World Humanitarian Day 2011—Haiti Aid Worker Story

World Humanitarian Day 2011—Haiti Aid Worker Story

World Humanitarian Day Project Haiti There are hundreds of thousands of us My name is Marco Dormino, and I’m now a UNICEF photographer in Haiti. The first time I met Rasta,
he had just come out of his house, and of course I couldn’t help noticing him because he’s different from the others. And I saw him smile at meóyou know,
having a handicap is never easy, and in Haiti it’s even worseóand I just
started loving this little kid. I found out there was a school for the handicapped
in downtown Port-au-Prince, but then we had another problem. The school is very far from here and
the parents are both jobless, so how could he go to this school every day? So speaking with the parents,
I finally realized it was a good idea to help them buy a bike so that the father could
bring him to the school every day, and at the same time he could have a job
as a motor driver. Building capacity is so much better. He has been helping me to live He is giving us whatever we need in lifeÖ Öto me, my kids, and my husband But it doesn’t stop there. I am sure that whenever he gets the opportunity he will keep doing whatever he can to help us. My parents always helped other people,
and they set an example. I’m now helping them to build a new place,
a bigger one, a better one. The smile of this little kid
has just conquered my heart. Every time I see him it just makes me feel happy,
thinking that his life is getting better. It’s just that. World Humanitarian Day 2011,
People helping people, 19 August


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  • This is sooooo fantastic!!! Sometimes a feel so alone because most people around me just seem to be so focues in making money, buying things, etc etc etc… I feel sometime I'm all alone in trying to make them, help them see that there is a much bigger world out there… this makes me feel less alone, and I'm so glad people are getting the help they need. 🙂

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