Yellowstone Season 3 In Production (BTS) | Paramount Network

Yellowstone Season 3 In Production (BTS) | Paramount Network

I think season two
is so intense, and violent, and really, really hard
on all these characters, and I think season three, you’ll get to heal
with them a little bit. Action. We’re excited to be back, shooting season three, and I
feel like it’s a nice reset. It has a very different feel to it. All of us have been bruised, so John’s altered
his behavior. We begin with healing and peace and we’re more unified. You get to see a little bit more of Beth and I
and our love for each other. [inaudible] We’ve got some amazing new cast members
for season three. Some great female characters coming in,
one in the Bunkhouse, who I think is one of
the funniest written characters that I’ve seen
for a show like this. I get to work with Josh Holloway.
He’s like a breath of fresh air. I’m a little worried for him, to be honest with you. It seems like he’s going
to hit on Beth, and I just don’t think that’s
a great idea, as we know. There’s always adversaries. Potentially a bigger threat or potentially a bigger ally. We haven’t met them yet, but they’re coming. Let’s go to work.


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  • chargerspecial says:

    Have not watched the season finale yet and am already ready for next June to be here. My favorite tv show of my entire 50 plus years! The characters, the actors, the plot twists and enemy's just keep you on edge every show. It is really hard for me to say this but this is some of the best work Kevin Costner has ever done because it is not a movie but a months long project every year. Just a show that you can really see happing in real life!

  • Killing the Becks was awesome and getting Tate back was great but can we all just take a moment to realize how freakin amazing it was that John finally acknowledged Rip as a son and gave him a house.

  • Nicely done is was very touching .all the powerful men cry. I was hoping that Taylor didn't have to kill Dan of so soon.

  • Whytton Pierce says:

    Don’t do a repeat of the beck bros for season 3 it was a good story line but needs more this season to keep it going. Just my .02 spend it well. Ps where’d cowboy go? He just roll out?

  • Well??? I'm mixed about the season finale, and heres why. I loved the part where John Dutton accepts Rip as a son, but the ending? Was way to A team. I'm surprised they didn't have Mr T out there fighting those white supremacists, and I'm surprised Taylor Sheridan didn't have them(the White supremacists)wearing red M A G A hats. OMG really? Can someone please exsplane, WTF how this turned so politically correct so quick. OMG I guess season 3 John Dutton will realize his white privilege and his ancestors stole the land and give the ranch to the Indian tribe in reparations. Hey you guys are doing something great, don't screw it up, with the holly weird bs.

  • Will eagerly wait for season 3. Everyone is addicted to Yellowstone! On my facebook everyone from my hometown, wether they live there now or not, is chatting addictively about this show!! I never thought this quality of work would make it to TV. Its like going to the movie every week!!! Thank You Kevin Costner and everyone putting Yellowstone together for us to LOVE!!!

  • Happy to see Yellowstone picked up for another season…Had no doubt that it wouldn't happen, and glad that it did…Josh Holloway, that will be interesting…It just suck that we have to wait a year to see the story…Oh well, there is always time to bing watch !!….

  • Somehow, I knew Dan would be killed at some point, but the Beck brothers were due for their "comeuppance" – and they got it full force.
    I guess sabotaging the plane was a "diversion" by Taylor Sheridan.
    Good move, Taylor.

  • I can't wait for season three. My heart dropped last night after the finale when they said Season three in 2020. There's no other show that can compare.


    Seeing Tate traumatized broke my heart
    So far so great, freaking excited for what season 3 has in store!! Good job Yellowstone

  • walter perrault says:

    I will say it, again and again, the Best show of this genre I have seen in many years, Writing, acting, directing, Masterful.

  • Good finale, although I was expecting a twist or cliffhanger…I was left satisfied. Several powerful scenes that I appreciated…recognition of RIP over due, condition of Tate tugged hard on my heart, John's convo with dying Beck, the struggle within Beth seeing her father cry and the fact that he did……so did Rip and Kayce! Love the richness of this show and 2020 feels like an eternity!

  • Great Show last night, gratuitous violence!!! Gotta admit, didn't see Dan Jenkins getting killed, I guess with the recording everything can be blamed on him!

  • Hunter Griswold says:

    Hopefully Josh Holloway got some Sawyer in him for the third season!!! Can’t fucking wait. What a great season 2, by far the best show I’ve ever watched in years to date.

  • Great season, I was kind of hoping for a redemption story out of Dan though. I think his character was starting to have a genuine love for Montana

  • I love the show, but knock it off with the "bad, evil" white people. White supremacists had Tate? Really? White people accuse Monica of shoplifting? The white Duttons took the Yellowstone ranch from Rainwater's ancestors? Won't work. Trump/Pence 2020.

  • Nancy Jaramillo says:

    Was it just Me..OR did Jimmy NOT go with John..Kasey..RiP..?? And Where in the World did Avery Go?? Iloved the Entire season 2!!!! Greatest Show on Paramount Network!!!!

  • Ulrich Skaarsgard says:

    Am I the only one who was a little disappointed with the S2 finale? It was predictable and the Beck bros got off way to easy IMO. At least one of them should have gone down with the plane with uncertainty if the boy was on board. Please bring on David Fincher as executive producer for S3 to bring this series to the level of intensity it deserves!

  • When Beth read the letter to Rip in season 2 finale I hmmmm…. screw it I will say it I cried. I think that was the greatest moment on the show. Well there are others but at the moment after watching it. ????

  • I came in the middle of first season and had to play catch up.  One the best shows I've seen In a long time.  Great characters, great actors.  Beautiful scenery!  Thank you all.

  • At the end Beth told rip they’re gonna lose this place. Did I miss something? Why is that? I thought rip was told he would inherit the ranch. Can someone shed some light on all this?

  • I love this show but they have to do something about Jamie. His character is so off the rails. It's painful to even see him on screen knowing someone is going to abuse him no matter who they are.

  • #JoshHolloway you are an excellent actor.
    I am very happy that you return to TV.
    I missed your charisma and your beautiful smile.
    Sawyer is my soulmate! (Lost)
    Will is my perfect husband! (Colony)
    I want to know what my next❤️will be like???
    I?you sweet?!?

  • great finale but this family sure knows how to shaft one of their own…i'm talking about jamie who's like a ghost hanging around..he gets zilch affection from any of them even after he gave up his own plans for his father and killed the reporter who was going to smear him…he's treated worse than fredo in the godfather….also, next season, i sure hope they give thomas rainwater and the indians more a bit more storyline instead of keeping them solely as window dressing villains to the duttons…especially after rainwater helped them go after the becks…

  • Me too Amber, I can't wait, I watch both seasons like every night, I've bought all the tee-shirts which are cool, hats, so yea I think I'm addicted to.

  • hello josh .. here are my thoughts .. things have been decided .. I know that they need to protect our own .. I think they need a geoligist (sp) .. what greater danger .. man or mother nature .. thank you .. kevin wish you would of gave me a chance .. I have cleaned a lot of animal waste .. but but jamie needs to be redeemed .. oh well me so old now

  • im a straight guy but is it bad that i watched Colony and im about to watch Yellowstone just coz Josh Holloway in it? XD i love this old man 😀 always had been since Lost.

  • Hope they bring back the last girl from the bunkhouse and maybe do something more w/ her and Jimmy. Was sad to see her go kinda abruptly. Jimmy and Rip are my favorite characters. Hope they continue their stories

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