So I’ve been getting a lot of questions
about a recent announcement that I made where I am upgrading my you got this
workbook so if you are someone who is interested in this upgrade or has
previously purchased that you got this workbook and wants to know some FAQ or a
little bit of Q&A about this whole process stay tuned this quick update
video is for you so welcome to my channel my name is Alexis if we are not
already introduced I am an online entrepreneur who designs and sells
productivity tools strategies and skills to help you manifest success with less
stress so if that sounds interesting to you I’ll leave some links down below in
the description box where you can check out more of my work online and feel free
to download some of my latest free productivity tools over at the charm
shop comm so I’m just popping in today to do a little bit of like an FAQ Q&A on
my you got this workbook upgrade now let me start by telling you guys a little
bit about what do you got this workbook is if you’re not familiar well back in
2015 I wrote and designed what I am calling my you got this workbook it is a
strategic goal setting and planning guide in order to help you get organized
on your goals and make a plan to execute on them so I released this in fall
winter of 2015 I can’t remember exactly when like October November something
like that but it was towards the end of the year 2015 and this workbook has been
a hit it has been a best-seller in my shop for years at this point coz we’re
now three years later right into 2018 so this has been a all time best seller in
my shop and for a very good reason I think it is an excellent little workbook
that has both information just the right amount of information to help you
understand the goal-setting process that I use and recommend and then it also
comes with some great activities and worksheets to help you actually take
what you learn in the workbook and put it into action if you guys have been
following me for a while or if you’re new and you don’t know
I am all about giving you guys enough information enough strategy to
understand what’s going on okay and then I like to give you guys tools like
worksheets and activities to help you actually put that information to
practice immediately so that is why this workbook has been a best-seller in my
shop so it has pretty much gone more or less untouched for the last three years
I did put together like a master class workshop for it last year last summer I
think it was last June or last May and that was another wonderful success it
was kind of like a limited run of a live workshop where we kind of went through
the workbook together and then I had an open Q&A and then I resold that on my
shop as well so that people could watch the replay buy the replay you may even
still be able to get access to that for now since my upgrade is actually not
completely done on you got this workbook that’s still available but essentially
for three years the workbook has gone untouched it’s been a best-seller and
people have messaged me over and over and over again telling me how wonderful
how useful it is and how it’s really helped them get a hold of their goal
setting process and then learn how to execute on their goals
you know efficiently productively to make sure they’re actually getting those
goals accomplished so it has been quite some time that it’s been out there and I
thought it was time for me to give it an upgrade now initially when I was going
to do this I just wanted it to be a little bit of an upgrade but I let me
say I’m a perfectionist I’m definitely type-a and once I got
into the material Andry you know writing sections and re out lining sections and
thinking about all that I’ve learned in the last three years about goal-setting
and planning and executing I ended up I’m not gonna say biting off more than I
can chew I ended up outlining a tremendous upgrade way more than I
originally had expected or anticipated if you’ve been following my plan with me
for the last couple of months you’ll know that like I thought I was going to
be done this in October and we’re now sitting at the end of November we’re
walking into December in a few days so I’m usually someone who plans and
executes very quickly this was something where I ended up wanting to change way
more because I can’t just I don’t want to just do a little bit or a little
iteration change with this I really wanted to give you guys a tremendous
amount of new information and new activities and new worksheets so it’s
taken me a little bit longer then expect it to get it worked out but I did very
recently and now it’s the pre-order for it because we are getting close
so my eta for the arrival of this new workbook is mid December at this point
and I’m really gonna try to stick to that as much as I possibly can it’s
obviously my goal to get this out to you guys before the end of the year so you
guys can use it for your 2019 goal setting but yeah so I started the
pre-order I didn’t make too much of a fuss about it I just kind of mentioned
it here and there just so you know the people who are following me the closest
would be able to see this was going on and snag the upgrade now
this is where I’ve been getting a lot of questions since I did make those minor
you know announcements about it being available for pre-order many
people obviously at this point have purchased the workbook in the last three
years which is amazing and I’m so happy that you guys have you know purchased
and loved the workbook and a lot of people have been reaching out to me
asking well Alexis if we purchased it already in the past do we get the
upgrade automatically for free and the answer is no and the reason is is like I
said before this isn’t just a little bump in the workbook I’m actually taking
the work for a book from about thirty thirty-one maybe thirty two pages to
over a hundred pages actually my target and I hope I don’t say this and like
disappoint anyone so take this with a grain of salt my target is actually that
this might end up being one hundred and twenty pages long and it is also my
intent that the workbook actually becomes the place where you will do
activities instead of getting another notebook there are you know there is
some space going to be in there for you to actually walk through activities and
do them where the other workbook it was kind of like suggested that you get a
notebook write things down you know yourself but I’m kind of making this all
in one in the world everything is kind of kept together for
you which I hope is gonna be much more easier more efficient I just think it’s
you keep getting more organized when it’s all in one so you know that is some
of the extra buffer room but some of the extra buffer hoof is with all in that
update is that I’m adding a lot of new content I’m glad I’m basically
completely adding two sections to the workbook and a lot more activities and a
bunch more worksheets so it’s a totally different product right so I mean I know
from time to time you know people release books and people go out and buy
them and then there’s a revision done or something like that lower like a new
updated version and they start selling the updated version and just like that
if you want the updated version you will have to purchase it separately so to go
along with the workbook as well this is one of the other things that’s kind of
like on my plate to do because this was something I basically kind of threw in
on my to do this a little bit later was I really want to do like a video I’m not
sure if it’s gonna be a series or just like one long video that I edit together
but I want to give you guys a you know a video of how to use the workbook as well
so when you purchase the workbook you’re getting the workbook itself like the
digital PDF and you’re gonna be getting access to a video or video series
however that’s gonna work I don’t know if it’s gonna be broken down per se but
video content to help you understand and really get the most of the workbook and
kind of see how I would use it how I recommend to use it etc so this really
is a significant upgrade and so I hope that answers the question for those of
you who have made the purchase of the workbook in the past now I will say
there is one caveat to this because I know that I just kind of trickled out
the information to you guys about the update I will say that if anyone out
there purchased it in November purchase that you got this workbook in November
of 2018 and you’re interested in upgrading to the new update I will allow
those people if you fall under that if your customer in that category I will if
you reach out to me by email I will allow you to pay the difference and
receive the update and that’s only because I know I didn’t do the
job taking the workbooks the old one down and announcing the new pre-order
and it was just so much going on for me I hope you guys can understand that
sometimes it happens is that I don’t always do the best job when I’m doing an
updated and it’s so rare that I do an update like this so I hope that makes
sense I hope that that answers your question but yeah there’s so much new
content that’s in this workbook if you enjoyed that you got of this workbook in
the past do you absolutely need this new one
oddly enough to you but I do think there is significant enough upgrade to help to
really to warrant you buying it again if you really liked it the first time if
you got the original and you bought the original in 2015 or 2016 and you’re like
wow this was great I loved it maybe it’s time to upgrade to the new to
the new one so I definitely think there is enough difference and that’s just
something that I was really struggling with making sure that I priced it right
that I was putting enough new content in to really make it valuable you know
because I hate just doing I hate wasting my time just doing a little bit of
changes I really like to have a good amount of change in my products when I
do something like this and I really think that I’ve done you know I haven’t
finished yet but I would say I did a good job um really making sure to add
additional value making sure to close all the loops to anything that was
possibly kind of maybe maybe and the u.s. are left open in the first the
first iteration of the workbook so yeah I hope that answers your questions if
you have any other questions about the workbook please make sure to leave it
down below in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can and
answer whatever I can for you about the workbook um I’m not a hundred percent
like I said I’m not one hundred two hundred percent on like where this is
gonna end off design wise with the new content I have not actually at this
point and now moving into the phase of designing the templates and the layout
so that’s why I’m not a hundred percent sure how many pages it’s going to be but
a rough estimate it’s at least a hundred pages I think it might end up at like
one hundred and twenty with all the new inspiration activities information you
know and worksheets as well that is the so I always thought that the workbook
was a great value and I think it’s even become even more of a great value but
right now it is on pre-order so you can get the workbook on pre-order now which
means that you’ll purchase it and then you when it’s finally available I will
be emailing it out to you and then it will of course go up for sale on my shop
after that but once I’ve sent it out to all the pre-order buyers I am going to
be raising the price so you’ll be able to see what the sale price is right now
for pre-order and then what the original price is if you click the link down
below I will share the link down below for where you can get the pre-order if
you’re interested and yeah I hope that answers all of your questions again
reiterating myself now sorry guys leave a comment down below feel free to give
this video a thumbs up and share it with anybody that you might think might want
this workbook it’s absolutely I think a great gift I think it’s definitely
useful for anyone who’s going through a goal-setting process at the end of the
year would like to start getting into goal-setting at the end of the year it’s
very straightforward and helpful so I definitely recommend you check it out at
very least if you’re interested so thank you guys so much for watching and if you
are not yet subscribed to my channel what are you waiting for hit that
subscribe button for more awesome videos by me and until next time



  • I have a question. I’ve been following your channel for a while and the thing that always makes me kind of hold off on the paid products is personality difference. Lol like I loooove how organized and type A you are, but I’m like the highest type B ? I get easily overwhelmed and am usually a train wreck. So I guess my question is do these tools work for people who aren’t normally organized AT ALL lol

  • Hi Alexis! I love your channel! Quick question. I recently bought a planner from target and realized I need a bit more. This planner only has the Calendar, To do list and the days of the week. I need additional sections for goals, projects, contacts, notes, household, health & beauty and books I want to read. What would recommend. Thank you so much in advance.

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