off your work routine if Starbucks is
already buzzing and bustling. If you thought those Starbucks sandwiches,
pastries, and cakes were made in-house, think again. Many employees have reportedly had to tell
customers that all the snacks on display is of the frozen-food variety. In a Reddit thread, one employee wrote: “All Starbucks food is reheated frozen food. Ridiculous how little people realize that. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good.” On another Reddit thread, a Starbucks supervisor
explained that in the morning, employees thaw out a certain amount of food for the day. “We don’t have a ton of fridge/freezer space
in the back so we only get so many food items at once.” So if your favorite scone or muffin always
seems to be out of stock, that could explain why — it’s still totally frozen! Believe it or not, some employees believe
the relationships they develop with their regular customers is a terrific part of the
job. One barista told The Odyssey: “I know I would’ve never met these wonderful
people had it not been for a mutual love of overpriced coffee.” According to an employee on Reddit, the feeling
is mutual: Regulars reportedly tell baristas that they miss them when they’re not around…
and some of them even give their favorite baristas Christmas gifts. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, another
employee voiced genuine fondness for their regulars: “My favorite part of my job is the customers. I love seeing the light in their faces when
they try a new drink and they love it.” You want to know something that employees
really, really hate? The idea of a “secret menu,” that rumored
list of drinks baristas can whip up… even though they aren’t on the official menu. Baristas swear the secret menu isn’t even
a real thing. One employee told Huffington Post: “Starbucks employees are always happy to customize
your drink, but we never know what’s in those crazy ones!” Meanwhile, another barista wrote on Reddit: “There is no recipe for drinks called a Clint
Eastwood, Undertow, Tear Drop… [or] ‘Butter Beer.'” “May I have a half-half decaf mint mocha latte,
foam on the bottom, served in a flower vase, and if you got some green food coloring back
there, throw it in.” Even if someone invents a tasty drink and
slaps a fun name on it, it’s highly unlikely that your Starbucks barista knows how to make
it… so it’s always a good idea to stick to the items you see on the menu. Starbucks is a company known for its excellent
employees benefits, including health coverage, 401(k) plans, parental leave, and tuition
coverage, to name just a few perks. And people who work at Starbucks repeatedly
say these benefits really elevate the job. One former barista told Yahoo News: “The one amazing thing I got from working
there was my stock in Starbucks: over three years, I made about $400 when I finally sold
my share.” Aside from benefits, employees are also privy
to loads of free stuff — mostly coffee, of course. One former Starbucks employee told Huffington
Post that workers receive one free drink per shift, and they can even brew free coffee
whenever they feel like it. Employees are reportedly allowed to chow down
on food that wasn’t sold that day, and they can chug any drink beverages that happen to
go unclaimed. This employee also confessed: “My friends… [told] me I had to lower my
coffee intake, because it was getting out of hand.” Although parts of the job can be tough, a
lot of employees love the sense of teamwork and camaraderie fostered at Starbucks. In order for stores to function properly,
it’s reportedly essential for employees to learn how to work together. “Being a Starbucks partner means everything
to me. It’s the connection, the people.” Writing on Quora, one Starbucks employee named
called her team “amazing.” “They were diverse, they were fun, and they
were passionate. … We all took ownership in our stores, and
when that happens, everyone wins.” Another former employee told New York magazine
about the, quote, “green apron board” at Starbucks, which is essentially a thank-you card system. “You always find little notes in your spot
like, ‘You kicked ass today!’ Or ‘I’m so happy I get to work with you.'” “Jade?” “Thank you.” There’s a very good chance that customer he
called “Jade” was actually named “Andrew.” Starbucks is notorious for getting your name
wrong at the register. “Like this one… this is definitely not how
I spell Lissie. I’ll be scratching my head all day.’ And, look at that, Lice!” When you order your beverage and give your
name, an employee writes it down on your cup. But somehow, they always manage to muck up
your name somehow. “My name’s Stephen, and every day my coffee
cup has my assistant’s name on it. What gives?” Employees reportedly have a lot of fun with
this. One barista told Cosmopolitan that they intentionally
misspell names “… just to mess with people… [I] love to see their reactions.” The misspellings often get a lot of social
media attention, and the same employee said her manager admitted that, quote, “most Starbucks
employees use it as a marketing tool.” “Most people aren’t going to post a photo
to social media of a cup with their name spelled right.” Starbucks denied this conspiracy theory to
BuzzFeed News, saying: “We’ve never asked or directed any of our
partners to misspell names of our customers for any reason.” Many people worry that fast-food restaurants
aren’t as clean as they should be — especially when they’re as busy as Starbucks. But employees claim that most locations have
extremely high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of the store and the way food
is prepared and served. On Reddit, a former Starbucks supervisor said
the temperatures of the fridge and food case had to be checked three times a day. If either of them were too warm, everything
inside was tossed in the garbage: “Everything that touched anything edible was
sanitized at least once a day.” On top of that, the supervisor alleged that
the coffee was kept fresh at all times. “We kept ground coffee only 12 hours and brewed
coffee 30 minutes on timers.” In a different Reddit thread, another Starbucks
supervisor claimed that customers are prone to leaving a mess behind, but employees tend
to be exceedingly clean: “Baristas spend a lot of our time cleaning. New hires are shocked by the non-stop cleaning
requirements.” If being a Starbucks barista sounds overwhelming,
that’s because it is — especially if you’re a brand-new hire. In fact, many employees feel like their training
was the toughest part of the job. We can’t blame them — can you imagine learning
how to make all of those drinks? “Hi, can I get a tall skinny half-sweet, no
foam, extra-hot caramel macchiato?” “Okay, so tall…?” A former Starbucks employee told Huffington
Post that new hires go through two full weeks of training. That’s when they learn how to make every drink
on the menu. They even allegedly practice how to do things
the wrong way. Why? So they know how to fix mistakes during a
rush. As one Starbucks barista wrote on Reddit,
some new employees don’t even make it through the training period at all: “[They] quit immediately because they took
the job for the ‘aesthetic’ of being a barista. It’s not glamorous, it’s not beautiful.” But if these newbies stick with it, all that
training evidently pays off at the end of the day. The former employee told Huffington Post: “Practice makes perfect, and after you spent
a few shifts on the bar… it was like second nature.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  • same thing for maccas with the retarded customers… my mcdonalds is in a part of melbourne with many people who speak broken english, as if that was bad enough, recently we had $1 big macs (shit idea i know)

    basically u had to have to barcode on the app which was valid for 1 big mac, so we had many people come in and just ask for it or ask for multiple with one code.

    mcdonalds had to cancel this as there was too much strain on the restaurants and the employees, aswell as they probably were making next to no profit, so they downgraded to a cheeseburger.

    many people took it fine but there was 2 in particular (both men) that were butthurt about it. saying shit like "but it expires tomorrow" "this isnt fair"

    i wanted to yell at them so badly and so did my managers but the store owner was there and not that im scared he will fire me but i dont want to create a negative name around his store because hes such a nice guy, but theres so many entitled customers

  • Sofia Karjala says:

    Even if you didn't get everything in training, your coworkers and managers will always be there to help if you forgot something!

  • Johanna Bentwood says:

    So, I don’t know when Starbucks started putting customer names on cups. I worked for Starbucks back in the early 00’s. We weren’t trained to put names on cups. That didn’t stop us from learning regulars names. I loved working for Sbux. I now work at university we proudly serve location. Not the same thing but same great product and same great customer relationships are built. That has mainly to do with myself and my Supervisor being just those type of. We care about our jobs and our customers.

  • Oscar Ibanez says:

    Ugh the thing about Starbucks is that it’s crazy overhyped to the point where almost the whole world in general feels like Starbucks is the premium go to place for coffee, and as much as I don’t want to sound like a snob, a Starbucks ruins the businesses around them (maybe not in Italy or Australia haha). Working as a barista in a real coffee bar, you learn about moving fast, because you will always be shorter staffed than Starbucks, learn how to make latte art, and learn that people who come into your shop with their “Starbucks language” need to try going to a Burger King and order a whopper as well. People run on Starbucks coffee, and as much as some of us try hard to innovate and do something more unique such as an horchata latte or a Thai tea latte, their name is what catches people’s attention, like the tech giant Apple, it’s not about the innovation or sometimes even the quality, it’s the name that gets people intrigued.

  • Wayfaring Stranger says:

    None of this is true for the Bucks that are inside Safeway or Albertsons…that is far worse in every way it could be and has none of the positive whatsoever.
    Is this video made by Starbucks? Were the people who made it paid off to tell these lies?

  • LeeAnn Stumpff says:

    Giving someone regular coffee when they specifically ask for decaf is really messed up. I’m caffeine sensitive and will end up having a panic attack

  • I’ve never worked at Starbucks but I understand that it’s so understaffed so you gotta be patient and nice to them, you don’t know what kind of day they’re having.

  • I didnt learn shit during training. They had me do online training then the next week was shadow shifting and no one taught me shit.

  • While I do agree that fraps can be a pain in the ass (especially when someone orders 3+ and various flavors) the undisputed WORST drink to make in my opinion is a FUCKING POUR OVER!

  • Evelyn Jackson says:

    if you cant handle the pressures of difficult customers or picky orders then the food service industry really isnt for you… if you hate your job that much (or if it isnt working for your mental health) dont complain about it, QUIT. honestly the employees quoted sound more entitled than the actual customers. high quality customer service & experience means the customer's needs are always put first!!! remember, THEY are the ones putting the paycheck in your pocket, not the company.

  • Daniela Marin says:

    Rude customers are everywhere when u work in customer service. ALL ARE ENTITLED and even if they are paying a cent, they expect restaurant quality and BLAME it on THE EMPLOYEES thats are simply pouring or giving u the product. Or complain about the prices being too high when WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? If i had any say on that trust me i would not be taking ur order rn. It is true u have to do multiple things at the same time and still “connect” with the customer. When most customers dont even bother to say hello, are impolite and/or treat you like ure below them.

  • if starbuck is bad
    try doctor or medical enviroment where the patient THINK they are more smarter than us medical personnel
    Drinking something called "Healthy juice" that can heal cancer and heal leukemia
    try it you will regret it

  • I mean I agree that customers are the literal worst but the replacing milk thing seems a little dangerous as you don’t know why they asked for a certain milk. My dad was rude ordering once and instead of soy in mine they gave both drinks whole milk causing me, who has severe lactose intolerance, to have a horrible horrible day of severe stomach pain

  • Im never a mean customer… but I have encountered manyyyyy of rude baristas at Starbucks… like I did not give you a reason to be crazy but I sureee can

  • Michelle Purtle says:

    My first time I ever ordered Starbucks they ran out of tea for the drink I ordered then when I wanted a normal iced coffee they didn’t hear me and was busy talking to their coworkers so I was forced to wait for a drink I can would not be able to have.

  • Courtney Firth says:

    Worst is when they say the size, then a million modifications and then at the very end they say the actual drink they want. Then I have to type in the size, the type of drink it is and try to remember the modifications they just threw at you. You ask them to repeat them self once and they go “I SAIIDDDD….” and repeat it 5x faster than before. There’s one lady that comes in and says “I want… a short…. onepumpnowhipnofoamnofatnoNOTHINGGGGGGG cows milk mocha” it’s the bane of my existence.

  • I have a regular "customer" who comes in the morning and orders the cheapest coffee on the menu, usually a tall drip coffee. Then for the rest of the day, he will keep coming back to get refills (for free) all day long. He will even order the refills for ALL his friends and family. He spends $2 and gets about $20 worth of refills a day. For partners, they know what I'm talking about.

  • Jessica Morgan says:

    I'm really curious as to the different types of jobs these people that complain about working at Starbucks have had before. This all seems like normal problems with most jobs?

  • I worked at Starbucks for only two years while I was in college and it was certainly a love/hate environment. We had a great group of partners and we all got along super well. It was like a tight knit little family and we’d often do things with each other outside of work and still do try to meet up when we can even 4 years later even though most of us have moved. I truly do think back about that job with a lot of fondness because of that fact alone.

    HOWEVER I learned that there was a HUGE difference between the kind of customers you got in the morning and the kind you got in the afternoon/evening. My morning customers were 80% regulars who I knew their name and order and when I saw their car pulling in, I’d have it waiting for them once they got inside. These people were angels and I loved getting to know them and they really would bring in Christmas gifts and a few actually bought me something for graduation. I still see some of them occasionally when I’m out shopping or at a restaurant and they to this day greet me with a hug and say they miss seeing me every morning. The customers in the afternoon, however, were ALWAYS the most difficult, annoying, entitled, rude and impatient. That’s why I refused to work mid shift or close and requested only openings which worked out because nobody wanted to wake up at 4am lol

    Oh yeah and it’s true. Every single barista absolutely loathes the Frappuccino. It fucks up your sequencing on hot bar.

  • Bite me, cappuccino freddo is the worst and that takes all of 60 seconds to make. A frap can be made in 30 seconds, 35 for cream. I was a batista at a services and yes it did get stressful but I actually miss it. Fridge gets a temp check every 2 hours or it all goes.

  • Under staffed… Sounds like every retail job 🤔 why someone thinks "hey let's have as little people as possible on the floor/working to save money, but yet expect them to do the task of ten employee and take care of customers"

  • I'm sorry but I just can't listen to the tone of the narrator's voice. It grates on my ears something fierce. Not trying to be mean – productive input from someone who would otherwise enjoy these vids.

  • Starbucks is the best and worst job I’ve ever had. Customers are rude of course, but there’s always the regulars that talk to you like an actual person and make your day. Stressful situations happen all the time but are made up by chatting up with your coworkers and laughing it off. Despite how annoying frappuccinos are, I personally love making coffee and espresso drinks! Definitely takes a certain type of person to work at Starbucks though.

  • I have anxiety and going to work at Starbucks only because I need to. The fact that it involves a lot of human communication I need that. It can really allow you to be less shy and more of a less shy person.

  • If you can't meme, you can't dream says:

    I work for Costa, a UK chain, and this all applies. I hate the job and will probably quite. It's only been 2.5 months.

  • Tbh, I have never ordered ANYTHING from Starbucks since I'm not a coffe enthusiast and I can just get by with instant coffee. So to Starbucks baristas, if I ever come there, please forgive me if I can't make up my mind on what to order and if I ask for help from you.

  • sCoRcHiNg ☕️ says:

    do you ever have a habit when your sibling asks for food or a drink, and before you give it to them, you take a bite/sip? That happened to me on my first day it was so embarrassing! I didnt tell them why the drink took so long to make (cause ofc i had to redo it)

  • Its actually against policy to "get revenge" on a customer. Its unfortunate that this video is trying to make baristas out to be angry vengeful people. Its just not the case.

  • This makes me wanna share my time when I worked at a Starbucks.
    (Sorry if this gets too long)
    I used to work at a Starbucks in a grocery store (until the store went out of business because the rent went up). The work itself was fine and sometimes even fun and the customers weren't even bad. It was the other baristas I had a bit of a problem with. They all had their own little "clique" going and I was sort of left out because I always thought that when you worked at a Starbucks, you and the other baristas were a team. I guess that wasn't the case. I mean it was a job. Not a place to make friends but I still felt singled out. Some of the baristas there treated me like I was stupid or a child because I have Asperger's and learned things a bit slower than most people (granted maybe I shouldn't have worked for Starbucks but I was in desperate need for a job and took what I could. I mean hey it didn't hurt to try). I told them about it and at first they seemed okay with it (but they didn't really understand what that meant. I guess they thought it was an excuse.) I was supposed to have 2 weeks training but it ended up more like 4 days and they expected me to know all the drinks within a day. I wasn't allowed to bring the drink booklet home to study (since I didn't have enough time to do so during my break/lunch). I was about to quit but I decided I'd keep trying hard and I did get better at the job and with time it got easier. The other baristas were just the problem. 1 of them always seemed to slack off and just talk to his friends. He refused to wear a hair net for his beard (which resulted in him having to shave it off). 1 was a real nasty piece of work who was really rude and snooty with me. I tried to be nice to her but found out from the manager that she was complaining about me. I guess maybe she tried to get me fired or something. I don't really remember but soon after that she left for good. During her stay though there was this really bitchy customer who complained about her drink and asked to speak to the manager (I guess she was one of those Karens LOL!) and the store (not Starbucks) manager was behind us the whole time and witnessed it. It was kind of funny. I did really work hard and a lot of times had to run the kiosk by myself since we were so understaffed. It was hard but at least I can say I tried. One time I had to close the kiosk down early since all the other baristas left and didn't show up or refused to show. I was the only one still working it and I had to leave soon too because my shift was almost over. So the store manager had me shut it down. It was pretty stressful but I guess I handled it well. Anyways but I didn't like my Starbucks manager. She was nice to me at first but then started treating me like I was stupid. Talked down to me like I was a kid. I don't think she understood or cared about the Asperger's thing while the store manager himself tried all he could to let me keep working at the store. He was a real nice guy. Starbucks manager, not so much. At one point before the store was closing, I saw all the other baristas (even the newer ones who applied and started working after I joined) were getting their barista certifications. My manager never told me about them and when I asked, she said that she'd have to watch me work to see if I was "capable" of being one. It was getting to be the end of my job there (had about 2 weeks left) and I asked my store manager if I could have my work day switched so I can work with the Starbucks manager so she could see how well I was doing (I've been working a few months by then so I had it down pretty much). He agreed and did so. So that day I went to work and was making an Americano drink for this really nice guy who always orders it. My manager comes up behind me and asks me how many shots I put in the Americano drink. I told her 2 because something I was told was every grande drink has to have 2 shots (no one told me about Americanos having 3….. my bad I guess). She repeats herself and I tell her 2, thinking, "Why is she asking me this? I know how to make the drinks." She then proceeds to tell me (in this very snotty tone as if she was talking to a 5 year old), "Nooooo~ It comes with 3 shots. You're not getting your certification." Then walks off. I stand there, heart breaking in two and felt like all that hard work was just washed away from me. I sort of broke down right there and couldn't really process anything and I guess my mind just snapped. I kept messing the drinks up by accident for the rest of the day and then had to be "retrained" by another barista who got frustrated with me and she was one of the nice ones. I asked her why she was upset and she turns and looks at me and says, "You're very frustrating to work with." Yeah it was just a bad day I guess. Kiosk closed down afterwards and I got to work in the grocery store for a bit while they were trying to sell the rest of the stuff they had. It was okay.
    I think the few things that made me happy working in that Starbucks was getting to try the new drinks early, announcing our drinks and products on the overhead mic for the whole store to hear (but as someone who also has anxiety, it was a bit nerve racking) and one time I did so well, the hiring manager gave me a gift card (lol I don't know why but I felt pretty special), and another time I got to give a dog a puppuccino (just whip cream in a starbucks cup). It was such a happy pupper. So I guess it wasn't all that bad. It was just the other baristas that were the problem lol (Holy cow this story got long. If anyone actually reads this, I apologize! XD Thanks for reading though!)

  • Worked at Starbucks throughout college

    Best: co-workers and most customers are nice and chill. Especially if you work at one near a college campus. Yeah managers and shift leads can be hella uptight, but I get it.

    1. Fucking cloud macchiatos and lto’s. Difficult to learn, difficult to make. They slow down the line so much. Fraps aren’t so bad.
    2. The fact that employees are expected to be happy and over-the-top cheerful. Greeting customers as soon as they walk through the door (pretty much yelling through the store and embarrassing yourself). Being expected to talk to them while you’re making their drinks. Like no sis.
    3. Not enough training prior to being thrown into the job.

  • lifeafterthenicu account says:

    I have seizures that caffeine and alcohol can induce and I was polite and kind and got given coffee rather than decaf. Didn't know until I was face down seizing pissing my self biting the front of tounge off on the bus home

  • America and their Entitled people, come see a life in South Asia, your entitlement behavior will be changed. No person here acts rude with fast food employees without any reason. Some employees don't even fear to raise their hand to hurt rudest customers. Police gives a horse shit about that matter.

  • Starbucks Barista of 3 years here. Don't work at Starbucks.

    -Customers are entitled fucking bastards who order crazy shit like if it's their last goddamn meal.
    -Starbucks will ALWAYS take stupid customers' side.
    -They understaff you and expect you to have a fucking chat with guests while trying to shit out drinks as fast as humanly possible.
    -They don't train you.
    -You will become more cynical from working there and realize that life is meaningless.
    -You act like a fucking cunt with me I WILL decaf your fucking drink!
    -You act like a fucking asshole with me and happen to lose your wallet or keys or whatever, I'm throwing it away. BE POLITE.
    -I do love my regulars. They're awesome and polite and don't cause trouble. I'll always give them a free shot or overlook something.
    -Fuck you AND your secret menu bullshit you dull, uninspired, uncultured SWINE. Looking to spice up your life? START A FAMILY. GET A HOBBY! EXERCISE!
    -I HATE customers with stupid ass names and get pissy that I can't spell. Get a normal fucking name instead of something you'd hear in a Final Fantasy game!!! And no, it's not a marketing strategy. I just want your stupid ass out of my face QUICKLY.


  • Antonio Bailey says:

    i don't mind working at Starbucks. But what i do mind is when people order their drinks backwards. why would you say " Grande americano vanilla iced decaf" ? it doesn't make sense to me.

  • Starbucks coffee is disgusting, I never go there (yes I’ve tried it many times before but I just don’t like it). But that’s not an excuse to treat the baristas like shit, seriously get up early or get there early to get coffee. I don’t understand why people are so fucking rude and screaming like animals at 8 in the morning because they’ve waited too long (5 minutes) and they’re in a rush.

  • Starbucks sucks! It mostly caters to fake, pretentious customers. Starbucks is a member of the evil empire out to destroy the world up there with Walmart, Apple, Disney, etc.

  • ok irrelevant but why is all the whipped cream in this vid so ugly i want to jump through the screen and show em how it’s done

  • i love being a barista for starbucks but the favoritism sucks and YES people really do quit after their first day on the floor. been for sbux for 7 months and i’ve seen 3 people quit within days. they need better training and better management

  • loved this video! Its so interesting to hear the differences between the US and UK! I have a UK edition over on mu channel if anyone wants to check it out! x

  • I work at Starbucks and dumbass customers are really pissing me off and my love for the job holds me back from punching some off them in their face.

  • Yep. Had some dude yell at me over the drive thru about egg bites. There’s multiple kinds and he refused to specify, just screaming “the egg bites! Can you hear???”

  • Someone literally told me “there IS a secret menu and it IS official”….I was like sisTER it’s not an ACTUAL real thing. Meaning we don’t know the recipes!!! Yes there are drinks that people create but your local baristas are probably not aware of them.

  • 3:20 yes. This whole part is true. I have depression and really bad anxiety and I work there. Tonight was really hectic and stressful but there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Easy to give good employee benefits in the US if you do not pay any tax (at least in Europe that is where the community provides ). It is a shame!

  • Hmmm the Starbucks I work at is awesome ya it gets stressful sometimes but that’s any job I love my job thou it’s super fun and everyone I work with are awesome. I do fuckin hate the “secret menu”

  • Samantha Adamson says:

    we get unlimited free drinks and one free food item. on our downtime at work we literally just make random drinks for each other lmaooo

  • it sounds like it's just american people in general.
    Also employees that do things they are not being payed for (such as retaliating) should get punched in the face.

    I can see know why ppl hate starbucks, the employees in the comments here are so delusional.

  • A couple of things…from my experience managing and supervising a multi-store McDonalds operation, Customers feel that just because you work at McDonald’s it is because you are stupid and can’t get anything better! They are quite often extremely rude, belittle the employees and leave the place a mess! Second, every type of restaurant and business has disgruntled employees! Usually it is because they got fired because they stole or broke the rules and look for any excuse to knock the company and location they worked in! Just my opinion from 35 years in food service!

  • My biggest pet peeve is when there is a customer in the DT and they are whispering and then you let them know you can’t hear them. Then they get mad and start screaming.

  • Jenna Sabourin says:

    Starbucks is notoriously understaffed and the expectations are ridiculous. The job itself is easy once you get the hang of it but its really sink or swim before that. I wasn't trained properly and was just thrown in after the first week and it was incredibly stressful. There is also entirely too much to do all at once. There are a lot of rude customers but also a lot more nice ones that really can make your day. I definitely don't think its for everyone but if you don't mind a challenge and can work under pressure then you'll be fine. One really important skill the job has taught me is how to function under pressure. As a student, the pay is decent. It shouldn't be a forever job for anybody but if you're in college or high school its worth it.

  • Jordan Stevens says:

    but… literally, you have customers like this at every food retail. doesn't matter what food place it is. if you cant handle any kind of rude customers in clothing retail don't even think about going into the food industry. also keep in mind… some of us were just like these customers. Also, they are making their experience sound like a traumatic experience. -_- ok try cooking someones whole ass meal to tell you they didn't like it but ate it all and try to get a refund. go and work in a place where everyone literally never had a job before, EVER. Starbucks offers benefits even you're just part-time. and fully paid college tuition? I mean.

  • As someone who works at a place that serves starbucks coffee (but it isnt exactly a starbucks) I cant tell you my least favorite drink is anything that involves the cloud powder. I barely get those so I have to look up the recipe every time. Fraps suck too when you get a lot of them at once but basically anything that requires being blended is a pain. ALSO THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT THE SECRET MENU. I try to help and as long as you give me the base drink and show me the recipe I can make it. Just don't expect me to know it.

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