YouTube Growth Tips That Nobody is Talking About


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  • Make sure you check out my series on the biggest mistakes new YouTubers make:

  • That focus tip is no joke! I manage it via meditation and limiting my social interactions throughout the day so I don't end up mindlessly staying on social all day. Excellent video!

  • Great video! I keep trying to "keep up with the Joneses", and it's not working at all for me. I hear the same advice (or really bad advice) over and over on "grow" videos and I've tried most, if not all of it. I think what I really need to do is just focus on creating content that people will find useful and have fun doing it. ;). Thanks for sharing!

  • The Rapid Promotion Show says:

    Great video, Jeven, thank you for the tips that no one else is talking about, very real and authentic stuff!

  • Needed this so much! I’m trying to hit 500 subs by the end of the summer, so all of the tips you’ve posted recently are helping so much! Thanks!

  • Perfectly said. Realistic video… Balance is key! ☯️🔑You do the Tube, don’t let the Tube do You!✌🏼😎

  • Right on time!!!! I really enjoyed this!!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!!!! Your videos really inspire and sparkles the light in me!

  • Jeremy Fritsch says:

    Such a wise soul right here! Jeven I absolutely love your videos because YouTube can be a big scary place! I have been slowly moving over to my actual channel and eliminating people I watch because I find I spend too much time watching creators because they are entertaining! I don’t want to watch channels for entertainment anymore! I want to watch channels that are inspiring! Your channel is safe 🙂 you inspire me more and more to create content and sort through this giant jigsaw puzzle called YOUTUBE!! Thank you for everything you do!

  • A Scanner Tedly says:

    Man I love your videos. Still building my base. If you come across any other crazy scifi writers on YouTube please send them to my neck of the universe. Cheers!

  • Thanks for your tips for us youtubers. Especially the new ones. I'm going to check out the first video, and the rest of the series. And I agree. Not one thing that works for one channel, will work for another.

  • Mariska's Veggie Terrace says:

    I was so into making my video in the garden I stepped on my cat by accident and she bit me in the calf.

  • Natasha Guadalupe says:

    "Need to have everything in place" I'm curious about this statement. Is this something you truly believe (not trying to be facetious); because I feel like in an ideal situation everything will be setup for your first video or "viral video" YOUR: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, merchandise to sell, working on LLC and Trademarking of your name.., raise all the money to get all the correct mic, cameras, lenses, purchasing of the editing programs and music..etc. But sometimes (like in my situation) waiting for everything to be perfect sometimes can suck the air out of the balloon and make it that a person never starts. Sometimes it's better to just start.. I'm worried because we are about to launch and we don't have everything together in this ideal way.. so is it really more important to stop and wait until it is. It's kinda an important statement to make and really curious about your opinion

  • ADVENTURE CAMPitelli says:

    Another great video! Sometimes it’s hard to believe this will happen eventually. Been doing YouTube for 2 years now and was hoping for more success but at least I’m having some success.

  • well first of all I love you and you are HOT! ahhaa second of all, I loved this video was really helpful thanks so so much for your help!

  • Noealz - Rain Photography says:

    always like these youtube tip videos but the problem is most of the time it is just the same tips over and over – these were useful : )

  • The Lynn Project says:

    Great advice, love the part about media minimalism, that's where I've been struggling as a new creator (balance) you nailed it!

  • Thanks for the great tips really need these little nuggets of information for my new channel keep up the great work .

  • Thanks for the advice. I’m trying to grow my channel about my journey to medicine! Check it out if your interested!

  • So well said! It's reverse engineering the end goal and traffic is just the first step in all of it.. And yes the burnout is real, even for small creators 🤪I love that you found some new clarity from the yoga retreat too! 🙏

  • Thank you for helping. It was helpful for me. Im an ex Muslim here after saw JESUS Lord Amen. ✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏

  • Thanks for all the input.

    As a newbie (only25 videos) to YouTube it’s a steep learning curve.

    My “day job” take 100 hours from my week then I do need some sleep so there’s not a lot of hours left to shoot and edit.

    Coupled with the fact that my interest in in a very small market my biggest requirement right now is patience.

    At my age I doubt I’ll be able to give up my day kid for content creation but it gives me something to look forward to after retirement.

    Thanks again.

  • Davids Trading says:

    Jeven, I really love almost all your vidoes! But let me ask you this (and hopefully you can give me your opionen as i struggle in this): I am from Sweden and planning to start a few series about daytrading. But my problem is this: should i do this in english or in swedish? Of course I want this to grow in the future but I just having mind battling in this before I start making videos. Please help a swede out! Thanks buddy!

  • Jonathan & Cristina says:

    We really appreciate this video. We've only started youtubing for a couple of weeks and this gives us new insight.

  • Jayne Nicoletti says:

    Great video. Unfortunately right now I am building a channel for a family business so I have to keep up but I am definitely going to stop checking too much social media.

  • …watched to the end on one breath! I am going to amplify tips one by one to change the game. Thanks, Javen.

  • Carmen and Brian says:

    I appreciate you bringing several of these topics up and could not agree more. Channels and audiences are vastly different and have to be looked at on their own. Also, good advice about avoiding burnout. Anyone taking YouTube seriously can burn out but on top of that a lot of us that take it seriously also have an unrelated full time job. It's so important to find a balance. I have always kept all notifications off for email and social media on my phone. I never wanted to be a slave to it.

  • But I don't think that for new youtubers this not hustling works… I took a break for few days cz of my 9 to 5 job. Next I came back and uploaded my video, the analytics dropped drastically. I feel extremely depressed….. Cz I put so much effort in improving the quality this time….. Now I don't know what to do..

  • Vanilla Gomez says:

    Bruh your thumbnails are overpopulated by extreme closeups of your face. Chill a bit with that for a cool minute already

  • Just come across this and has so many great tips. Looking forward to completing the full series. The final idea of the stacking is a great one – it gives that feeling of completing a season of youtube vids on a specific section. Think that it also helps in focusing the nature of the content that you are creating for that specific stack so great tip there that I'm looking forward to trying out.

  • I like the social media idea that’s what I do I enjoy filming just wanting to share what I’m doing that weekend but I turn off my notifications as soon as the weekend starts so that way I’m focused on filming and whoever I’m with at the time

  • Chris Rekneb Vlogs says:

    Jeven you mentioned knowing your channel direction and thinking like a business is incredibly important, but how do you (…or can you even) develop channel direction on something random like life vlogging? Seems like it's hard to establish a direction and maybe that's why you've moved into the YouTube growth niche more than vlogging? Your thoughts?

  • The backbone of my channel has scoliosis but I’m going to get it together and straighten things out 🙂 I keep posting willy-nilly videos hoping somebody will like them and I have a future vision for my channel I’m working on my skill set to do that ASAP
    Thank you for your great videos

  • YouareIandIAMYou says:

    Thanks for your great advise and encouragement. I love your approach.
    I did not start on YouTube with money in mind. As a motter of fact I have invested quite a bit of cash and time without earning a cent. What I wanted to do is share my story, my knowledge, experience and my spiritual journey with the world. It is moving forward. Like Martin Luther King Jr said, forward is forward. The pace doesn't matter. I am happy, thankful and grateful for every single human being that I have reached on this channel 😊

  • I just recently started posting videos. Great information. My first video I really didn't post my video with anything more than just recording my first video and recording it. My second one I recorded a number of clips and merged them together with a short and brief intro. I think I will try to focus on smashing the like and subscribe more near the beginning as well as the end of the video. I am also using TubeBuddy which seemed to help out with keywords to put to my video.

  • karen zima artist says:

    Thanks for the inspiring video. I'm hoping to grow my art tutorial channel this year. Look forward to more of your helpful videos.

  • WatchRaccoonGaming says:

    I like the name of the series, "Triggering the Algorithm". Coding fact of the day: the algorithm is always triggered. That's how the sorting is done. "Gaming the Algorithm" would probably be more accurate. Oh well.

  • Yes. About 90% of my notifications are turned off, and when I learned this was a thing, it's made so much difference in my focus!

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